Friday, 30 May, 2008

Terrorism: Time to act by OurSelf

With the growing insecurity in our nation I think we must now act towards this ever lasting deep penetrating threat for living, Terrorism.
Just go few years back before Kargil, where most of us were living without even thinking about our Jawans who were fighting against terrorists to save us. Because we felt that terrorists are only headache of government and the Arm Forces. So we were feeling secured living in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and almost all the Middle-South-West Indian part our nation. In fact it was common understanding that only Delhi, Mumbai were probable target for terrorists apart from J&K and Some north east states. Well now at 2008 are we feeling same? The answering itself increases our heart beating.
Without listing out those known incidents which made us feeling insecure one by one, I am briefing out some common reasons which I have felt for this growing threat to our life. Obvious reason is the lack of Government laws and regulations to tackle the issue. I do not doubt the great Jawans at the borders who are securing our land at the cost of their life from the terrorists but corruption in top rankings can not be overridden. But what about other incomings from outside world ? Next who will catch and kill the inside trainers who are growing without any break to spread jihad? Our ministers, human rights organisation, bureaucrats are going up-to the extent to save a terrorists from being punished. Now who can be trusted for our secured life?
There is no point in arguing that what I have written is superstitious after the Jaipur blast and series of blasts almost every half a year in different part of our nation. So let us not move away from the fact that we are not well secured.
Change of Government may make us more secure if they make tightened laws. But for how long time, when the old government comes back its first job will be to stop or to change all the good things of old government. Moreover no one can trust these corrupted inefficient ministers, police men, bureaucrats who doesn’t even think about us.
The best is to change our life style in order to save us. From the blasts that have taken place in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Akshardam etc (I have to use etc..!!) shows that terrorists are living in those city for more than 6 months to make plans on location and time for blasts, are also using local networks to get the explosives and related materials from outside world. To tackle them it may be easier to the neighbours then to police. We just have to be aware about our neighbourhoods. Not merely close watching but suspicious movements must also not to be ignored. Positive part of this is to have human relations growing, which at this point in metro cities are lowering between human beings. Use of internet, websites which may not require identity proof to inform the police, bureaucrats can also be utilised. While travelling on trains, bus any unaccounted bags, goods are not to be ignored but to verified with the help of TT, Conductor and Ticket Collector etc.
The people who have suffered from the terrorists are not only belongs to one religion or one state or one part of our nation. They are the people of our country who were living simple like us without involving into dirty politics, cruel rowdism, unequal castism. If they can also be suffered because of ignorant of government, policemen and themselves then continuing the ignorant also takes our happiness from life away.
Lastly, a serious food for thought. Is Terrorism a common crime which may be excused by president of India?
As always any feedback regarding this issue is welcomed. Let us prove to the world that we are internally strong enough to stop the outside attack on our integrity. Also shows those coward terrorists that we are one and such kind of inhuman attempt to break the society and create a threat will no longer continue. With the unity and awareness, involvement towards the Bharatha we will make our nation Strong Self reliable Nation.
Vande Mataram

Inflation 7.61% Kya Kare Yaar!!??

Many things were passed out in our nation. IPL, Karnataka assembly Election, Jaipur Serial Blast, Bangladeshis are also getting trained inside and outside our nation to make our nation hell by terrorism, Cross border firing by Pakistani troops, Chinese incursion in north east, Temperature dipping up due to global worming, Setu – Samudram Project to be revised, Continuation of attack on people of our own nation by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and government and police of Maharashtra still investigating on his speech!!, increase of crimes in Delhi- Noida region and police failing to figure out the culprits. Latest being our great Home Minister Shivraj Patil finding similarities between the Afzal Guru one who attacked the Parliament and Sarabjeet a mistaken identity as an Indian spy in Pakistan by them!! The biggest is the INFLATION. Or in common man's word "Mehangaai".
Inflation raises new high of 7.61% during closure of last week. The highest in 3 years. Most of us really don't know the statistics behind this figure 7.61%. But it had already started absorbing most of our salary. There is nothing left in our daily using items which are not hiked more than our salary hike this year!! And now all of a sudden everybody started wakening up. People are blaming government and bureaucrats. Government is blaming industrialists for increase of margin of profit. Industrialists are blaming government again for low infrastructure and heavy taxes and duties. Some say because of globalisation where big MNCs are playing black market techniques to increase the prices. Some nature lovers say it is due to industrialisation, SEZs on forming land. Others say it is the U.S.A. which is culprit of all which increases the oil price dollar by dollar each day. And U.S.A. in return says it is because of us i.e. middle class people in India and China who are now affording for more quality food than available stock.
And our finance minister says it is not time to afraid as statistically 7.61% is not dangerous. I really don't understand this statement!! In a nation with more than 50% of population still dying hard to get their daily roti how can one say doubled Rice / Wheat price is not dangerous!!!?? Where do these people have to go for live and how can they live by getting 10/- to 100/- per day? And none of economists is telling something firmly about this matter of life and death of more than 50 Crore people of this country. They walk away by saying that all over world situation is even worse and we are trying to resolve as early as possible. Of course there are many steps taken by the government also like stopping all the exports of necessary daily items, asked industries to cut down the profit margins, wakened up the market / price monitoring system from 4 year sleep, some thing regarding bank interest rates. Still no one is assuring the low money spending days in future!!
I am also confused!! As what must we do as educated citizens of this country to make our nation strong? Shall we have to cut down our expenses? Shall we have to distribute some part of money to the poor? Shall we save more for future? Should we support the government decision on holding the exports which will in turn lower the foreign exchange? Should we silently accept the blaming from outside world about our affording of quality food even though U.S.A. is most natural resources consuming nation in the world? Should we continue to blaming on government without doing anything from our side? Or should we stop thinking of all these and enjoy with our greater salary till the inflation reaches our pocket?
If you have read till this line, please reply me also about my queries!! I can understand it is global phenomenon and it is other face of globalisation wherein economy of one country is affected by whole world. Still I believe there is something that we can do for our self to save us from worse part of globalisation. Few months back share market collapsed due to the same reason and many have lost lakhs. Now the inflation where the global inflation is also not making us to give the half the population their daily roti!! Don't you think we must act now for this?
If you have ideas, views let it be shared and known to all. It is the time where our mutual fund handling techniques, share market playing tricks, business knowledge should be used for the people around us by whom we are living happily.
It is now our turn to stand against the problems of our nation. We the young people who have the ability to make impossible a possible has to do something against the attacks on us by terrorists, neighbourhood nations, negative valued cultures, anti social elements within our society, global worming and worse part of globalisation. By which only we can make our nation self reliable strong Bharatha.
Vande Mataram