Sunday, 13 September, 2009

Of Delhi Blasts: Be Pro-Active

Exactly a year back these times were spent with tensions, anxiety, musings and rantings over the bomb blast that shocked the nation. Because it was targeted on our capital itself, the capital of one of strongest military forced country. It's been a year since the challenge that has been given by the terrorists group like Indian Mujahuddin and still the south Asian so called God Father is not yet answered yet Link. Worse is that after this incident the extremists have not felt any kind of hesitation or fear in attacking more cities even openly hacking into our technical systems too. Added to their fearlessness more clearly our cowardliness they even encountered us in face to face to attack and handful of men ruined more than thousands of Elite secured family in our commercial capital itself.

And today what are we doing? Like the kids fight we are now complaining to Great Father USA to talk in our favor and to punish the other kid Pakistan. And both our external affairs ministers are busy in settling their accommodation in Delhi!!. But how effectively and strongly these two highly qualified diplomats are giving the replies to all attacks that happens inside and outside of our nation to our countrymen? Every time we see only diplomatic words which are only meant to keep the "Peace Loving Nation" tag at the cost of lives of us. What are going to achieve from this?

If USA which feels threat from 6000 Km far Pakistan and can attack, what makes us from getting step back when enemy is already inside our territory and destroying us step by step? Every now and then our great Jawans are dying because of not having the Delhi sign to pro-act to the attack on them and have option either to become a dumb Martyr or if survived without any harm then to wait until the next deadly attack. What motive does the nation and government is providing to the people who are ready for any level of sacrifice to safeguard our nation? We are not able to make their social life prosperous so that they have no worry on their life in our society and even worse we are not able to give the simple thing "The Respectful Place" in our civilized society. And simply the advertisements can not make anybody motivated to join army with such situations are to be faced within and out of Armed force. Isn't it lack of responsibility from ourside?

But it seems we the people only awakes only when a bomb blasts and that too within our own confined India. We are not feeling anxiety over blasts in Srinagar, Rockets in Panjab territory of India, attacks in Assam by Budo,ULFA, Chinese army intruding into Arunachal Pradesh and claiming it openly as it is their own territory, naxal attacks in AP, Jharkhad, Karnataka, Orissa because we feel nothing is going to harm our peaceful life. We feel so because we are forced to feel so or sometimes I feel we are feared of the feeling other way i.e. fighting with the fear itself. And there is no surprise our own elected people reflect the same nature while facing the real challenges. Gone are the days when a 14 year boy says "Mera naam Azad hai" infront of Judge and a 23 youth questions the way of governance and asks for Inquilab. The governance may have changed but not all the situations. The methods may have to be changed but not the cause i.e. fight for righteous thing.

These days our nation is getting good names in terms of stable economy, many wins in sports world and people of India are now finding the existence of real sports outside cricket world. Our first moon mission given lots of hopes in technology field and so on to show us that we are emerging. But that itself is not sufficient compare to second largest man powered nation. We should feel the citizens of emerging super power nation. We should be pro-active rather than just reactive and feeling safe and this applies to everything in our life. That's how the big nations became big and that's how we should be making.

On this day when our nation was targeted by some extremists who feel world belongs to them we shall prove them wrong by taking initiatives and putting strong moves rather than mere dialogues. Let us do it

Vande Mataram