Wednesday, 12 March, 2014

Going to on ground works of reaching people and spreading Moditva.

2004 NDA lost because of little price raise and over confidence and we paid heavy prices in 10 years.

  • I don't want to be continue paying.
  • I don't want any of my soldier brothers to die.
  • I don't want China, Pakistan to get into my land even for an inch. 
  • I don't want to be called as a citizen of third world country.
  • I don't want my country to get exploited by US or western nations any more.
  • I don't want any appeasement politics based on caste or religion to continue which is dividing people and spoiling my nation.
  • I don't want my country people to be victim of terrorism, naxalism any more.
  • I don't want my country resources to be under utilized while we pay high for importing finished product from same resources.
  • I don't want to be governed by corrupt systems due to which my country people are struggling to get what they deserve. 
  • I don't want to be cynical "yaha kuch nahi badalne wala hai" or "kya farak padne wala hai".

We are the second largest populated, natural resources rich, believer and followers of highest human value "all are equal" principle.

I want my country to be united, strong and self reliant, vishwa guru as it was in its glorious time. It is this "Moditva" which I trust and believe that Narendra Modi can lead us to achieve it. It is not the person but it is the visions and commitments that I support and willing to contribute my effort towards achieving it.

I understand the urgency and I realize the pressure from outside to stop this from happening. I will try at my level to fight against it rather than sitting on fence and commenting.

 Hence Modi hence BJP. Abki baar Modi sarkaar. 
 Vande Mataram

Tuesday, 23 July, 2013

Started as a Comment: Why Narendra Modi is My choice?

Read an article who is finding similarity in Vasco Da Gama coming to our nation and Narendra Modi's 2011 Vibrant Gurajat model. He seems to have done well research on Narendra Modi (only after 2005 or so) and keeps on writing about "inner" and "hidden" stories about real Narendra Modi.  Here is the link. Now I found this through a friend's FB page and started commenting on it based on my knowledge about Narendra Modi, but when I finished it became a kind of complete blog and I feel I should share this. So here it goes...

Almost every political leader of national scale has same kind of story (true or cooked) written by many journalists and intellectuals.

We are being ruled by the dynasty which created Kashmir problem (uncountable number of deaths from 1947 and exile of KPs from their own land) Arunachal Pradesh and NE border dispute with China (refer Himalayan Blunder)Murder of Lal Bahuddur Shastry, Emergency, Fall of Big Tree -> Sikh genocide and lots of communal roits since independence and finally now claiming that they are ok with terrorists (Ishrat Jahan) but not with BJP/ Narendra Modi. This has been running from more than 60 years and we were not even allowed to know the truth about these unless through banned/suppressed books and articles. Again none of these allegations of me can be proved in court not even through any SIT, CBI, NIA, JPC etc.. And many of these are not even termed as crime as we were made to feel easy by media about these.

Now how exactly things about Narendra Modi are made to feel by us through media? The difference is clearly visible. Recently in his interview with Reatures, how casual "Dog" remark got unreal meaning? Who is doing it? Even the interviewer herself tweeted that his interview is not properly reported. What is this agenda? Why can't we see that we are being blindfolded? Coming back to 2002, What about lifes of 60 odd Karasevakas burnt in train? Even this article does not wish to know the truth behind it. Why no one cares to expose the pseudo activist Teesta Salvad and her frauds to earn crores of money by falsely claiming funds for roit effected people, later exposed in investigation? Why inspite of two different investigations no one could prove anything against Modi? Why CBI is trying hard to frame Narendra Modi for fake encounter of a fidayen terrorist Ishrat Jahan by battling against IB? All these are happening right in-front of us but we think little and believe more and media knows this and hence we are being doomed. It is now clear that all big media houses are owned by Congress or UPA parties and Communists parties, and they run their own party agenda. Anyone can google it and know the reality. You be pro Modi or Anti Modi but you have to understand the crooked media and their agenda before beleiving something.

There is also a book named "Modinama" written by similar kind of journalist Madhu Kishwar who once was reporting against Modi for 2002. The book tells another version of the 2002 story and author also claims like in this article that she had talked with or she is told by ground people involved. She tells that Modi's involvement and all allegation against him are cooked things. Now whom to believe? Frankly I do not know whether Modi is directly involved or not. I can not make judgement as stories exists from both side. So I look forward for our judicial system. SIT was formed by Supreme Court of India and not by Gujarat Govt. and also not by UPA. I feel I should believe them, and they have no case against Narendra Modi.

Post 2002, claims that he is pro capitalists and against farmers, poor: I won't deny regarding some reporters like the article above claiming that farmers were mislead and land was taken in wrong way by govt. But again I see no big protest in any of thirsty media that could be highlighted to please their masters. I had stayed in Vadodara, Gujarat for over one year and was working in SEZ of Suzlon. I heard from the people there that all the farmers were compensated with enough money even unofficially. Many of the farmers have turned themselves to businessmen supplying varies items, labour, services to the SEZ. If this is not inclusive growth then what else is? If he is only pro Industrialist how there is growth in Agriculture in Gujarat? Ultimately Why Gujarat model of development is debated if it is not actually development?

Modi's background and his family and related story: It is clearly looks like bollywood movie story. Modi comes from RSS background. Now I know that term "RSS" is only meant for fascist ideologies, hatredness, communalism, fundamentalism etc etc. Inspite of all these cooked baked allegation, has anyone thought how and why swayam sevaks comes together wearing Khakhi "Chaddi" to support in any natural disaster across country? There are thousands of Schools, Anathashramas for Women, Children, Oldage Homes and many more social activities are running under RSS. Again you don't know this part of story as you are blindfolded by media. If not electronic media like FB, Twitter nobody would know the hand to hand support of RSS and similar "righ wing" organizations with Army in recent Uttarakhad tragedy. Now why would media termed "saffron terrorists" would risk their life to support the effected? I can keep on writing about patriotism, self discipline, dedication to motherland, good culture that each RSS shakhas across globe provides inside swayam sevakas who will be ready to do anything for a nationalist cause. Again I am saying only about RSS, not VHP, not bajarang dal, not HJS, and not other organizations which formed out from RSS because of differences in ideologies. I am a Hindu and I proudly represent my religion and I also do wish to live upon great things in my religion and will ensure that such great things in our heritage must live on and pass on to next generation and we should all be proud of our nation Bharat. This is the teaching which I got from RSS and is same across all swayam sevaks. This makes any swayam sevak, including Modi to say I am "Hindu Nationalist". If anybody sees communalism, fundamentalist, hatredness etc please refer dictionary for their true meanings. RSS was banned twice but now it is one of the top voluntary organization in world, this does not happen if it has ideologies like Taliban, SIMI, IM, LeT. So be yourself clear on it.

Finally growth in Gujarat is not a myth. Even it is praised in international level. If it is not because of Modi, then why wouldn't it happened before? Modi talks of inclusive growth, he talks about pride, he talks about India becoming global leader, he talks about "sabka vikas" why can't anybody see the great things in these? He doesn't talk about caste, doesn't wear skull cap to please Muslims, does not make laws to protect certain community, doesn't talk for Hindus but for total of India, why can't we see the difference? explains more about it.

That is why I support Narendra Modi, and I am not obsessed with him. I discourage people forming Namo Brigade, or Namo Army who are threatening people discussing anything -ve about Modi. I want my nation to be strong and I should feel proud about my leader. Currently it is Narendra Modi who can deliver these. I am not sure about political equations, but I have right to have a my own choice... :)

Saturday, 4 May, 2013

Karnataka Election 2013: Show your power: My logics to choose the best

Disclaimer: I am not member of any political party, nor does I am paid for writing this blog in my busy work schedule. I was trying to write this blog since a month but couldn't get time. But with election tomorrow it could not be written later. So here I go..

1.  I feel only Congress or BJP can form the govt. No other party can or has capacity to win more than 110 seats. So if you want to vote for stabilizes Govt. I feel it is not wise to vote regional parties who could just be king makers and drive all development away.

2.  By now everyone must have known about corruption in politics by every party. Right now we don't have much choice but to choose lesser corrupted party than rest. You may be wondering why even knowing about corrupt politicians people elect them, its because all the population is not matured enough to give priority to good people over their localised thoughts. Still caste, religion, money, favor etc are driving the people. If because of a MLA you have got BE/MBBS/MBA seat in your chosen college whom will you vote?

3.  I have read Loksatta party manifestos and also admire their passionate candidates. But they don't form Govt. neither their party policy allows them to support any other govt. So they can only do good for your locality and their great things won't be part of govt. policies. So you decide. However since they could do things better than anyone can without corruption they must be encouraged for sure. So its your choice..

4.  I am sure you all must be aware of ongoing crisis in Congress lead UPA govt. in central over major issues both internal and external. Even if their leaders in Karnataka would rule us but their governance will not be any different from that in central. If you are curious enough then you can do research of previous congress govt. in Karnataka and I feel you agree with me. They don’t dare to accept their wrongs, they even manipulate everything and claim that they are correct which is evident since last 60 years. For those who don’t know beyond media’s propaganda news Mining scam in Karnataka was started from Congress period itself. Dharam Singh Govt. , S M Krishna Govt. have looted more than BJP Govt. De-notification of Govt. lands was much higher than the BJP Govt. I am not justifying BJP Govt. but if you feel BJP Govt. is worse than Congress Govt. were the worst ever. So you decide..

5.  If you dream for miracles to happen in five years by BJP govt. because they claim as party with difference it means that you don't really know actual ground things. To break the lazy and corrupt and easy going irresponsible administration to implement policies and adhere to growth can not be done in 5 years. If you have experienced with any filthy bureaucrats then you could agree with me. However comparing to all govt. at-least since last 15 years i would say I am not blind to the development works in BJP Govt. and would not say it would be same with any other party. Even though there are hindrances I am experiencing good road drive around my place and almost avg. 18 hrs of power supply in my place which is much more than any Govt. till now. For overall achievements of this Govt. you can see by the awards won by this Govt. from Central Govt. and various other institutes, I am sure they are not hyped. So you decide who could provide developments..

6.  Stability and corruption and charges against CM and major ministers and subsequent replacements of them: I would say it was wrong initial step of BJP to go with mining money lords and done all sort if dirty tricks in politics to buy MLAs. But now they have already learned the lesson and everyone charged are out of BJP. On the other hand Congress candidates from Bellary are all mining money lords even more powerful and dangerous than Reddy Brothers. However there are candidates with criminal records in all the parties (Even in Loksatta Party). But even the person who attacked Pakistani prisoner in Jammu was charged with criminal case, but we felt happy inside for this revenge, aren’t we? Again I am not justifying the criminals, I meant to say is there are wrong things to be done which could be right to others and in this process the person doing will be a criminal. However he won’t dare to contest in election if he haven’t win people’s heart. Again it is the decision of people who vote them and not everybody's. So you decide who can be better....

7.  For those who feel because of BJP Ram sene, Bhajaranga dal could do moral policing and all religions except Hindus would have to suffer of communal hatred: Again you are driven by propaganda media, which would only exaggerate and show such things about Hindus and sangh parivars while hiding all the wrong deeds of others. How many know about moral policing done by Islamic organizations in Udupi, Mangalore? How many know about Christian missionaries converting Hindus in remote villages near my place by all the wrong ways possible? Media won’t report them. Again I am not justifying any of these, however they will exist irrespective of parties in power. Even in Ram sene, Bhajaranga dal people who did crime were also arrested and like any other people who could twist the arms of law got bail and came out. And most importantly Bhajaranga dal, Ram sene are not Taliban or not even like separatists in Kashmir, you only have seen bad side of their face by media. However even seeing more worse face from separatists, human rights activists for terrorists and supporters of naxalites, such people were not even touched and they are propagating their agenda through out country freely. They are not protected by BJP but by those who do anything to please minorities. Now you decide who are encouraging communalism and dividing us and trying to rule us…

Yeah, Now you must have felt that I am a BJP supporter and hence claiming all the good things of BJP. But I am for better India and better Karnataka. I don’t see any other party capable of achieving this. Again I have to choose the less bad political party which could get better. And I can’t stay away from choosing someone, because staying away takes away all my rights to question the elected members for anything and I feel its cowardice for not able to stand for good things. I will be forced to be ruled by hypocrites and have to live like a slave. I have my right and I feel this is the biggest strength of me and every citizen of our country against all wrong political forces. We could force them to work towards providing better governance with this strength. If Gujarat can get 24 hrs power supply, can get attracted by foreign investors, can have world class roads, and can achieve various milestones and become model of development because of power of people to drive the Govt. for development so can we the people of Karnataka do. So decide the best choice for your state and cast your vote tomorrow. It’s our day..

Some of links to know real facts:

Friday, 18 January, 2013

"Aman Ki Asha" or Cowardice in the name of Non Violence?

This blog may be quite late, but I felt the relevance of the issue is present always. On Jan 6, 2013 Pakistan cricket team took the trophy of winning the series, and media and related celebrities went on air saying, even though we lost the game series we won in terms of "Aman Ki Asha". There were many such sports events to occur between the Asia's biggest rivals in the name of Aman Ki Asha. But Pakistan, true to its color showed once again that they are not into any Aman but they will keep on playing with our Asha (Patience) and will continue to exhibit all sorts of hatred, vengeance and brutality from which the very country has formed at first place on us. Just two days after returning, on Jan 8, 2013 two of our soldiers patrolling across LOC (Lance Naik Hemraj, Lance Naik Sudhakar)  very well within our border, were made separated from their subordinates and killed by Pakistani troops (SSG). They were not only killed but barbarically beheaded and head of Lance Naik Hemraj was taken with them as a Victory TROPHY. Now, Why can't we feel boiling inside our heart at least to the same extent as when the Pakistani cricketers took the trophy of the series?

I need not have to say anything about the cowardice of central leaders or even our PM as well. It is certain that they don't have nerve to at-least respond in same terms. However Army officers responded righteously to Pakistan showing the country's real nerve. Now the question raises on us, why there is no protest marchs? Why no candles are burning for these soldiers? What makes us to treat this news as just a routine news from our borders and gets ignored? Why can't we protest for the people who protect us?

I admit that my way of protesting for everything is not through simply burning candles or peaceful marchs and then forget. There will always be political forces which will divide such mass and weaken the strength of protests. Be it Anna Hazare movements, Baba Ramadev fasting or recent Delhi gang rape protest rallies. The political parties are able to break the people because people are not united as much strong as the forces to divide them. We have differences and these differences are such high that we even will forget the cause and run for our self centered egoistic life. Political forces are present and are always united in their purposes of winning over the public and their life is spent for pleasing the public and get elected and to rule us. They have strategies to conquer us because it is their way of life. Politicians need us for their exploitation and it is upto us to decide how we will surrender to them to get exploited or demand for right things. And a quick erupted protests, dharnas, fasts etc could only be showing our anger and helplessness towards getting exploited but not the actual fight against being slaved by them.

I feel the fight to live for people of our country should be learned from soldiers. No matter which party is ruling, however may be their pay scales, whatever ways may be their names be remembered, when they stand on wall they will always say "We guard you, have a nice and calm sleep inside your homes". Their aim of life and code of conduct every thing is for the country Bharath. Their loyalty towards country is unchanged even at the stake of their life. They were trained to battle against enemies out side our nation. Sad is that we never get trained to fight against enemies inside our nation. We never taught to fight for righteous things, we were always told to keep quite and have blind eye on every wrong thing happening around. Hence we could not able to conquer the bad elements who rule us and exploit and play with our life.

Finally coming back to subject of this post, we could not be just mere spectator of drama of Pakistani administration and accordingly playing our coward central leaders. It is not the first incident of brutality from opposite side of the border. Please spare sometime to read this blog. Link and Link1 Do you still feel there is any chance of Aman ki Asha? Non violence is not just that, we don't practice anything to harm other people, it is also to stop anybody from harming us in any way. For good human beings words of mouth will be sufficient but for some crooked people sharpness of blade is necessary to stop them. If we can not stop the wrong things we are slaves to them.
Vande Mataram

Sunday, 12 August, 2012

65th Year Independance Day and Fight goes on...

So once again time to see lots of Tricolor flags and hear stories of freedom fighters around us will be coming in 3 days from now. Yes, it is पन्दरा आगस्त, now has become (15th August) a vacation time to enjoy the FREEDOM with closed ones. But because we all have obsessed with our daily machine life, should the holiday on our Independence Day be meant just for relaxing ourselves? Is it the real freedom we are valuing and enjoying or just temporary entertainment and amusements?

With press, media, history Textbooks enforcing Gandhi - Nehru on our mind related to freedom fight, we almost have ignored the real fights of great patriots for our freedom. One among them who continued fight of total freedom till her death is Captain Lakshmi Sehgal, Wiki the Commanding Officer of Women wing (Jhansi Rani Wing) of Azad Hind Fauj (INA). She had left the fight for Freedom not a month before, on Jul 19, 2012. And yet not many of us knows it. She still was saying in her last years of life "Fight goes on!". Read brief of her great unbeatable life here.

The fight she was fighting till her death was the Complete Freedom. We the largest producers of doctors (also sadly exporters!) couldn't able to cure the diseases of our own country people and She was running her own clinic and serving poor and underprivileged patients around Kanpur till the age of 98! If you have read the link about her you might have by now know how great was her life, still not many of us knew about her till her death.

It is only political freedom we had got from Britishers. Economical and Social Freedom is yet to be achieved by us. We have second largest manpower in the world still we are controlled by money super powers. We produce lot more than we can eat, still many crores of people struggle to get daily two times roti. There are lot more such ironies present in our nation that are questioning the freedom of us, still we ignore them and enjoy pseudo freedom within our nuclear machine life.

Is this the way of our living in freedom? Is this the Bharat that lakhs of freedom fighters dreamed while sacrificing their life towards it? Don't we have at least the courtesy of valuing their struggle for freedom? Is this the country which we had thought? Don't we have anything inside us to fight against immorality, injustice? Can't we do more than being a machine, towards our surroundings?

Nation is built and run by people who feel they can do and not by people who live just because they exist. System changes may not happen during a life time but struggle continues and people with cynicism can only become spectator in their life and can't enjoy the play! So think and realize, do you want to be on the ground playing or just simply watching? "Fight goes on!"

Vande Mataram

Tuesday, 31 January, 2012

Paying Back to Society: Our initial contribution

In the last blog I had mentioned how the path of my life has changed from being a spectator and commentator to a real player on the field. I am still the beginner and still much more to learn before I could say I have done something. However I thought the learning experiences of me at this phase of life may guide or motivate some people who wish to come on the field to play rather than sitting behind the fences. So here is a small initiative of my life.

I have been living in my village called Pangala from past one year. It is a small village 9 K.M. from Udupi on the NH 66 (Previously NH17) with 2000 odd population. I am not the first person who had left the "CARRIER" and  the "AUSPICIOUS LIFE" in the cities to start living here. Two Engineer brothers were also living here and had become part of villagers life because they are also priests of our Temple. We three were regularly meeting in RSS shakhas and other functions in the temple. We used to discuss issues related to our village and the society and how to solve them using our knowledge and experience.

The first thing that stroke us was the education to the students of our village. Many of the students were having trouble in understanding the subjects in schools. Since now education has become like programming on a computer, limited with syllabus and without even considering that students have brains, and not hard disk and chip, relevance and useability of subjects' knowledge in real life and making it simple to aid the students to understand the subject is not given much importance. This problem is present irrespective of medium of school they are learning. 

We thought we should address this problem, but none of us had experience as teachers nor we remember all the topics we have learned more than decades back! And we did not had any plans to hire some teachers and turn it into a tuition class as they are also not better than schools. Majorly Maths, Science were the subjects of concern, which are favorites to Engineers! So we decided to get in and solve the problem which we engineers are best in doing! 

Every Sunday evening 5:00 pm onwards our Self Study Supporting Class was scheduled. The students were from 1st Standard to I PU (11th Std) and recently even a BBM student has been given support in her studies. Since it is not a tuition class and we are not regular teachers we were following our own methods of explaining the subjects. Using daily life experiences, real life objects our explanation were making the students realize the education and knowledge gaining as a part of their life. Since we did not wished it to become like another tuition class who only train the students to write in 3 hours of exams, we did only supporting the students to understand better and gain knowledge. We then learned that the capacity and thirst of gaining knowledge about new things is present in every student, we only have to support them and give proper direction to their thinking process.

And then onwards the two hours in a week we will be in a different trans of our life with only aim of making the students understand the subject and gain knowledge. We are experiencing the joy of giving something valuable to them from our own experiences and the things we learned at their age from our teachers. The feeling of paying tribute to all those great teachers we had by transferring efforts of them to these students by supporting their understanding methods itself was sufficient to us than money. The response from villagers were very much encouraging to us. Initially we had planned for 1 hour of class but later it was getting extended to 2 hours with increase in number of students! 

There are lots of cherishing moments in this small effort of us in those 2 hours a week. It will be one more blog again! As I said initially I am still a beginner to express achievements, so I am restricting this blog to the initial phase of this initiative. After started life this way I am feeling there are lots of things to learn and do in the society and things can surely change and it has to be us to change it. Together lets continue the journey of building strong self sustaining Bharath...
Vande Mataram

Thursday, 27 October, 2011

My Journey So Far...

Its been more than 7 months for you getting my posts here.  Till now I was writing many things about social reforms, political reforms, duty of citizens and all such stuffs. Simultaneously I was reading many blogs with similar types of concerns and feelings were shared. Along with that we the bloggers were criticized by people that we are just mere playing words sitting in an A/c Room over the internet as it is safer to do but not getting into the real life action part. These made me to review on myself and my expression of thoughts through these media. I feel expressing our thoughts and hoping to bring some changes in the people who read them is also an action, because not everyone can do that but almost everyone gets effected. News Papers, Books, Periodicals were effecting mankind and were bringing turning point in many people's life and now its format is improvised to Articles, Blogs, Tweets, Forums etc. 

However I am not writing this to prove myself that I am doing great job and that's all I can do for the society. Over past one year the real action part of my life has begun. The life of being close and  relevant to society and serving the people from the best strength of my mind and body. In short "having life in each breath"! And its the journey not the destination.

From my childhood I have been seeing that we always cursed the system for every wrong thing happened, but we fail to realize we are the part of system. We curse the hectic traffics, traffic jams but fail to understand that we are also the part of traffic. Hence I felt the system is formed by the people and not otherwise. But how the people are forming? It took me into surprise where from the innocent and ignorant child we become men and women running the all culprit system. This transformation of these ages happens through the education system, society, family. And this makes us to get "adjust" to the corrupt system but not reform the same. I felt among these effecting factors Education plays the major role and is external.So why cant we bring changes in education system in forming "living citizens" of our nation?

Now on the real action part of the above said and trying to start to be relevant to the society, Edishta Resource Center, Parinathi Education have formed in providing the value based education relevant to needs of mankind. But my strength and wisdom should also have to be playing role to the better society ahead, so Parinathi Consutling came into existence in serving the managerial business needs of small scale industries around my place. Even though I was not scribing my blogs here I am writing blogs on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) at here to share my knowledge and experience for the people who need them. We are also expressing and sharing our knowledge and experience in Knowledge Center together forming Parinathi Group. However for ranting using short notes I do have twitter account pangalanrao!

That's short note of my journey so far. And once again its just beginning of journey still long way to go with achieving milestones but journey never ends.  I know it looks like I am kind of show casing myself but I felt these can bring a spark of motivation or at-least hope of having better Bharath in you.

Till now this blog was just means of sharing my thoughts but from now onwards it will also be blended with experiences of me and people with me who are bond to bring the positive changes in the society. Together lets continue the journey of building strong self sustaining Bharath...
 Vande Mataram