Sunday, 30 December, 2007

Rs.1 Lakh Car!! Achievement or Social Crime

Tata Motors is launching Rs.1 lakh car!! a great achievement by any car manufacturing industry in the world. Ratan Tata and his team should be congratulated for one of the miracle in 4 wheeler industry for achieving this highly impossible task and also we should be proud as Indians as we are going to be the country producing lowest priced car in the world.
All these are good to hear and great to feel. But has anyone thought of its effect after launching? Is our nation's infrastructure is sufficient to accommodate the enormous numbers of cars that are going to be on the road? We are already facing air pollution, sound pollution due to hectic traffic as everyone thinks that if we have money to buy and maintain a vehicle then go for it without ever thinking about the environmental crime or the spoiling of nature beauty for next generation.And moreover as per the reports, now the global worming is growing to end the mankind from this earth in near future!! And it is sure that the lowest priced car will definitely make our country more worse in terms of socio-environmental aspects even though it may make high in techno-financial terms of India.
I would suggest the reader to understand the seriousness of this and spread the awareness among the people. Using of public transportation and also adopting simple but highly valued lifestyle can only survive earth from being becoming hell.If it is really necessary then only have a car or a vehicle, otherwise you are committing a social crime and making this earth more worse for next generation.
India don't need to or rather not have to have a car in each house like USA to become a developed country. Development is required for moral valued lifestyle, corruption free governance,value based education,integrity, environmental friendly infrastructure. We have to develop our country in our way.

Wednesday, 12 December, 2007

Political dramas: This should End by us

Finally the election is to commence in Karnataka. All the drama scenes of BJP-JD(s) were finished now. What went on within the span of 2-3 months in Karnataka is an open truth about the politicians who are meant to rule us. Now these parties will fight individually and will try to make us believe that their party is the best while others pulled them away from doing well to the people. And after election when the results comes with no majority party elected then again the drama starts. Why should not we end this at this stage itself? We have to ask the every candidate who comes to us for voting about the drama that he/ his party involved in and whether he or his party will give stable govt. for 5 years and fulfill the promises without playing such shameful games? Also ask the most shameless selfish ex-PM Deve Gowda and his party members about their broken promises and also the drama which they have played with BJP. Are they reliable of keeping promises made to us? Those who break the promises when it comes to power transfer.
Along with this we the people should suggest the election commission to have law which restricts the parties and also the politicians to play such drama which had created a huge loss to the nation in terms of development. I have my suggestion.
1. If a govt. falls due to lack of majority in between the span of 5 years followed by an election then the ruling party / ies (including those persons and the party who had left the ruling party by which majority ended) have to pay 50% of the followed election cost.
2. The persons / parties by whom the govt. ended in short-term are not to be allowed to combine to form govt. or to support from outside in next five years in any of the circumstances.
3. It also the responsibility of the opposition party, so they also have to pay 20% of election cost.
This is what my view is. If you have any views and suggestions please also speak up and let our voices be heard by those who can do the change for us. We are the system that needs to be changes. So start from this.

The infamous Nandigram: The death of humanity!!
Is SEZ at the cost of agriculture worth it? One's hungry will only be satisfied by a former not by any currencies. There are many agricultural lands in Bharatha which are now in stage of converting to SEZ in which Nandigram was boiled the most. The so called anti-Capitalisms CPM was surrounded their ideals in front of MNCs of foreign countries in the name SEZ-Developing Bharatha. And the poor (?!) Central govt. which is virtually under CPM's hand has become deaf and dumb towards crisis of the poor formers. Police and Military forces were called to stop the formers for having their rights and land!!! So it is clear indication that the British rule hasn't stopped yet. And poor people are continued loosing every right to live in this country. And it is not the case of Nandigram alone, it is all over Bharatha and the poor people and the formers suffering inhuman treatment by the state govt. and central govt. has gone deaf. Is the development is for people or the people are for development?
Export oriented growth have made our country a slave in global market where every best thing from our country goes out and worse part will be utilized here. And moreover our own best thing will be sold to us from foreign as IMPORTED where the large profit flows out of our country. This is very much similar to the East India Company which had ruled us once in British time, and in the same way now thousands of foreign companies are doing in the so called Independent Bharatha. We also witnessed few months back how the share market itself fallen record points within an hour following the SEBI decision to control the flow of FDI. And everywhere we see in the name of development and growth poor people are suffering a lot. What is use of having Billion Dollars of Foreign Exchange with more than 50% of population still fighting to live? We are having so much fertile forming land that our food requirements will be fulfilled by us, but these SEZ and industrialization will surely going to make us to become beggar for food also. And this has already started where now this year wheat has been imported with more price than which was given to formers of this country.
So where are we heading? I am not against development. But it is at the cost of a live hood of poor people without giving them proper rehabilitation and reliable live hood is to be stopped. There are many infertile lands on our vast Bharatha where lots of SEZ can be developed, and it is the clever way of utilizing the land of a nation.
So the moral of the story is that before buying any foreign made things think a while whether you are indirectly committing a crime towards poor people of your own nation who owe more than 50% of population.
Finally for those who wish to do something. Every Saturday 8:00 PM on Star One Channel Lead India Program is being telecasted. Those who wish to make a change will surely get ideas from it. Spend your coming 7 weekends by thinking towards your country and adopting changes in you and our system.
"Koi Desh Perfect nahi hota hai use Perfect Banana padtha hai"
And I believe making our country perfect is now in our hands. Let us put our hands together to build Self Reliable Strong Great Bharatha
With all these I'm concluding. It is now your choice to be a different and to stand up and to fight for your own people of this country or to sit like coward blaming on the system. YOU ARE THE SYSTEM THAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.
As always your replies are welcomed with your views.

Be these words heard everyone around you. Let the mail-chain start.
Forward this mail at your wish
Vande Mataram.

Thursday, 11 October, 2007

Once Again!! Mid- Term Election- When Shall We Stop this Drama

It requires Crores of Rupees for an Assembly Election and Crores More for Parliament Election. We being in the stage of transformation to become one among the great nations, should our money contributed to nation’s welfare to be wasted for the selfish desire of some political parties to conduct mid-term elections? Who the hell are they to waste our money which meant for nations development?
In Karnataka the infamous JD(S) refused to transfer the CM post to its coalition BJP as per the agreement made 20 months before. And there is no valid reason behind the breaking of this agreement and now the government has fallen followed by president rule. Still the people of Karnataka are ready to spend crores of money for coming Mid-Term Election. The person who had become Prime Minister of India, Devegowda was the key person for this. Is he for the people or for his selfish family oriented desires? Should now also we should keep our mouth shut?
And in parliament the threat of mid-term election is raising day by day with left parties following its day old anti-US concept and becoming a major threat for development of the nation. Should these anti-nation left parties is to exist in our nation? These which hold only 2 states in this more than 100 crore populated country is now playing games with nation’s money and development and nation interest. Let these lefties sent to China itself for which they are most loyal.
We have seen how these M.L.A s M.P s work inside and outside the parliament / assembly. Most of the days in different sessions of parliament in the year are simply wasted without being any major laws / policies / projects / schemes passed by it. And major part of the time is wasted by shouting on each other, walk out/ boycott, making unnecessary arguments and interrupting the discussions on major bills. It comes to Crores of money wastage in a year due to these third class behaviors in the parliament. And if you watch the parliament sessions, it is not better than any primary school class rooms with all of them shouting and the speaker tries to control on it. Almost every speaker is worried about the precious hours of parliament being wasted by third class politicians. Are these are leaders who are ruling us by us for us or for looting us by us for their selfish desires? Even the worst in some Assemblies M.L.A s fight with each other with chairs and microphones!! And whichever the party rules it always tries to hide / close the cases / scandals / issues against its party members and tries to disclose the anti-national crimes of opposition party politicians. Every political party is throwing mud on each other. And when each ones’ faces are mudded then they stop this game, and anti-national crimes follows behind the people’s eye. In real the money spent for the projects / plans etc for the development either from the people or begged money from foreign nations / WTO etc, would have rebuilt India from the grass level itself within the span of 60 years. But that money simply increased the Swiss bank accounts of politicians and their selfish desires.
Is for this our great freedom fighters fought and martyred against British in the dream of self governance and freedom?
If the legislators do not work properly for which they have elected, we should also have the right to call back them from that most responsible post of ruling us. We have every right to ask these self centered politicians about our money being misused without any needed development/ work done. If election follows, unless the political parties answer for their irresponsibility and broken promises and anti-national crimes those are not to be made to rule us.
Time has come to speak out and to have our nation top among the world’s big nations. Time has come to have good governance, equality in society and more importantly high-valued life rather than high-class life. We are in democratic nation our voices will be heard if raised for welfare and happiness of mankind in full strength.
We have ears, mouth and hands to hear, talk and to act. Let us utilize the God given gift without becoming deaf, dumb and fractured.

Vande Mataram

Tuesday, 9 October, 2007

Lal Bahaddur Shastri-2nd Oct- One more Count to Forgotten Heroes

2nd October , we have forgotten the birthday of a great patriot, ideal politician and humble person named Lal Bahaddur Shastri by the winds of popularity of Gandhi Jayanthi. Everybody starting from politicians to celebrities, from schools to universities only those heroes of freedom war was talked who gained market popularity. We under that guidance /governance / advertisement are also not recalling all the real heroes of freedom war.
We only hear names of Gandhi, Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey (after Bollywood Movies!!). I am not blaming these persons who have gained the popularity. But we are neglecting other heroes who also have contributed everything to the nation for her freedom. There are various political reasons by which purposely names of some persons like great leader, farsighted visioner, ideal role model Veer Savarkar who suffered Kalapani in Andaman Cellular jail for his organizational movements in the motherland of Englishmen towards freedom of India, Chandra Shekar Azad who lived and died Azad and organized the revolutionaries towards nation freedom and a nightmare for British Government, Ram Prasad Bismil-Ashfaqualla Khan those Hindu-Muslim revolutionary friends who have contributed their life for the freedom of India along with social reforms by their poets and leadership before to Gandhi time were no where recalled. Rajguru, Sukdev, Batukeshwara Dat those who also have become Shaheed along with Bhagath Singh were unknown to even the people of their own birth place according NDTV survey. Along with them Vasudev Balavanth Fadke who ignited the freedom war for the first time after first war of Independence on those non-supporting time, and even the heroes of First war of Independence, Tatya Tope, Nana Saheb, Jansi Rani Lakshmi Bayi, Kuvar Singh , the great deeds that they have done on that time were not known and taught in the right and respective way now. Moreover the controversial (I am ashamed to say this) Subhash Chandra Bose the great and his unbelievable efforts of forming an army INA against the British with the support from Germany during second world war were tried to suppress by Congress Government time to time even though three commissions were reported his existence after his known plain crash death. And there are lots more to this list.
After Independence Steel Man Sardar Vallabha Bhai Patel who united the nation parts like Goa, Hyderabad-Karnataka, Madras, Kashmir etc by his power of talk and strong military movements, Lal Bahaddur Shastri only the Prime Minister of India who lived in rented house with 2 pairs of clothes with him. One who answered the Pakistan army by bullets and made them surrender and was killed by our own selfish traitor politicians in Pakistan by poison, the real exiting and moral valued stories of these great leaders are not been told to any of the citizen by our government.
Why? There are many hidden things that the British historians do not want to reveal to the world which happened during British rule and along with that they also not wanted the Indian Students to study the history of India by gaining the nationalistic values and social morals and unionism between the diversity. They have written the history of us according to their opinion and views and not the fact or according to Indian views . And unfortunately we still have been taught those rubbish history only where British rule shines and divide and rule follows. And the wrong and foolish and also anti-national deeds of Nehru or his family Governments were always hided with only making the people of India fool from 60 years by giving development dreams.
And we doesn't even bother about these serious issues which are the now needed to take more concern. And also the real stories of real heroes which were ignored is to be told to everybody especially to the youth by which the motivation provided will make them to emerge as farmers of Strong Self Reliable Developed India.
Let the real heroes' stories and life style become a role model to for-coming generation and taught to every student in right way. Let those persons' glorious works towards freedom and also towards building of our nation motivate and guide every citizen towards his duties for the nation and the mankind. The heart of every people is to be filled with love and respect for the nation and its people, then can only we can succeed in becoming one among the greatest nations with more than 100 crore population.
Nation is called by the people in it, not by the geographical territory.
Vande Mataram