Saturday, 5 December, 2009

Sport News: Not Breaking Cricket News!

Indian Woman Grand Master Koneru Hampy defeats Grand Master Vlastimil Hort in the sixth round of the CzechRepublic Invitational International Chess Tournament Link . The article in link explains briefly about the moves she made which made her to win. Sports Person of the Year Saina Nehwal entered to semis World Super Series Masters Final.Link.Along with her Jwala Gutta and Diju V had also reached semis in mixed double. Indian foot ball team is now on a very important tournament. Why? SAFF Cup 2009

Of course I am not giving any sports update! I am just trying to make your attention on SPORT news of India which for obvious reason you might have missed today! And I got these links after I read the news in Kannada daily news paper Vijaya Karnataka and Googled it for quite long stretch.

My point is not only to make you read this but to review our self on our attitude towards sports of our country. When we won 3 medals in last Olympics we were celebrating and overwhelmed as if it was the most we could expect. And we also ranted in our regular chatting that we have very less world class talents, have pathetic support of our Government to these sports compare to other nation, also applauded to the performances and records made by foreign sports persons in Olympics. Not surprisingly our team of our national Game (Hockey not Cricket!) was not able even to qualify for last World Cup and Olympic as well was not making us shame than our Cricket team hopeless exit in the Last One Day World Cup.

Now our media have brainwashed our mind so badly that Cricket now no longer left as a Sport. It is just an entertainment that has obsessed such that we do not understand the very definition of Playing Sport. If I do not know Captain of Indian Hockey Team it is ok, but if I do not know current match batting line up it is a big mistake that I am not following the Religion called Cricket!

I do not hate cricket. But at the same because of it if other Sports were suppressed to the extent where their survival is becoming a struggle then it can not be supported to that extent.

Being the second largest man powered nation we fail to excel in the world of sports. Where as China become the King of last Olympic. Even the small countries were well above us in the medal list whose population does not exceed the population of Kerala. Not only in Olympic even in other tournaments also we could not produce players/athletes who can capture the Sport world. And in team games like foot ball, hockey we could not even qualify to the world cup.

The reasons are well known and it is always debated in news channels, news papers, blogs, forums etc whenever our Sport Persons excel in-spite of lots of de-motivating factors. Most of us gets bored and frustrated and are forced to change channels as every time same thing repeats. The responsible people whose effort is required to continue the winning glory of that sports further are either obsessed by corruption, politics or by cricket! We the people always try to find escape path by blaming government, sports federations and media. But are we really have nothing to do with it?

It is us who religiously follow each and every statistics of cricketers and we go upto the extent of their personal life by gossips in media but never bother about other sports. When we want to play outside it is us who opt for a bat and ball with 3 sticks. It is us who frames our coming generation to have definition of game as cricket only by watching it, discussing it, following it, worshipping it more than required. It is us who always finds no career in athletes and Sports and also does not stop from advising same to de-motivate other people. It is us who does not have the passion towards the real sports and tries to fit it into world of entertainment.

The news lines which I have shared here on first paragraph are as important and worth to keep information as Sehwag’s missing world record. Till we have such equal feelings we can not hope our country to dominate in Sports World. Every Indian must have the same desire to own the world cup of hockey/foot ball as it is for cricket then only our players can reach to the top and conquer it. Unless we understand the need of change of our attitude towards sports and have balanced love for all sport our athletes will not able to put effort to excel. If we do not follow up the news of corruption and politics in sports federation and if we do not dare to ask for the support needed for our sports persons then neither sports federations nor will government give the support which our sports person deserved.

So next time while watching a cricket match make sure that you are not forced to watch because of obsession.

Let us be the part of creating the sports person who will conquer the Sports World tomorrow and make us feel proud. The common wealth game we are hosting will only make us feel proud and great when we will be on top of the list, is it not? For that every Indians has to do his/her part. Let us show the world the spirit of 100 crore people!

Vande Mataram

India in Olympic 2008: Beginning of new era of Sports?

Wednesday, 25 November, 2009

Who says we lack innovation?

Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology. Why media is not showing the true potential of us. Really surprised and annoyed by the stance of market oriented media. Anyhow Hat's off to Mistry!!

Also go through his other innovative projects. Link

Thursday, 15 October, 2009

An unsung Revolutionary for Freedom of India

Have you heard/read of Gadar party in any corner of boring mugged up history books of school days? Or in any small column of a news paper?

Well, I am not talking about any of the present political parties.

Here is their advertisement

Remuneration :


Reward :


Pension :


Field of work :


Do you dare to join it?

It was the party whose activities shook the mighty British during First World War. The man behind this courageous and amazing activity was Lala Haradayal. Yesterday it was his 125th birthday. A dedicated soldier of Freedom of India. Link. Yet we fail at least to remember and recall. More worrying is only few know about this great son of Bharat who had chosen the path of struggle for freedom leaving the lavish life aside.

Young Lala Hardayal who went to London for higher studies and then to become ICS (Same Like IAS/IPS) had left path of easy going life and started living for the cause of freedom of India. He then form a group of revolutionaries and started a party called "Gadar Party".

Excerps from Link

"The party was built around the weekly paper The Ghadar, which carried the caption on the masthead: Angrezi Raj Ka Dushman (an enemy of the British rule). "Wanted brave soldiers", the Ghadar declared, "to stir up rebellion in India. Pay-death; Price-martyrdom; Pension-liberty; Field of battle-India". The ideology of the party was strongly secular. In the words of Sohan Singh Bhakna, who later became a major peasant leader of the Punjab: "We were not Sikhs or Punjabis. Our religion was patriotism". The first issue of The Ghadar, was published from San Francisco on November 1, 1913."

Gadar Party was first of its kind to start armed war against Britishers in foreign land.

Here are some of the links of knowledge of great effort this party towards struggle of freedom.

Gaddar Party/Movement

Ghadar Party

Understanding revolutionary idol Lala Hardayal

Gadar Party- Indian Revolutionary Organisation

I hardly remember these inspiring stories being mentioned in any of so called history books that I have studied in my school days. My question to those who prepare the history books are

What made you to believe that the stories of such sacrificing great revolutionaries are not worthy compare to glory of Moguls and Britishers?

Why are trying to impose the thought that Gandhian principles only gave freedom India hiding the whole set of facts?

How dare are you to scrap the though of revolution and armed struggle against Britishers which had also great effort in making Britishers to move out of India?

Do you have the real spirit of a unbiased historian?

All these stories of works of these great men shows us the one thing i.e. war for freedom was not a short story starting and ending with Gandhi, Ahimsa and Congress alone. It is very long story ever in the world of struggle for freedom of many organisations, parties and great revolutionary ideas and people behind it.

In total our freedom does not come for free. Let us not take things for granted, at least when it matters the nation.

Vande Mataram

Friday, 2 October, 2009

2nd October: Not another Hoilday

Today is the 2nd October, a long waited holiday! Yet since it is one of the days in which we try to pretend to be nationalist by talking something of freedom struggle from our lost memory. And this day is most popularly known as Gandhi Jayanthi. But many people did not know the fact that this day is also gave one more great son to our nation Lal Bahadur Shastri on 1904. Isn't it feeling guilty in some part of heart?

The life of Shastriji itself is inspiring,motivating one. Brought up as an orphan he manages to excel everywhere by his great values and unshakable determinant adherence to it. And in Kashi Vidyapeeth he was senior of Chandrashekhar Azad

The Short yet with highest value of selflessness and self respect is the kind of person Shastriji was. The only prime minister who lived in a rented house. Add to that when he become Home minister he didn't had better clothes to wear! He borrowed from Nehru!! Second Prime Minister of India who has given the nara "Jai Jawan Jai Kisan" the heart beat of Modern India's growth in simple words.

This Excerpts from The Hindu Article touches the heart and shows how pure and determinant was Shastriji.

"Once when Shastri was in jail, he received the news that his daughter fell ill. He requested the jailer to release him on parole to attend to his daughter. The jailer granted him 15 days parole.

On reaching home, he learnt that his daughter had died. He performed the last rites of his daughter and told his family members that he was going back to the jail. When they reminded him that he was granted 15 days parole, he said, "That was to attend to my sick daughter. But when she is no more, there is no reason for me to take leave."

After Independence and during his Prime Ministership when Pakistani army guided by Ayub Khan entered Kashmir in 1961 to capture it Shastriji replied back saying "Ham hatyoronka javab hatyaronse denge". It was worse food crisis time and USA stopped supplying the wheat (low quality though!) because of not letting it to intervene the war. But Shastriji in a speech in Delhi asked countrymen to do upavas (Fasting) on Monday to save the food. It is the selfless highly moral Shastriji's personality that made whole nation united to cut the food consumption on Monday. Even the hotels were kept closed!! Such was iron man Shastriji !!

Here are some of links which I found read worthy.




Mystery in Death of Lal Bahadur Shastri

In the present era of politics where ethics, moral values were just thrown away due to "impracticality"the Shastriji's life stands as role model.Today we see we failed to keep his words "Hail to Soldiers Hail to Farmers" so now we are in a situation of threat both in terms of internal and external security as well as food security, threat to the very basic needs to enjoy the freedom!!

But we continue to be ignorant, continue to be under mask of foolish non-violence where we have to pray everyday not to be a victim of any bomb blast! or feeling lucky enough of not living in Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh and other north-east states. We are not worried of issues of Army men because they are not part of our "civilised society" where some stupid reality shows are watched to track every snitch of show-off celebrities.

We are not going to protest for farmers who are loosing their land as well as livelihood in the name of development, they are loosing crops, not getting fair rates for their yield. Who is going to the farmers to give him valuable information on recent researches and development in agriculture? Everyone is satisfied or correctly trying to get satisfied in a 2BHK house in a city.

All these ignorance will going to make our life hell soon. It has already begun. Every other week we hear incursion in LOC in Kashmir by Pakistanis, LAC in North East region by Chinese. Several great jawans are becoming victims of our silent and "non-violence"whose bravery was diminished. 26/11 exposed how vulnerable every Indian is.

Food rates are reaching sky but at the same time farmers suicide continues. The black market techniques of MNCs and Malls are known to everyone but still who wants to bother to it? This year rain ruined everything that comes out from earth to make our food. Who is worrying about farmers who can not able to get daily bread even though we get paying high for"imported" Brand Food?

We have to wake up.Today is 105th Birth Anniversary of Shastriji. This holiday is not meant for some weekend masthi, party but is for us to get ideals from the person who built our nation to be the part of building Great Self-Reliable Strong Bharat.

Vande Mataram

Sunday, 13 September, 2009

Of Delhi Blasts: Be Pro-Active

Exactly a year back these times were spent with tensions, anxiety, musings and rantings over the bomb blast that shocked the nation. Because it was targeted on our capital itself, the capital of one of strongest military forced country. It's been a year since the challenge that has been given by the terrorists group like Indian Mujahuddin and still the south Asian so called God Father is not yet answered yet Link. Worse is that after this incident the extremists have not felt any kind of hesitation or fear in attacking more cities even openly hacking into our technical systems too. Added to their fearlessness more clearly our cowardliness they even encountered us in face to face to attack and handful of men ruined more than thousands of Elite secured family in our commercial capital itself.

And today what are we doing? Like the kids fight we are now complaining to Great Father USA to talk in our favor and to punish the other kid Pakistan. And both our external affairs ministers are busy in settling their accommodation in Delhi!!. But how effectively and strongly these two highly qualified diplomats are giving the replies to all attacks that happens inside and outside of our nation to our countrymen? Every time we see only diplomatic words which are only meant to keep the "Peace Loving Nation" tag at the cost of lives of us. What are going to achieve from this?

If USA which feels threat from 6000 Km far Pakistan and can attack, what makes us from getting step back when enemy is already inside our territory and destroying us step by step? Every now and then our great Jawans are dying because of not having the Delhi sign to pro-act to the attack on them and have option either to become a dumb Martyr or if survived without any harm then to wait until the next deadly attack. What motive does the nation and government is providing to the people who are ready for any level of sacrifice to safeguard our nation? We are not able to make their social life prosperous so that they have no worry on their life in our society and even worse we are not able to give the simple thing "The Respectful Place" in our civilized society. And simply the advertisements can not make anybody motivated to join army with such situations are to be faced within and out of Armed force. Isn't it lack of responsibility from ourside?

But it seems we the people only awakes only when a bomb blasts and that too within our own confined India. We are not feeling anxiety over blasts in Srinagar, Rockets in Panjab territory of India, attacks in Assam by Budo,ULFA, Chinese army intruding into Arunachal Pradesh and claiming it openly as it is their own territory, naxal attacks in AP, Jharkhad, Karnataka, Orissa because we feel nothing is going to harm our peaceful life. We feel so because we are forced to feel so or sometimes I feel we are feared of the feeling other way i.e. fighting with the fear itself. And there is no surprise our own elected people reflect the same nature while facing the real challenges. Gone are the days when a 14 year boy says "Mera naam Azad hai" infront of Judge and a 23 youth questions the way of governance and asks for Inquilab. The governance may have changed but not all the situations. The methods may have to be changed but not the cause i.e. fight for righteous thing.

These days our nation is getting good names in terms of stable economy, many wins in sports world and people of India are now finding the existence of real sports outside cricket world. Our first moon mission given lots of hopes in technology field and so on to show us that we are emerging. But that itself is not sufficient compare to second largest man powered nation. We should feel the citizens of emerging super power nation. We should be pro-active rather than just reactive and feeling safe and this applies to everything in our life. That's how the big nations became big and that's how we should be making.

On this day when our nation was targeted by some extremists who feel world belongs to them we shall prove them wrong by taking initiatives and putting strong moves rather than mere dialogues. Let us do it

Vande Mataram

Wednesday, 2 September, 2009

Heroes of Freedom:Are we(Civilians) really Serious towards Men in Uniform?

I Know it is bit late to share these. But these issues are not some "Feel Good", "Topic of Discussion to show you think something of the DAY". So I am sharing the videos of the show aired on Times Now on Independence Day and second time on next day. Do not only watch and think, let us start doing something!!

I have no special words to add to explain their love towards nation, passion and loyalty towards their duty and courage towards winning the situation. It is because of them we breath air freely and proudly say "We Are Indians". It is our duty to give them what they deserve before they ask for it. And it is real shame to us when they were suppose to ask the minimum they could expect from us "THE RESPECT".

Monday, 3 August, 2009

Let us shout for them loudly : Cry of Indian POWs in Pakistan

Source: Email

SPARE 5-MINUTES from ur busy schedule .PLEASE !

Lt. Saurabh Kalia of 4 JAT Regiment of the Indian Army laid down his life at the young age of 22 for the nation while guarding the frontiers at Kargil. His parents, indeed the Indian Army and nation itself, lost a dedicated, honest and brave son. He was the first officer to detect and inform about Pakistani intrusion. Pakistan captured him and his patrol party of 5 brave men alive on May 15, 1999 from the Indian side of LOC. They were kept in captivity for three weeks and subjected to unprecedented brutal torture, evident from their bodies handed over by Pakistan Army on June 9, 1999.

The Pakistanis indulged in dastardly acts of inflicting burns on these Indian officers with cigarettes, piercing their ears with hot rods, removing their eyes before puncturing them and breaking most of the bones and teeth. They even chopped off various limbs and private organs of the Indian soldiers besides inflicting unimaginable physical and mental torture. After 22 days of torture, the brave soldiers were ultimately shot dead. A detailed post-mortem report is with the Indian Army.

Pakistan dared to humiliate India this way flouting all international norms. They proved the extent to which they can degrade humanity. However, the Indian soldiers did not break while undergoing all this unimaginable barbarism, which speaks volumes of their patriotism, grit, determination, tenacity and valour - something all of India should be proud of. Sacrificing oneself for the nation is an honour every soldier would be proud of, but no parent, army or nation can accept what happened to these brave sons of India .

I am afraid every parent may think twice to send their child in the armed forces if we all fall short of our duty in safeguarding the PRISONERS OF WAR AND LET THEM MEET THE FATE OF LT.SAURABH KALIA. It may also send a demoralising signal to the army personnel fighting for the Nation that our POWs in Pak cannot be taken care of. It is a matter of shame and disgust that most of Indian Human Rights Organisations by and large, showed apathy in this matter.

Through this humble submission, may I appeal to all the civilized people irrespective of colour, caste, region, religion and political lineage to stir their conscience and rise to take this as a NATIONAL ISSUE !!! International Human Rights Organizations must be approached to expose and pressure Pakistan to identify, book and punish all those who perpetrated this heinous crime to our men in uniform. If Pakistan is allowed to go unpunished in this case, we can only imagine the consequences. Below is the list of 5 other soldiers who preferred to die for the country rather than open their mouths in front of enemy -

1. Sep. Arjun Ram s/o Sh. Chokka Ram; Village & PO
Gudi. Teh. & Dist.
Nagaur, (Rajasthan)

2. Sep. Bhanwar Lal Bagaria h/o Smt. Santosh Devi;
Village Sivelara;Teh.&
Dist.Sikar (Rajasthan)
3. Sep. Bhikaram h/o Smt. Bhawri Devi; Village
Patasar; Teh.
Pachpatva;Distt.Barmer (Rajasthan)

4. Sep. Moola Ram h/o Smt. Rameshwari Devi; Village
Katori; Teh. Jayal;Dist..

5. Sep. Naresh Singh h/o Smt.. Kalpana Devi; Village
Chhoti Tallam;
Teh.Iglab; Dist.Aligarh (UP)

Yours truly,
Dr. N.K. Kalia (Lt.. Saurabh Kalia's father).
Saurabh Nagar,
Himachal Pradesh
Tel: +91 (01894) 32065

Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Election is Over not the Battle for Democracy

Verdict of the 16th General Election of largest democratic nation has once again shown how unexpected it can be. But good thing is that this time we could hope for stable governance.

Here I am trying to list out some of the points I got concerned about.

1.        This time also the voting % struggled to cross 50 marks.  Voting in urban areas getting lesser.

2.       There are still criminals who are now going to sit in our parliament to rule.

3.       1984 sikh riots, Babri Masjid, 2002 Godhra such issues still become hot topics for just to get votes without even bothering about punishing the guilty or preventing them in future.

4.       26/11/2008 Mumbai is already becomes one in the list of our incapability of taking preventive action. Neither the public nor the political parties were serious about this issue.

5.       Inclusion of getting back black money from Swiss Bank in manifestos of big political party. But the late in announcement made it obvious that it is just an election stunt.

6.       Hopeless, meaningless, narrow minded, communal hatred, anti national, immoral speeches (war of words!!) from the people who are meant to represent ourself in Parliament and media unnecessarily speculating them without concentrating on needy issues.

7.       Posters, banners, road shows, bribing the poor by liquor, money etc all getting reduced. Thanks to EC

8.       Online information about each candidate and information of performance of each MP in various websites.

9.       Several Organizations which are inclusive of young generations are making people aware and awake about the election though different media.

Overall it looks like Spirit of Democratic Bharat is never going vanish. However insane it might look like Youngistan will continue the spirit to achieve Democracy in governance, Equality in society, Harmony in people like always.  

But our responsibilities don’t end with formation of the government rather it is just an initial milestone that we have achieved and there are many things to do. To make use of the initial success in fight for democracy we have to involve in governance. This time there is no reason for the major party in government to move away from its promises made before election. Also since it continuation of the previous party rule itself there should not be any slow down / renewing in development programs. We the people must ensure this to happen. Now we have all those online in internet. If not as social worker but as an individual we have to know what are the projects that government is starting to meet the promises given to us and how it is being implemented. We have the very strong tool called RTI. It is known fact that the main hurdle for development is not lack of money or lack of good projects but is the pathetic way of implementation. It is our duty as the part of government in the democratic nation to remove the hurdles of development.

Apart from this the reforms in entire election process is not to stop with the end of election. Inspite of lots of motivating ads, programs the voting turn out is not at all encouraging to feel proud of Successful Election in Largest Democratic Nation. Some not wanted to vote. Some not got chance to vote due to various reasons like out of station, no name in the voting list, not able to find voting booth, threat by Naxals and Terrorists etc. All these reasons must also to be reviewed and corrective and preventive action are to be drawn and implemented. More importantly the reason for not got chance to vote must be vanished. And it is not only the job of EC to take necessary actions to reduce these reasons but is also responsibility of every responsible educated citizen to be the part of it. Many times the proposals of EC are not approved from the parliament due to having moral-less uncommitted politicians. In such time we the people must support the EC through different media and enforce the Parliament to move away from the path of reform. Also building confidence about the democracy of our nation must be taken up by every individual. It is our right also the duty to ensure democracy wins always.

The electoral behavior of all political parties must also not to forget. Meaningless, hopeless, hatred, anti national speeches to please particular communities; Abusing each other like uncultured school children, trying to get every political benefit of each incident with actually spoiling the harmony of society all must be stopped from getting encouragement. It is because we the people who feel or act and become victim of being used by these narrow minded selfish politicians. If we stop from being provoked by knowing the real face behind these, such development blocking issues will automatically removed from the behavior of political parties. We have to create the awareness that individual benefit at the cost of nation’s development is not to encourage. If nation develops we grow.

So it is not time to feel free and forget everything and continuing the same. The thinking of “yeh hi chalta aaya hai, yeh hi chalega” must not run. We have to move on the path of change for better today and tomorrow to start new era of our nation. It is our right to have good governance, and we will not let it loose. It is our duty to fulfill the dreams of lakhs of freedom fighters, courageous solders, and great leaders to have Strong Self Reliable Bharat. Let us be awake and aware!!

                    Vande Mataram.

Thursday, 9 April, 2009


It has been more than a month since I haven't written on my blog.  Many things are going around.

                      Out of which is the general election and its related drama is one of the most funfull event currently people like us are enjoying and worrying also. But one thing is sure this time it won't be easy way to any of the party/allies to come into power. Be it UPA, NDA or the name sake Third front, no one themselves has confident on sweeping the polls! Apart from this young India is now not letting the things go as it was going before in election. There are groups like Lead India, Jago re etc which are doing their best to motivate the citizens of India to  show the power of them are definitely creating nightmares to corrupt politicians . After 60 years things are becoming bit difficult for the corrupt criminal politicians to move smoothly in their unquestioned  political carrier. Each day I am reading cases booked against violation of code of conduct. Eventhough some are politically motivated like in the case of Varun Gandhi other too are not let away for crossing the line. Now the democracy is regaining its power and we are now in process of getting the real "Inquilab" which is dreamt by freedom fighters.
               But this is just the regaining of strength to the war against the hopeless system.  One thing every citizen of India who is really fighting for better system through this election should understand that the results of this election will not be a 100% success to democracy. It will be as usual a surprise and mixture of good and bad. But this surprise should give more strength to our democracy than before. That is what we can aim and get right now. This fight for getting the meaning of democracy in our nation must go on. Younger generation must not loose hope because of failures to their efforts to bring the change in political system. The current spirit must not diminished because of failure. Since more than 60 years this hopeless system has run and is at the present time more powerful than the effort to bring the right one. Some of this has root before 1947 also, so we can not remove them right now away. And the system that we are talking about to change is finally ourself!! So unless each citizen changes or made to change system won't change and this process will take time. We should feel proud of being part of this war. And for warriors fighting for right thing itself is success.

                       Our one vote may not create difference but it will give us the right to ask the elected to deliver the right to us. It will give us the feeling of being the part of the system change that we hope for. The satisfaction of doing the duty towards the nation is what the SINGLE VOTE can give us. It shows that we have not kept quite inside our closed doors when the nation's democracy was in trouble but tried our best to bring back the value to the democracy. The spirit of fighting for right thing is still present in each Indian's blood and that is what should come out in our SINGLE VOTE. Bharat is our country and we and we only can make it great.
                              Vande Mataram.

Tuesday, 10 March, 2009

Can’t a Secular nation protect Hindu refugee?

The topic which I am going to put my view on is very much complicated. Still since I can not keep quite on this issue I am expressing my views on it.

                Another victim of religious hatred. Now is being suffered by the Hindus in Pakistan. Here are the news elements. Even though man is in 21st century with so many modern technologies his mindset on religion is still limited to very narrow area.

                No body from our government has issued any statement of protest against this situation on the citizen of a neighboring nation becoming refugees in their own land. Because we are “Secular” nation and concerning about Hindus is only considered as communalism in our nation no body other than right wing people are shouting against this. So government has gone dumb and deaf to act on it. It is not surprise that media, human right organizations, “Intellectuals’” all are kept their mouth shut on this for the obvious reason which I have stated. One question here to all these people is, Are Hindus are not belongs to mankind in this world?

                However this is not the first time that Hindus are suffered from ethnic cleansing in and around our nation. Most tragic and cruel cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits who become refugees in their own “Secular” country shows the real face of “Secular Nation”. Even in Bangladesh and now in Pakistan also. There are also incidents that happened since Independence where the appeasement to minority religions has caused many threats to our nation itself. On the other view, in side our nation itself where majority of people are Hindus who’s every Morning Prayer ends with “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti”, how many times these words had lost its meaning by them? Those who claim that Hindu religion teaches tolerance, respects all human beings and their religion demolished Babri Mosque in the name of Rama just to take revenge. In view of all these the question raises is that whether the religion is more than mankind? Does it serving the purpose to the humanity which it is meant for?

                Considering now the case of Hindus in Taliban dominating Pakistan first thing is those who fled from there and came here for shelter are to be given the same here. And because of their religion they must not be neglected or not to be over treated. We must help them on the basis of mankind. Also since the majority of our national people belong to the religion of these people who are suffering due to the cause of their religion they must be safe guarded. It is not because our nation is “Hindu Rashtra” but because our nation is “Secular”, So emotions and sentiments of people of all religion are given fare and equal treatment. If west concerning over attack on Christians is correct and Muslim nations concerning over the Muslim attack is right same holds for India to take concern over problems of Hindus in other nation even though they are not citizens of India. But for the people who are not citizens of India we can not afford to take care permanently. One of the main reasons is till now the refugees lived in other nation and utilized the resources of them as their own because of their own wish or for not having other alternatives. So their land is not India. And it must be our nation final concern that those refugees get back to their own land with the secure and independent life there. It is our nation responsibility as a neighborhood nation that humanity is maintained in our neighborhood. We can not wash our hands saying it is their nation concern and not of us.

Our nation is many times referred as big brother of South Asia. And we never tried to boss on any but tried to bring the humanity and peaceful independent life to the people of other nations also. As otherwise we can not have peaceful nation where neighbor countries are burning with fire. But this brotherhood seems sometime biased in nature. It is transparent that because of DMK pressure Pranav Mukherjee visited Srilanka tried to stop the brutality on innocent Tamilians in Srilanka in the name of removing LTTE. Since Independence there are many refugees from Bangladesh many of who illegally intrude into our soil and are consuming our resources. It was bold leader like Indira Gandhi tried to solve this issue by creating one more nation called Bangladesh. Now congress is left with only diplomats who can only talk and talk and TALK only. But still the Bangla refugee intrude not completely stopped and they are illegally getting ration card and other facilities utilizing our tax money. Because there is no political pressure this continues even though our nation’s security is in danger. Now Pakistan left Hindu refugees. If anybody raises the voice to help them and to pressurize or to aid Pakistan to give the safe life for Hindus there, it will be termed as communal and non secular. If our actions are biased then why to term ourself as Secular Independent and peace loving nation?

I know this issue is not so easy to resolve. Putting pressure on Pakistan directly or by international means still worsens the situation in Pakistan and weakens the civilian government there. We have to take bold decision of direct action. It may not be by military operation but aiding Pakistan government in terms of handling this situation of pressure from both sides. But there is no bold leader left in our current government who really wants to solve this issue. They are just waiting for the people to forget 26/11 so that their incapabilities are hidden by the non working “Pressurizing Pakistan” funda.

Pakistan is our neighbor and if we do not solve its problem tomorrow our land of Panjab will be divided and we may have TOP i.e. “Taliban Occupied Panjab”!! I wish this should not become true!!

Vande Mataram

Monday, 23 February, 2009

26/11: A Preventive Action:-The Petition

We can not change the  past, but we can always prevent the damages in coming future.  Media played a wrong roll in covering 26/11. In the lust of TRP the nation security is made to pay the cost. Let us make media too answerable. Go through the petition and spread all over!!
The Petition

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Wednesday, 18 February, 2009

Is it Just 300 Crores, Pakistan is Owing to us?

Just one more owe with Pakistan from 60 years. Here is the News element. It is not just money that Pakistan is owing to our nation but also more than that are life of humans. Will that be paid? Who is asking?

 Following are some of the views in TOI Web site. More comments Here


Aarnika,Malad,says:Wow, that comes to 1570.38 Crores only if we put the 3% rate of interest agreed, excluding penalties. Probably a company like Satyam / Maytas could have easily afforded that money to vanish in no time today. The whole nation was run in less than 260 Crores that time, cannot be run today in amount that is 3300 times more today. Does it mean, the rupee value has eroded by 3300 times? Whatever it is, it is our money, and what has our government done to get it back? 

saji,cochin,says:Why dont government appoint Shiv Sena,MNS,Ram sene as recovery agents and send them for collection.At least they will do some good for the country by recovering dues in such hard pressed times.

Ravi,Chennai,says:Then why the hell, the indian government is trying to wash their sacks again and again. They are NO WAY SUPERIOR TO US. Kindly mind it. Dont pledge INDIA to them. IT is a CRIME. They are heartless people. Cut all the connections with PAK for 6 months. Then only, they will realize the greatness of BHARATHA MAATHA.

Sunil,sydney,says:Congress and no doubt Mahatma Gandhi gifting away more of India. Yes Indians are for sale cheap at the price, buy your shares via the blind Indian public who have voted for idiots. May not seem like a large sum but at least people like myself and my family who lost their homeland during partition to Pakistan should also be compensated. We were not asked if we wanted partition but were simply asked to leave or killed. We lost a lot of family members. To Indians our blood was cheap to spill and they votes the idiots who were responsible for this in year in year out. Give us our money!

R Raghavendra Ravi,Chennai,says:But we continue to play cricket with Pakistan and include their cricketers in IPL and pay them crores again - such a shoddy foreign policy!! Oh my countrymen when will you wake up??

dope4datish,California, USA,says:This is what happens when you elect a bunch of nincompoops to run the country. Instead of getting the 300 crores back, India will rather give away Indian occupied Kashmir to Pakistan. This is the state of our country. Then again what do you expect from a bunch of losers who can't even give a fitting reply for the Mumbai terror attacks?

William,Sharjah,says:This is what India doing all along, dragging on things without any answer. Add to the above figure the cost of 2.5 wars. Spineless succesive govt. has let us down.

              Vande Mataram

Tuesday, 10 February, 2009

Freedom of Expression of Love V/s Moral Police's Indian Culture

I hope the topic does not need any introduction as this has become hot news now. Well, I am not here arguing for any of the side. I am just worried about the things that are making our nation a joke in front of world.
Every day in 365 days of the year is termed with some name.  Father's Day, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Valentine's Day, AIDS day, Cancer day, No Tobacco day, No Alcohol day (Dry Day!)... and this list goes on. As far as celebration of these days are concerned it is all personal and no one else has any business if it is not effecting them in anyway.
Coming to hot topic of day of February 14. Celebrated as Valentine's Day all over the world as day to celebrate the love with loved ones. Check Here  and Here For History of the day. But some fanatic people who can not love and loved by humanity are preparing to create more hatred and terror on that day where the love has to celebrated. Here are their statement in independent India.  And they are not stopped till now. No arrests were made for giving such a terror like statement which may cause humanity in threat. At least relief is that Karnataka's Home Minister said (only says!!) that if needed (??!!)Goonda Act will be invoked against those taking the law in to their own hands.  i.e. government waits till some couples gets hurt by these Self Styled Moral Police to act upon!! 
As already said celebration of Valentine's day is also choice of a person and no one has any right to stop it. As for everything on earth there are different days to celebrate and for greatest emotional value of humanity called "LOVE" also got a day for celebration. Currently everywhere only hatred, terror is spreaded and such celebration of love will make humanity to bind together to move forward the homo-sapien race.
But the way in which it is celebrated is what I am concerned here.  Here many times limits are crossed in the name of  freedom of expressing love. Here where the some people forget the impact of their conduct on society. It may be quite easy to say to have freedom of expression to those who do not care much about social values and conduct. The growing teenagers and the youth who study in schools and colleges are that part of society who will become movers of this country are having their eyes and ears open always. And what must they learn when their elders are bunking classes, proposing their own classmates who comes to school/college for education,  spending parent's hard earned money to impress their lovers, kissing publicly and all other rubbish irresponsible acts just because they have freedom to do so on that day? One can not say them that it is my business and who are you to bother, can any? Because they will not come into your "Business of Love" but they spoil their life in falsehood love.  So who has to caught for their life being mislead? 
Is it required to show the world with such expression that a person loves somebody?  Also such type of "creating and getting" impression based love is not termed as pure love and the Valentine's day is not for these low values to celebrate. It has greater and deeper meaning of loving each individual with same affection. Those who are in pure love does not need any day to show the same with celebration. Because love is permanent and always shared irrespective of the day. But still currently in this busy machine like life style where people hardly gets time to express their love towards their partners such days are becoming necessary in our nation also. It is not only for this even the Father's Day, Mother's Day are all brought here because of our complex life style which we have already borrowed from west. 
Many people are waiting for Feb. 14 to express their love and show them that they love their loved one!!  Of course marketing people in malls, shopping centres, media etc are all preparing themselves to get as much money they can by distributing payable "LOVE".  And not to forget Sri Ram Sene is also waiting for the day Feb 14 !!
With India having so many social problems already this is one more entry since Independence. And even the educated citizens are also blindly watching this or allowing this to grow as a major social problem. And for this both the sides are responsible. Of course the so called Moral police are more responsible for the creation of this, but those who argue for freedom expression of "such" type of love are also accountable for the same. 
We the educated people or so called intellectuals has to address this, as how should this day or celebration such days are taken into Indian society. We must understand that unless we stop this word war/ mischief / social problem or whatever within ourself we can not be move further in bring valued society and to come up in world. We can not directly copy whatever the way the west follows in their society because of the obvious reason that we care and respect for valued life and society and not for individual pleasure only. However the act of Hindu Extremists who are bringing bad name of our nation's aim of peaceful world are also to be suppressed by strong force. If such people have a problem in terms of Tradition and culture being lost, there are democratic means of fighting against this by public awareness,open debates etc. Let the people of India decide what should they follow and how they follow it!!  
                                                              Vande Mataram

Sunday, 8 February, 2009

Is constitution Same for All? I doubt

Look at this: Mutli Crore thief Raju is getting luxury life!! in Jail!! Do you think this is right? 

Tuesday, 3 February, 2009

About Us and The Better India

About Us and The Better India

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Tuesday, 27 January, 2009

Do we need to Invent of New Social Law? : Take A Call

January 26 1950, India Recognised as Republic Country in the world with the greatest Constitution in the world to govern the nation. January 26 2009, Self styled moral police called Sri Ram Sena attacked a pub and assaulted girls for not following new Constitution of Hinduism.
After 59 years of governance now some fanatical people of this country are in process of making people to follow their own created law under "Indian Culture". Who has given the rights to Sri Ram Sena as keepers of the Indian Culture? Is this is the way to keep the Indian Culture? Where in Indian Culture does it mentioned to assault women like animals for being more equal to men? I am not saying the act of girls to go into pubs and having "such" kind of fun is correct. But if it is not correct then it should be applied for both not only for women. More important thing is Indian Culture can never be made followed by creating fear among the people.
There also raises a question that how media reached before the police could? By watching footage it seems that media was ready for shooting each process. How could this happen without pre-information? There may be 2 answers for this. One is the police may became clever deaf to the alert. Other one is for the media people to give sensational news was more important than the safety of humanity. There may be third option of all being set up!! In all these cases we see the legal keepers of law have lost their faith either in the eyes of people or in the eyes of media.

As usual there is no strong action from state government for obvious reasons which we have understood previously itself when innocent Christians were attacked. The statement coming out from CM of Karnataka after 48hrs is just an eye washing one!! On the other hand this incident has become a tasteful feast for so called secularists, intellectuals to gain more publicity!! And funny and harsh thing is within no time the Sri Ram Sena was in national news!! And Central and other political parties are just doing enough to gain the public sympathy for coming general election. But finally who is really fighting for giving justice to the girls by not only putting the people causing this behind bars also to completely eradicate the mindset of such fanatic fundamentalist from the society?

I was going through the comments on the TOI it seems there are some educated people who are supporting this act. Some are putting the argument that "otherwise we will lost our old tradition". It is acceptable argument if the act of opposition would not have been violent. It is open truth that due to globalisation younger generation is being dragged into the western culture of living for self centric desires without looking for the effect of that on society. Because of which the moral values which were lasted for centuries in our society is being thrashed now by so called modern viewers. We can not be and will not be called developed nation if we blindly copy everything from developed nation.

My point here is not to blindly follow the old tradition and restrict any person's freedom. But at the same time it is also not right to ignore the 5000 year tradition just for the sake to be in line with modern world. We have to re-invent the social laws / tradition by considering both the ancient tradition and the need of modern world with keeping the final aim to have prosperous society.

On the outer layer it may not look harm in boys and girls drinking in pubs, going for dating, smooching openly in parks doing all those rubbish in the name of being forward or more independant, but in deep it effects the generation of nation as a whole. It is not merely the tradition that will be lost but also the identity as an Indian will be lost in front of the world. Because we have taught Our goal of life is not restricted to fulfill the desires of our own and not just to enjoy the short life but to create values and leave a name behind and live for ever. That makes the Indian different from others. That is what we have got from our ancestors. And it is our responsibility to take to next generation. Present Indian Society in all aspect can not digest such incidents.

However there are many organisations fighting for justice. I hope it won't end without punishing the guilty. But what may be left behind in this figting process is the mindset of the fundamentalists. Now it is not only the mind set of Sri Ram Sena, by looking at some of the response in TV, News Papers etc who are supporting the act of Sri Ram Sena it is required to change in the way the ancient tradition, century old culture are understood and followed. The final aim is prosperous and healthy society and not the Tradition and Culture. Of Course there are many loop holes in the so called tradition that are followed from years. Those are to be left behind. There are some things which we also have to adopt from west. How to treat people equally and how to be social responsible citizen are to learnt from west. And such combined culture can only make the human race to move further in this world more happily.
Yesterday I was watching News Hour Debate on Times Now between Spokes Persons of BJP, Congress and National Secretory of Sri Ram Sena. BJP was trying to wash its hand by saying such people are not part of BJP, and the Secretory was trying to say that the people who molested girls were not belong to their organisation and finally Congress was trying to gain as much political advantage as it can from the incident. But sad thing is not a single effort is made to handle such inhuman activities in the name of religion. It is not only the case of BJP in Karnataka every where the same is repeated. The anti social elements who adopt "Goondaism" are secretly supported by political parties. Now congress is blaming BJP while it is forgetting that it has not able to hold MNS in Maharashtra. So who is behind all these? All political parties are same as long as supporting such inhuman people are concerned.
We can not take these as granted. It is our fear and silent approval that makes these anti social forces to play on our life. Such uncivilised act by any of organisation is not to be welcomed whatever may be the cause. We are running democratic nation where each individual can express his views without harming freedom of others. Our nation can not become great by only following old tradition without modifying it for the needs of modern society. Also we can not walk on the path of west as it will once again make us cultural slave of west. We have to redefine our culture, social values which are to accepted by all of us to follow and to make our nation prosperous one. We the youth should take such oath to form a new era of social culture to make our nation Strong Self Reliable.
Vande Mataram