Thursday, 25 November, 2010

Social Media V/s Indian Media: Power of Twitter #barkhagate

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Every day from past few months front page of news paper you are reading is occupied with scams. At nation level it is CWG, 2G, in Maharashtra disgusting Adarsh Apartment, in Karnataka multi crore Land loot from “Party with Difference” and lot more awaited. But for the citizens of India who read these shameful news about their own rulers its nothing more than bollywood gossips. This irresponsible and inactive attitude is encouraging every politician of our country to loot our tax money for their coming 10 generations or more.

If you believe that by exposing the corrupt politicians 24 X 7 media is fighting for democracy and can feel relaxed, think again. I need not to prove that the 24 X 7 media houses are now nothing more than business centers of news. If you don’t accept, then read here.  It is clear that 24 X 7 media houses are run by businessmen and they in turn are linked to politicians. The breaking/shocking/cracking news is just attempts of imposing their business and politically influenced lobbying thoughts on us. Last week the open magazine exposed the real, ugly and hopeless face of media.   and

The corrupt motivation behind the barking and screaming of spokesman of New Delhi Television NDTV Group Editor Barkha Dutt and Hindustan Times' Advisory Editorial Director Vir Sanghvi got revealed on 18th November 2010. The news channel which always claims that they show the truth has not even dared to show it to the public. But truth has found its own way to reach the people. None other than the most used social media called twitter. Indian tweeples started exposing the media hall of shame among twitter world. Yet, in the Indian media which shows Amitab’s tweet about his health as breaking news, this biggest media scam did not even popped up. The media spends whole day in discussing about sex tapes, sting operations videos as if whole country is drowned. But the silence of media about the tape that has exposed the link between power brokers and the lobbying media with link to recent 2G scam has forced twitter India to lose its credibility. Then the momentum started. The twitteratis took pledge to expose the world the real face of Indian media.  

Tweeples of India gave the name #barkhagate and anguish tweets started pouring. Soon #barkhagate started trending in Twitter India, thanks to twitter for including India in trending region. Twitter India declared war against Indian Media. (Hush Barkhagate from Indian Media V/s Hash #barkhagate from Social Media) Some of the responses from Indian Media are here. Then it spread to Facebook through this link Some started mailing. Yet none of the media houses opened their mouth. On 22nd Nov a blog in TOI appeared. But it has only few lines about the main culprits. Nothing was clear. But twitter warriors continued to fight and kept #barkhagate trending. One of major pressure to India media caused when international media exposed the scam. Then CNN IBN was forced to introduce this issue in their face the nation program. Yet, they twisted the story and tried to hide names of lobbying journalists and only restricted their discussion to Nira Radia the power broker. But warriors of true journalism did not accepted defeat; second by second tweets started pouring in and media mafia kept spreading. Finally on 24th Nov major news paper Hindu dared to expose the names and the story Meanwhile Enforcement Directorate officials on Wednesday questioned Public relations firm owner and corporate lobbyist Nira Radia for about seven hours in connection with its probe in the 2G spectrum allocation case Later TOI blog section got Tarun Vijay’s blog exposed media mafia On the next day i.e. 25th Nov TOI finally reported the media lobbying scam. . The first step victory for warriors of twitter.

Now it is not about few media persons; it’s about whole set of media which is encroaching the politically influenced thoughts on us. It’s similar to mafia, Media Mafia. So twitter India now decided enroot all the media mafia dons. Now war is against #mediamafia. But twitter reaches very less percentage of Indians. Now the rest of the educated Indians have to take charge and continue the battle against media mafia. If we won’t stop this at the beginning itself, then we are to be blamed for corruption in the fourth pillar of democracy which in future will destroy nations democracy altogether. The social media like twitter and Face Book have already created voice for justice all over world, now it’s in India. It’s the social media which kept CWG, 2G, Adarsh Apartment, Land De-notification loot alive and fought for justice till the guilty gets punished. And guys, there is long way ahead. So this victory is just the beginning of Holy War against corruption and injustice. Join your hands; open your mouth. Let’s make our nation Mahan Bharat.

Vande Mataram

Thursday, 14 October, 2010

Ayodhya to CWG: The Moving Spirit of India

After long break, The time has forced me to spill out my thoughts on the major things through which our nation had "moved on" from last few months.
           Ayodhya. The name which was given by our ancestors as the place where war (Yudha) should not to happen and harmony, peace, truthfulness in total Humanity i.e.Dharma should prevail always. Finally it stood by the name even though after 60 years.
            No one can question on the height of liberalness of India and especially of Hindus where the birth place of their God is been questioned on court and got proved. We the Bharathiyas stand by our motto "Satyameva Jayate" .Truth always triumphs! No matter how much ever the media tried to encroach different speculated thoughts of their own, hurting sentiments of majority of population about myth and reality of Ram , no matter how the pseudo secular and pseudo historians tried to impose their narrowed and borrowed thoughts about history of our nation, Maaryada Purushottam Ram continues to remain on the hearts of all the people of India. Yes, I say all the people of India, may be the world also. From the educated virtual world of twitter trends and speculated world of media to the real world, across the every corner of our nation Ram Janmabhoomi was in the minds and hearts of all the people. Schools and Colleges were shut by Govt. order. But who told to the shop keepers to shut? What made the Corporate world to stop transactions? What made the thousands of buses to not to run on roads? Yes it is the fear, the fear of mode of the reaction to the verdict about "Ram Janmabhoomi" the 2.7 Acres of land on the earth. The feelings and the thoughts that were running on Bharatiyas on 30th Sep 2010 no one could be able to gauge them still everybody was praying and pleading for Ayodhya (no war!).
            The count down started getting heated up on the after noon of Verdict Day. All Indians, irrespective of their religion and faith were keen on "Who Won?". Finally three judges made it clear.It is the wish of billions hearts of Indians which won i.e. Peace and Dharma. Those who wanted to get advantage from verdict were on loosing side i.e. TRP lust media and mishap creating fanatic people. As Sun went down the uncertain anxious fear mood of country turned to calm peaceful sleep, may be sighed Hey Ram!, not even a single incident of nuisance reported.Of course for this tremendous change of mood from 1992 surely the judges must be praised.Judging the true Spirit of India which were showed by each one of Indians on that day.
           Then the bad side of Indian corrupted politicians exposed once again in CWG. Roofs fell down, BBC showing fake photos, Foot Bridge collapsed, irregularities in the cost of contracts and the way the work done and the list just goes on even after it gets over. But again who made it to shine and mum the world on the very opening ceremony is not Kalmadi, not Shiela Dixit, not even Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi but Aam Admi's Spirit of India. Now CWG is coming to an end. And we stand third on the tally of medals. The whole credit of this goes only to those players and athletes who inspite of ignorance from rest of country people and negligible support from media they have made it happen to see Tri Color goes up. Especially Indian women brigade in CWG who crossed all the barriers starting from their own middle class family and society upto the pathetic Government support, yet made great contribution to the medal count. Three Cheers to all women players!!!
           Glory of CWG should be sung with all the players. But the saga should not end here. If our athletes and players can place us on third place on the list of medals inspite of hype of cricket, they surely can make it to first in CWGs along with that they even can make our Tri Color Flag to raise in Olympics more than 3 times if we back them with true spirit of sports. As I said in my last blog India in Olympic 2008 is this beginning of new age of Sports? and Sport News not breaking cricket News every one of us should understand and feel that we have the capacity to get recognition from the world out side cricket world also.But our media and Govt. is not out of cricket hype yet. On the day when women's team won 4 X 100 relay all the channels were singing Sachin's double hundred as if he is the only person who is playing for India. And crores and crores rupees of awards been granted to Cricketers all the year by different corporates and Govt. but for the men who made the impossible a possible by reaching final against Australia gets only 21 lakhs for whole team. . Crores of rupees have ran into all the babus and ministers and other politicians involved with CWG under Dynasties in Delhi. But for the players who changed the views of the world towards our sporting capacity some chillar lakhs?!

              Unless we demand for justice these corrupt politicians can't be hold on back steps. CWG will be over, but the corruption needs to exposed. We can't let anyone get away by the feel good factor caused by the players. On twitter, one of the major powerful media of 21st century the fight has already began. You can join cwgcorruption user or can follow #cwgcorruption to give the strength to this movement on twitter. But that is virtual world, in real world all of us has to combine and have to fight in all possible means to make sure the corrupted should not be able to enjoy our hard earned tax money.
            That is not all. Our responsibility also lies in giving support to the players who made us proud. They need good training with world class equipments and better coaches along with that the corrupt politicians who are owning the sports boards should be sacked. Above all our moral support should be required. Lets not forget all the names of the players who played for India List-of-players and out of them those who showed "V" (Victory) symbol to the world from medal receiving area. List-of-Medal winners . We need all of them to show "V" on next Olympics medal receiving area too.isn't it?

                 Be it sensational Ram janmabhoomi or the glorifying CWG it all showed the unity in us. We can't be divided by politicians not even by media. This is how the India is moved on to 21st century.  We don't need any ASI, Historians, Judges to prove Sri Ram's existence as he was, he is and he will be in our hearts till the end of mankind as role model of perfect human being Maryada Purushottam. At the same time we can't easily be doomed by any false religious forces which will spoil the spirit of India. "Unity in Diversity"

Vande Mataram

Tuesday, 22 June, 2010

Are we united and brave againt Terrorism?

       It feels proud and motivated to read this incident. Link We appreciated the bravery of the young girl.And we also wished that Kasab to see his hanging rope very soon. Later court verdict also favored our wish to the extent that at-least it managed to give Kasab death sentence after applying IPC! However our wish will not be fulfilled for at least 2-3 years from now. Link So till that time we are very much kind enough to spend 8.5 lakh rupees per day to a person who mercilessly murdered our fellow citizens. Link

But the point of interest now is different. This is about the brave girl who stood in court in front of killer Kasab and pointed at him to give witness. The very brave girl is now struggling to continue her education only because she stand against the terrorists! Link Ridiculous! What must be going on in that young girl's mind when she got rejected from the school? We will also may join in ranting against the school administration. But point is how much of us will ready to admit the girl to the school if we are the school admin? Is this the way we build our future generation? Link. If we don't have dare to stand against wrong, why can't we at least give moral support to the people who dare against the act of terrorism? Are we such coward?

And this is not the first of its kind. Such incidents are happening from past and it is now reflected in media because the incident is happened in Mumbai, the commercial capital. There are many cases in north east India and J & K where many terrorists and anti India separatists were released to settle issues concern with private life of VIPs, VVIPs! Not only such big people lack in courage to tackle terrorism, the cowardliness is in blood of highly educated citizens too. The recent Kandahar hijack and release of 3 terrorists is the naked example of our strong (weak) will power against terrorism! Truth behind Kandahar.

One thing we should understand and accept that, it is not only the will power of political leaders alone that can counter Naxals, Rebels, Terrorists who are trying to uproot our sovereignty, our mindset and reaction also counts! If we think our responsibility ends in just lighting a candle, peaceful marching, ranting in blogs etc then its mere foolishness. Its our moral duty to support the people who dared to eliminate anti humanity from society, else we are just unthankful useless living creatures on earth!

Let us create fearless society to the future generation. Let us not miss the opportunity to show our unity and courage against the terrorism. Let us show the people who dare to question our integrity and sovereignty, that we will not give them free passage.
                                                      Vande Mataram

Thursday, 10 June, 2010

Ishanya Bharat: Manipur Calling

Ishanya Bharat or the North - East India. In the country of many worlds the most ignored part of our nation are these 7 states! Link Most of us always struggle to recollect the names of these states. More often we mistake the people of north-east India as Chinese nationalist. All these attitude may look like natural tendencies of us to ignore national issues, but the pain of being treated like foreigner inside their own nation by a north-east Indian is what the fact is! We all are to be blamed for this attitude.

Today is the 60th day to the people of Manipur to live in isolation from rest of country. Read This. But for fancy media Maanyata becoming pregnant is a breaking news! More shocking but obvious is people read it and share it more as it is of zero responsibility but full of entertainment! While our fellow citizens are struggling to get food and basic medicines we are getting football fever! Now whose concern is this?

The people in Delhi have just waken up after 26 years to reconstitute GoM to examine all issues relating to the worst industrial disaster in the world’s history. So they are busy in hiding how their party top people allowed Anderson the Head of Union Carbide a free passage to USA, giving media statements about delayed (denied) justice to more than 20,000 victims. In the meanwhile UPA government under USA pressure is all set to allow more Warren Andersons who will not be liable for any disaster because of mishandling of Nuke. 

Following is from Kannada news paper Vijaya Karnataka translated in English.

 In 1980 Assam rebels have blocked the oil pipeline. The situation would have become worse when the blocked oil in cold atmosphere form the wax inside and the whole pipeline would be reconstructed. The PM at that time Indira Gandhi took this issue seriously and instructed Army to take necessary steps. 

Army Engineers headed to Gujarat oil wells. Army trained its jawans to complex operation. With code word of "Amar Prem" army attacked upon rebels. Army removed the blockages.Meanwhile necessary oil supply were done through different media. And the Assam Rebels were struggled to withstand against sophisticated army attack and never tried same type of technique to show their rebellion.
Now HM, Mr.Chidambaram still wants time to think on army operation against Naxalism, so we should not expect him to respond to people in Manipur! And humanity activist are busy in de-moralizing army in Valley for the so called fake encounter! Are the life of people in Imphal are not important?
And who is blocking? The National Socialist Council of Nagalim formed by Naga rebels. But sources say this is not having support from locals as the leader Thuingaleng Muivah is from Manipur. Unfortunate is that, these small group of rebels are holding life of a state of one of the largest armed nation in the world.

Why should we do peace talk with these kind of people? If NSCM has Greater Nagaland demand than it should understand that this is possible only if it can hold the peace in the area. If it can use force to hear this demand Govt. should suppress them by force else it is just another act of coward.  

Terrorists, Naxals, Rebels, Budos, Separatists and new names are adding frequently who are just exploiting so called peace loving nation India. How much we the people of India should suffer? and why? Just because the politicians does not have will power to act against this!!? Or are we also the same, hiding our cowardliness from the mask of "Ahimsa"?

It is known fact that the people in north east India were divided in feeling as Indians. One of the main reasons is the attitude of rest of country towards the people there. If we ignore them we are going to miss rich culture, beautiful land of green mountains and terrains of our nation. We are already loosing many parts in Arunachal Pradesh to China because of blind eye of Delhi. And our treatment to the people living their surely strengthen the rebels who are against sovereignty of India. 

Yes, I know we are not the people with power. But we are the people whose voices are to be heard by the people in power. So let's do it. You blog it, tweet it, share it, discuss it, shout it, mail it. Remember that each voice of you can fasten the process of getting basic requirements of life for the people in Manipur, a citizen of India like you!
                                                           Vande Mataram

Saturday, 15 May, 2010

India:Secular Nation. An Irony!!

I think the word "Secular" is to be redefined in English (India) language dictionary. From past few months the incidents happening in our nation are just exposure of what is spoiling our development since Independence. Caste based census, Religion / Caste based reservations, Honour killings against inter-caste marriages, Caste based politics all are filling the news paper and it seems no body is worried. Because these issues are hurdles to growth and welfare of Bharat and creates shameful image in front of world ,and no where these causes any damage to our self centred life, why to worry? More worrying is rather than protesting against it we are just accepting as if it is what we are in true nature.

Perhaps it happens only in India that people want themselves to be in backward/minority class. We don't want to be in forward and majority class of society and that is why we deserve to be underdevelopment since 63 years.  Horrible part is more the strength of the caste people to hold protest and spoil public properties more is chance of it being included in backward class. Yes, They are backward not because of they are being diminished in society but because they inhumanly dominates in society!!

If my son/daughter gets a seat in a good engineering/medical college because of the caste certificate then why should I bother about whether he/she is capable of being engineer/doctor? Why should I be bothered about life of people if my caste certificate allows me to be a doctor even though I can not hold stethoscope on patent's chest rightly? We blame unfitted person for not having capacity to complete the responsibility but when it comes to us everything that is beneficial is right one. This mentality is that which leads to corrupted bureaucracy of our nation.

It is us who are hurdle to development of nation and not the politicians alone. Politicians are just smart people who gets nerve of the people and plays with it accordingly for their benefits. We vote them and support them if they get us better life and we don't care to worry on which basis that better life is being given to us.

Unless we change, system can not be changed. We should adopt high morals and discipline in our life. Let us throw away our caste certificates. Let us stop voting to a politician who promises for reservation for our religion or caste. Let us protest against the reservation given to us because of our caste or religion. Because we are not backward and we are not diminished in society we are the people who are bond to change future of our nation towards Mahan Bharat. And we have all capacity to do it.

Vande Mataram.

Sunday, 21 February, 2010

Winter Olympics: Indian team needs funds to wear good Uniforms!

Indian Cricket Team regained No.1 position in Test. I think everyone must have felt very proud and great for beating SA with an innings to achieve this. But I think very few know that India is taking part in Winter Olympic 2010. But still we wont feel guilty or embarrassed for not knowing this. How many people cares if other sports were obsessed by Cricket.

Regarding this obsession I have blogged here.India participated in 2006 Winter Olympic with 4 athletes in 5 events, which in current Olympic reduced 3 athletes and 3 events. Still no media taken enough effort to highlight this to the public. Worst part is our team were not having enough fund even to have uniforms!Link, Link Are you not yet getting ashamed? And where media reporting this shameful news? If our so called heroes (not more than celebrities) have to go to full body scan in international airports in any foreign nation its get highlighted such that our nation's sentiments were get hurt. The media will be race to add masalas like Muslim name, Asia's Country etc only to spice up and increase TRP. Why only blame the media, it is no longer 4th element of Constitution it is just an utility of exploitation of people's mindset and using/creating NEWS for business purpose not more than that. So it is us who are responsible for all the embarrassment and shame that our representative athletes faces in such Global Events.

Add to this one more thing hurting is that adds, where the celebrities are required for getting basic support for the national game of a nation!! What must be the hockey team may be thinking when the people who are supporting on ground or off ground are just following the Cricketers, Celebrities add on TV. It shows how worst are we treating our national game. Now Hero Honda is sponsoring those adds since increase in support and viewer-ship increases its publicity and revenue. That is really encouraging and before people start debating on replacing hockey with Cricket as national game atleast they are bringing it up.

But had the world Cup been outside India how much you support it? That shows how much are we loving the true sports. This year we are hosting commonwealth games. I hope we still not be requiring adds to make us watch the game and give basic support to our sportsmen.

Vande Mataram