Sunday, 24 February, 2008

Regionalism V/S Nationalism

India a country where the people of different religion,culture,tradition,language live together or different soil's sons are put together to live? The recent incidents in Maharashtra, Karnataka makes me to rise this question. Is in the name of globalisation local people are kept down or the lack of intellect and innovation to compete against outsiders made sons of soil to show their frustration of failure in an inhuman way?
In Karnataka the local people are becoming very less in the capital Bengaluru with more people from outsiders raiding in each and every sector of business. The Kannadigas are getting difficult in getting a job, admitting in a school, getting loan or a home for rent as all these are obsessed by outsiders. I recently read in a news paper an incident where a voting census person was made to run away from a north Indian house in Bengaluru by dogs to show their agony towards election. One more incident where in railway Group-D recruitment 90%were from Non-Karnataka to be in Karnataka Railways!!. And even in IT industries internal meetings are happening in Tamil,Telugu and plans to increase their strength is under progress everywhere.
And in other end in Maharashtra the north Indians especially people from Bihar and UP are thrown out by a person's word that those people are burden to Maharashtra and are grabbing every opportunity of job and place. Not only in Mumbai but even in Pune, Nashik the labour class poor people who came from such a long distance to earn for their daily food where made to run back inhumanly. The backbone of Industries are made to flee and Industries are now running low because of lack of skilled labour with low cost. And the common came out with some opposition as they are now not getting their daily milk man, vegetable vendor, house keeping persons for lower cost!! The person who was behind all these mad uncultured anti-national deed has got a good political image rather than a strong punishment!! The cowardliness and real picture of Politicians and the celebrities were once again exposed.
I am seeing both are threat to our nation as a whole.
We are living in a republic nation bond to a constitution which allows us to live in any part of the nation. Globalisation has made the people from different region to move out to other regions. But those who came to other region should feel living region same as their home place as both are in India itself. And anything that is disturbing the local tradition, culture and life style by them is not ethical as well as not well for nation's pride also. Every where we go we should be part of development of our nation and it can happen only when we feel whole India as our motherland. When we are in Maharashtra we should think of development of Maharashtra and its people as in turn we are doing development of our nation. But this also does not mean to stop anybody from outsiders to live in our state who have not become "Maharashtrians". Rather we should motivate and allow other state's people to develop our state by their intellect and innovation. People of Karnataka instead of following Maharashtra model should be a model by themselves by making or allowing other state's people to join with them in the development of state. Along with that the local tradition, langauge should also not let to be come down rather combined and more valuable culture is to followed taking good from other traditions. Mumbai or the Maharashtra as whole is growing majorly because of outsider's contribute to the development of Maharashtra which is fact that can not be hided. If we observe we see people from all the states are living in different states of our nation. And there is no meaning in recognising some person as Bihari,Marathi,Kannadiga etc.!! We are Bharathiyas!!
We should not fight with ourselves and does not be a part of a internal stupid problem which makes the development of nation slow. We have many issues like corruption,poverty, invasion of westernisation, utilisation of growing population to deal with. Come on my fellow people we should be unite to face these challenges to stand up and high in this world as Strong Self reliable nation. We are sons of Soil of Bharath!!
Vande Mataram