Thursday, 24 July, 2008

Nuke Deal Tamasha!! Need Action From us

Now we have to look into future based on what had happened and present movements.
UPA finally by all possible ways got the number 275 on floor of Parliament. We have watched high swapping-dramas, baseless speeches, hopeless behaviours, pointless allegation, unconstitutional movements, anti democratic acts in Parliament and outside also by all the political parties. Are these represents of us? I am not discussing here what and all happened and whether the result is good for us or not. I am also confused on whether the cost that Nuke deal has started to take is worth or not.
Now the ball is in US court. It seems USA is not in hurry. There are signals from USA they may wait till Obama comes to Power to finalise the deal with us. Then one has to understand the UPA’s intention of hyping this over other important and immediate concern required issues like inflation, low Monsoon, infiltration & cross border firing in J&K.
Now we have to look into future based on what had happened and present movements. I am having some action plan where we can discourage those who murder democracy.
1. To send a request to election commission to form a regulatory and preventive laws and rules on changing of support in coalition government by parties and swapping of parties by politicians.
2. To force the law makers to have laws that enforces the each MPs, MLAs to act according to the opinion of their area on deals, policies, projects of nation’s concern and interest like Nuke Deal, Sethu Samudram etc.
3. To get the information about the government policies, exemptions, laws, foreign deals, projects which are made for us, monitoring them and spreading it so that it serves its purpose.
4. To use RTI and other pro common man laws to help people in need around us. This can be done through internet also as a free service.
5. To prepare questionnaires for the politicians who will come to our door step in asking for vote.
Some may seem ineffective and superstitious but as citizens we must act otherwise we will perish. I am also planning to use online petitions. But for all these I need your help in any of the way. I also wish you to give suggestions and your views and action plans. Till now I was writing to do something. It is time for us to come up with action towards building Strong and Self Reliable Bharata.
Vande Mataram

Sunday, 20 July, 2008

Mythology Serials: Recalling Childhood!!

Visit to discover Indian blogsIn this technology world with 250 odd channels on TV are we getting entertainment or are we entertained for them and loosing moral values?
Think of this: You are holding your elder brother's footwear on your head as a sacred thing and worshipping it as your mentor!!?? It may be crazy and superstitious but behind the ages it was real!! Yes, you might have already guessed it was Bharatha brother of Rama. Try to feel the pure heart love and level of devotion, respect that the Bharatha a son of a wealthy King had towards Rama while keeping his brother's footwear as the King and living like saint without luxuries for 14 years. In this "Matlab ki duniya" it is not only hard to feel it but even more difficult to imagine.
I was watching NDTV imagine channel's advertisement in that, school students now without any ideal role model of life to follow are lacking in moral values and good culture leading to become educated social demons is shown to motivate them to watch Ramayana Serial. There is one more advertisement for Tata Sky in which they are having something like online darshan where shirdi saibaba, Mumbai Sidhivinayak and Kashi Vishwanath is being telecasted live. There in the end of advertisement one women employee bows to her senior saying "Pranam Gurudev". How now the Hi, Hello, Hey and other formal wishes has taken our tradition of respecting each individual by the word "Namasthe"? I felt uneasy.
In the busy schedule of your racing life whenever you get time to watch TV, in between passing channel when you get Mahabharata, Ramayana, Aliflaila, Akbar Birbal, Chandrakantha, Chanakya and such Mythology Serials or songs like Mile sur mera tumara, Sare Jahanse Acha, Vijay Vishwaki Tiranga Pyara, or Advertisement of Hamara Bajaj, Desh Ki Dadkan Hero Honda, A little girl whirling on Washing Powder Nirma and Sunday morning Chitrahar and cartoon shows & serials of supernatural heroes which recalls your childhood just watch for few minutes. I am sure you will not only have glimpse of tears in your eyes' edge but also will get something to adopt in this life which you may not have understood in your child hood.
Now there are more than 200 channels. I don't think there is any channel exists now that can hold us like DoorDarshan was doing during its monopoly periods. In this technology world with 250 odd channels on TV are we getting entertainment or are we entertained for them and loosing moral values?
Just for a while feel the pressure of waiting to watch Sunday morning 9 o clock mythology and super heroes' serials!! Feel the Frustration of being unable to watch a cricket match. Feel the fear back grounded curiosity in watching detective, suspense, horror serials and movies. Seems funny and missing many!! I am just trying to make your mind to recall childhood days and hope you can get the lost values and enjoyment back making your life high.
Vande Mataram

Saturday, 12 July, 2008

Explosion by Civil Nuclear Deal!!!

But my motivation of writing this is to make you to ask the politicians who will come to your door step sooner or later for asking vote.
Dealing with Nuclear Deal has now reached boiling point. But however it has exposed the loyalty of left to an old ideology more than nation’s development. But it is also costing more than affordable to our nation. I wish to expose it to you.
Even though the deal is very much essential this is wrong time to deal with it. UPA itself is not sure of getting majority, may be that is the reason why draft is presented to IAEA before proving majority. Since this drama started there are many contradictions in what government announces and do. Draft which was said confidential was exposed to entire world on website on the very next day.
In the entire news channels (except DDNews!) desires of small parties to be fulfilled by UPA to get the Number 272 is exposed. Some are direct demands some indirect but most of them are at the cost of nation welfare and development. It is one more time cleared the loyalty of the politicians to their parties more than nation.
The draft which is not finalised yet does not seem antinational and also gives essential independencies to us. But USA senators have already started opposing to give the independency of allocating Civil and Military Nuclear sectors. So in the process of finalising, things will surely change and our nation may loose some essential independencies.
In viewing all these following questions were raised in my mind.

1. Is now dealing with nuclear deal is really required?
2. Why can’t UPA give answers to the questions raised by oppositions?
3. Is it worth of the price that is being taken directly and indirectly?
4. Are all the political parties are trying to get all possible political advantageous by this?

At present more than expressing this we can not do much. But my motivation of writing this is to make you to ask the politicians who will come to your door step sooner or later for asking vote. You might have seen the TATA Tea Advertisement, where in a youth takes interview of an election candidate for the job of running our great nation. Such movements can only create fear to our politicians for playing with nation’s development.
I repeat Swami Vivekananda’s quote “Arise, Awake, Do not Stop till we achieve Strong and Self Reliable Bharatha”.
Vande Mataram

Wednesday, 9 July, 2008

Amarnath Row to Azad Kashmir

I was watching a movie (can not remember name) in which it was shown how Some of Kashmiri innocent Muslims are brutally treated and inhumanly tortured due to mistaken identity as terrorists. The film also shows how a common good natured Muslim family turned to suicide bombers because of injustice on them. I was touched by it. But any how for every injustice like this terrorism is not the solution which the movie also opposes. The main intension of the movie is to express the sentiments of good Indian Muslims who are treated in suspecting eye.
On the next day i.e. 7th July Kashmir Government fell due to lack of majority. The coalition government of Congress-PDP fell because PDP withdrawn support. The major reason is the violent protest by Kashmiri Muslims against the transfer of 100 acre land to Amarnath Shrine for 2 months a year for the pilgrimage. This is not the first time that a regional party is withdrawing the support and re-election or election before completion of 5 years is happening in our country. This time this is merely to please the protesting Kashmiri Muslims and get the most political advantage out of it.
But why such high violent protest from so called Religion of Peace on the land of Kashmir where the local people gets the more rights than any Indian has? It is Kashmiriyat that feels that it is independent from India.
1 .The 100 acre was not allotted to Amarnath Shrine as according 370 act no one other than Kashmiri can own a land there.
2. It was just transferred to it for span of 2 months a year in order to accommodate large pilgrims hygienically.
3. There is no forest in the land that is meant to transfer. It is a plain land which is for temporary camps.
The land issue which was initially started as ecological issue and then converted to a major political issue this clearly indicates the mindset of Kashmiri Muslims. Because they have inhumanly evacuated Kashmiri Pandits 15 years ago who became refugees in their own nation and became beggars on roads of Delhi, Muslims are the only population in Kashmir. And PDP felt demands of majority people needed to be addressed even though doing so supports religious inequality. The CM Gulam Nabi Azad departs saying the forces which forced falling the government are working as per Pakistan!
1. This raise to the question that for the regional parties is their welfare is more than welfare of nation?
2. For Kashmiri Muslims in particular, to whom they are loyal to?
The film which I was discussing in first paragraph also conveys one hidden thing that Kashmiri Muslims are potential terrorists who can be brain washed easily. I was also little unconvinced like you by this. But watching the protest by Kashmiri Muslims I changed my mind to express my feelings.
For the first time I am writing on religious issue. But I feel this is not merely a religious issue alone rather it is matter of nation integrity. Our tax money, our resources, our security forces, our technology is the right of Kashmir also to have but when we come to religious tolerances, uniform laws and national duties why they feel they are independent from India?
I can go on writing about the brutal incidents that from freedom fighting days to now happened to different religions in all over India. But it only continues hatred and nothing more. All must we understand from the history is tolerance, peace, equality among the people can only survive the man kind. And those who are against to this are not to be entertained.
I am not against any of the Muslims or other religions who feel India as their own nation. But violently trying to get advantage of majority in one region and taking advantage of minority in other region will create more hatred than harmony or equality. In Koran it is written that being not loyal to the living nation can not be called as Islam.
I can also understand the change is not simple. But it needs to happen rather to be started. Otherwise ISI, Al-queda, Taliban and other Jihadi groups will get benefit from the facilities and exemptions given and make our own Muslim people traitors to our nation and demons to man kind. On the back end USA which is backing Pak is getting indirect help of putting hurdles on the path of our nation becoming super power. And because of whom the innocent Muslims also have to be suffered. It is really heart breaking to hear such cruel incidents of man kind irrespective of the victims’ religion!!
I see the minority appeasement has reached its top. The only reason behind is the vote bank which every minority needs to understand. Over 60 years they have been given reservations, given more freedom than Pakistan or in any other Muslim dominated nations, have more security than Afghanistan or any Muslim nations. As any other reservation does, only rich people became rich and continued to spoil and exploit nation while the poor remained untouched by the aids. And because of vote bank politics the nation’s development is suffering. The reason behind giving only reservation without promoting reforms in society and constructive education to Muslims or backward classes is to maintain them in dark to have the vote bank growing. This must be understood.
I am sure you will have many things to comment on this. I have written this mail not merely based on emotions and religious sentiments. After reading from different sources and different opinions time to time my feelings were flown like this. I think this is linked to nation’s integrity. Today there are Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh which are burning for separate identity and status. And many other states are also under the influence of regionalism fighting against outsiders which may lead to separation. Already to visit Manas Sarovar we need to take permission from China and also have lost many places of Himalaya, North East to China. If such moves are not stopped constructively and strongly then we may have to have Pass Port and VISA for visiting Kashmir.
Kashmir is Crown of our nation. We can not loose it at any cost!!
Vande Mataram

Friday, 4 July, 2008

Nuclear Deal: Dangerous Drama by UPA - Left

The subject may already have conveyed the summary of this message! The UPA lead government is trying all the ways to get credit of clearing nuclear deal before it exit.
When all the people of country is worrying about rising price of daily using goods, all of sudden government is most keen on clearing nuke deal than concerning about the growing oil price (145$ per barrel) increasing inflation (11.45%).
The word “Sudden” wouldn’t be appropriate if inflation booming not occurred. Since the nuclear deal proposal started the left- UPA for every 2-3 months playing drama of withdrawing support by left and getting public sympathy by creating it as matter of nation concern by UPA. But this matter of nation concern which was not concerned fully when it can be is now overtaken the most concern required economic crisis of the nation.
When the common man is struggling to get mouthful of good food government is putting all its effort to get the deal done which is a long term gain. Of course the deal is required to make our nation super power in power generation. But it would have welcomed by whole nation if the same effort by UPA happened 2-3 months before or after we come out of economic issues.
I was watching the interviews of spokesmen of congress and Left in Times Now regarding nuke deal. They were literally quarrelling with each other by their words!! And we have such coalition government in our central whose parties are fighting with each other every now and then. Are these people are for nation or for themselves? Who is responsible for the sensex fall down due to this political uncertainty drama? There is infiltration in J&K by terrorists and also there is a nationwide tension on Amarnath Land allotment issue. Moreover China’s invasion on border is also moving towards threatening edge. And the inflation as well. With such a critical situation the nation is in why the government does provoking one more issue which can lead to vacant in leadership in the central? If USA is so keen to get the deal signed why should we have to worry when the situation is not at all suitable for that?
Well more political dramas can be watched now. SP is becoming trump card for UPA as left is in near departure with it. BSP has already left UPA. Now day by day different scenes are being played by every party. But the nation and people like us are suffering. No political party is concerning about us. Even BJP is busy in creating more fear on behalf of new issue of Amarnath Land allocation.
At this crisis time we have to be with the government without concerning about the differences as otherwise it would worse the situation. We can not afford an election now. When nation is in trouble we should be united and not to provide any chances of creating unnecessary unwanted internal issues. We should not come under influence of political parties who are taking political advantages. For us Bharatha is more than any of the party and religion.
Being citizens of this nation we need to ask these political parties about their concern about us. With this I open this debate. i.e
1. Whether nuke deal is really now required to clear?
2. What should be the priority of the government and us?

I hope you will participate in this debate.
Vande Mataram

Securing the Army men: In Need of you

Indian Army the most trusted for security of nation. We feel proud and live fearlessly because of great assurance by them.
But from past 2 years army men killed by themselves is increasing considerably. Is it failing to secure the life of its own men? And is justice for army men and their family is more difficult to get than common man due to the shield of top secret and top armed force of nation? One such case is come to light when Lieutenant Colonel Ajay Verma was killed by Militants on June 13.
He was a Border Roads Officer in Jammu. Not are the regular targets of militants. He was looking after the construction of the prestigious Kishtwar-Kokernag road connecting Kashmir with Jammu.
The construction of Sinthan Top road, which would have connected Kishtwar with Anantnag and many link roads, was not being liked by the militants as it would have made movement of militants very difficult in the area. Construction of the road would have strengthened security forces and given them dominance over the militants.
In-spite of two request letters from Ajay to increase his security the deaf army has made him fall to nest of death formed by militants. Who has to take the accountability of his and his men’s death? What action does the army take against its own men who have not considered security request which lead to death? Is paper, media going to support to get justice to him and his family rather hyping the marketable crime news? Are we touched by this news any where in our heart?
All these questions are interlinked to each other. Killings due to militant attack have become so common news that no one is bothering about the valuable lives of army men. A single murder case will be hyped by media and every day and night in all news channels the point by point proceedings of case is shown. But asking for justice to such army men who were killed due to lack of care by Army and government officials are not done due to the reason that we won’t watch it. Since news channels are run by private ownerships like all other business marketable news only will be shown. Is life of men who are to save our life is not valuable?
There are frustrations in minds of army men regarding salary, recognition, common minimum security in job and life after army service. These were busted out time to time in suicides, killing colleagues, killed due to negligence, miserable life etc. This in turn is de-motivating youth to join the tough and pride job of serving and saving the nation.
But how much worried are we towards this situation? Our patriotic feelings and josh to join armed force flows while watching such kind of movies. But in real we don’t even bother about their life. Since we are all ignorant media is ignorant, government is ignorant, even army itself is ignorant.
Till now we have seen whenever our life is in danger like enemy military attacks, natural calamities, violent strikes, protests, agitations armed men were securing life and property of common people like us. But if they stop this because of negligence from us then who will come to secure our life?
The aim of this message is not merely to motivate everybody to join armed forces. It is impractical. But to make you understand that if we don’t take enough concern over these men the first few lines of this message will no longer be truth.
We can recognise and respect the life of army people more than the celebrities. These can make them feel great and proud in securing our nation. We can understand that life of armed men is more valuable than that of us as those are life which can save the nation’s pride and territory along with lives of people like us. Along with it we can also give support to the family of service ended armed men either retired or martyred who are suffering to get justice, facilities, valued life and recognition in any of the way as those are the peoples who also have sacrificed towards nation.
There are many portals, links on web sites which can help you to be a part of the duty which I have described in above lines. Along with you can get those opportunities in your surroundings also. It is the mindset which is required to be a part of armed force in any of the way. We all can not join army and get opportunity to serve the nation but surely we can fulfil that duty and feel proud and great by supporting, recognising and respecting them.
I hope I have made my concern clear to you. Being not in army does not pull us away from the duties towards nation. We may not serve to the nation as armed people do but we have to serve as their soul serves to Bharatha. Do you have it in you?
Vande Mataram.

School Days to Corporate Life: Essay Writings to Opportunistic Life!!

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I was recalling my school days. How many things have we missed? And how many have we forgotten? Since life is moving in nature trying to get 100% out of every moment in life not even make to think of missing anything. But the moral values, good culture, ancient tradition that we have taught and got from school days are to come along with our life with getting greater at each moment of life. But the reverse is happening. We worry of missing old joyful playing days, friends, moments and forget values, tradition and culture. Finally not only we but society also suffers.
With that introduction I will jump to the topic itself. “Dowry”. Yes, the topic which we were used to write essay, talk on and debate on in our school to get marks, prize etc. And the reality is in-front of us now and with ourself also. In our essays, speech we never promoted dowry as it would negate the marks that we can get. But in practice we rarely oppose it. Yes, we are opportunistic with selfish values inside.
Marriages are to form a life from two lives for the prosperous society. It is referred as sacred bond of life and believed as made in heaven in all the religions. But the reality is it is making hell on earth.
Even today marriages are not happening without dowry. This is not with uneducated or low educated people, this is with everybody. How much you are high educated that much greater amount of dowry you get is current actual situation in marriage business! Market value (dowry!!?) of bridegroom is decided by how much he is educated and what position he has in corporate world along with sometimes same qualities of bride for negotiation of it!! Many men go for higher education with higher dowry in mind and many women go to higher study to lessen their dowry!!
It may seem like funny and superstitious but it is real. We down value women who sell themselves for money as prostitute then what must be value of men who sell themselves for dowry? Not only that post marriage dowry harassment cases are also now coming from so called high class societies. Harassments have got different dimensions also. Even the NRIs are also not to be excluded. Is this what IITs, IIMs, NITs, Universities, Medical Colleges and Law Colleges teach?
This is one face of Indian society. Indians are called as most intellectual, highly qualified, great cultured people but reality is many of them are worst then animals inside. From where do these people have adopted such a shameful and demons like life style? Men and women both are created by nature, but some blind believers are trying to imbalance the nature’s equality by dominating inhumanly. And because of which still the girl children are hated, murdered and nature harmony is disturbed. Every dowry taking person is a criminal to the humanity.
Of course there are very strict rules and laws. But those are only can do when somebody lodges the complaint. And many times due to social complexities and emotional blind believes the persons to be punished will escape. Now a days since some women are misusing the laws which were meant for immediate action and help for women in trouble, the needy women and her parents are not able to get 100% moral support from society and the law. And like corruption educated young citizens are also getting used to it rather than fighting against it for better future of our society. Until we understand such law and live within the limit of it our society can not be called as prosperous and free society.
No where in any of the religion the dowry is being approved. In Hindu marriage rituals’ writings also no where dowry is mentioned. During Ramayana & Mahabharata time bridegrooms were to pay to bride’s family to get marry the girl. But men dominated society has adopted the practice of dowry which the law, humanity, religion termed as the most sin. Still people commit sin knowingly which has no excuse in terms of religion and humanity. Not even God can save from the sin that the dowry taking person is to have.
I suppose these are all not new things that you are reading now. But my intention is to make you read it from new view with your personal life involvement. The purpose which was behind the essay writing, speech on such topics during school days only serves when we adopt those in our life which makes happy life and prosperous society.
With this I wish you will recollect the school days not with the feeling of missing something but with remembrances of social values, moral practices, good cultures which will make you feel high. I hope this message will motivate to make a change not only within yourself but also in your surroundings which may make a girl child to take birth and live without being murdered in womb itself.
Reforming society can only happen by each individual reform themselves. Let the social evil thrown away from our society starting from us. Let the change happen from us. Let us make our nation culturally strong. Let us take oath of not receiving or giving dowry, whatever the condition may be. Let us feel the greatness of changing society to make it happier place to live independently. Let us make the 8-10 years old words in our essays come true!!
Vande Mataram