Tuesday, 10 February, 2009

Freedom of Expression of Love V/s Moral Police's Indian Culture

I hope the topic does not need any introduction as this has become hot news now. Well, I am not here arguing for any of the side. I am just worried about the things that are making our nation a joke in front of world.
Every day in 365 days of the year is termed with some name.  Father's Day, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Valentine's Day, AIDS day, Cancer day, No Tobacco day, No Alcohol day (Dry Day!)... and this list goes on. As far as celebration of these days are concerned it is all personal and no one else has any business if it is not effecting them in anyway.
Coming to hot topic of day of February 14. Celebrated as Valentine's Day all over the world as day to celebrate the love with loved ones. Check Here  and Here For History of the day. But some fanatic people who can not love and loved by humanity are preparing to create more hatred and terror on that day where the love has to celebrated. Here are their statement in independent India.  And they are not stopped till now. No arrests were made for giving such a terror like statement which may cause humanity in threat. At least relief is that Karnataka's Home Minister said (only says!!) that if needed (??!!)Goonda Act will be invoked against those taking the law in to their own hands.  i.e. government waits till some couples gets hurt by these Self Styled Moral Police to act upon!! 
As already said celebration of Valentine's day is also choice of a person and no one has any right to stop it. As for everything on earth there are different days to celebrate and for greatest emotional value of humanity called "LOVE" also got a day for celebration. Currently everywhere only hatred, terror is spreaded and such celebration of love will make humanity to bind together to move forward the homo-sapien race.
But the way in which it is celebrated is what I am concerned here.  Here many times limits are crossed in the name of  freedom of expressing love. Here where the some people forget the impact of their conduct on society. It may be quite easy to say to have freedom of expression to those who do not care much about social values and conduct. The growing teenagers and the youth who study in schools and colleges are that part of society who will become movers of this country are having their eyes and ears open always. And what must they learn when their elders are bunking classes, proposing their own classmates who comes to school/college for education,  spending parent's hard earned money to impress their lovers, kissing publicly and all other rubbish irresponsible acts just because they have freedom to do so on that day? One can not say them that it is my business and who are you to bother, can any? Because they will not come into your "Business of Love" but they spoil their life in falsehood love.  So who has to caught for their life being mislead? 
Is it required to show the world with such expression that a person loves somebody?  Also such type of "creating and getting" impression based love is not termed as pure love and the Valentine's day is not for these low values to celebrate. It has greater and deeper meaning of loving each individual with same affection. Those who are in pure love does not need any day to show the same with celebration. Because love is permanent and always shared irrespective of the day. But still currently in this busy machine like life style where people hardly gets time to express their love towards their partners such days are becoming necessary in our nation also. It is not only for this even the Father's Day, Mother's Day are all brought here because of our complex life style which we have already borrowed from west. 
Many people are waiting for Feb. 14 to express their love and show them that they love their loved one!!  Of course marketing people in malls, shopping centres, media etc are all preparing themselves to get as much money they can by distributing payable "LOVE".  And not to forget Sri Ram Sene is also waiting for the day Feb 14 !!
With India having so many social problems already this is one more entry since Independence. And even the educated citizens are also blindly watching this or allowing this to grow as a major social problem. And for this both the sides are responsible. Of course the so called Moral police are more responsible for the creation of this, but those who argue for freedom expression of "such" type of love are also accountable for the same. 
We the educated people or so called intellectuals has to address this, as how should this day or celebration such days are taken into Indian society. We must understand that unless we stop this word war/ mischief / social problem or whatever within ourself we can not be move further in bring valued society and to come up in world. We can not directly copy whatever the way the west follows in their society because of the obvious reason that we care and respect for valued life and society and not for individual pleasure only. However the act of Hindu Extremists who are bringing bad name of our nation's aim of peaceful world are also to be suppressed by strong force. If such people have a problem in terms of Tradition and culture being lost, there are democratic means of fighting against this by public awareness,open debates etc. Let the people of India decide what should they follow and how they follow it!!  
                                                              Vande Mataram