Thursday, 15 October, 2009

An unsung Revolutionary for Freedom of India

Have you heard/read of Gadar party in any corner of boring mugged up history books of school days? Or in any small column of a news paper?

Well, I am not talking about any of the present political parties.

Here is their advertisement

Remuneration :


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Do you dare to join it?

It was the party whose activities shook the mighty British during First World War. The man behind this courageous and amazing activity was Lala Haradayal. Yesterday it was his 125th birthday. A dedicated soldier of Freedom of India. Link. Yet we fail at least to remember and recall. More worrying is only few know about this great son of Bharat who had chosen the path of struggle for freedom leaving the lavish life aside.

Young Lala Hardayal who went to London for higher studies and then to become ICS (Same Like IAS/IPS) had left path of easy going life and started living for the cause of freedom of India. He then form a group of revolutionaries and started a party called "Gadar Party".

Excerps from Link

"The party was built around the weekly paper The Ghadar, which carried the caption on the masthead: Angrezi Raj Ka Dushman (an enemy of the British rule). "Wanted brave soldiers", the Ghadar declared, "to stir up rebellion in India. Pay-death; Price-martyrdom; Pension-liberty; Field of battle-India". The ideology of the party was strongly secular. In the words of Sohan Singh Bhakna, who later became a major peasant leader of the Punjab: "We were not Sikhs or Punjabis. Our religion was patriotism". The first issue of The Ghadar, was published from San Francisco on November 1, 1913."

Gadar Party was first of its kind to start armed war against Britishers in foreign land.

Here are some of the links of knowledge of great effort this party towards struggle of freedom.

Gaddar Party/Movement

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Understanding revolutionary idol Lala Hardayal

Gadar Party- Indian Revolutionary Organisation

I hardly remember these inspiring stories being mentioned in any of so called history books that I have studied in my school days. My question to those who prepare the history books are

What made you to believe that the stories of such sacrificing great revolutionaries are not worthy compare to glory of Moguls and Britishers?

Why are trying to impose the thought that Gandhian principles only gave freedom India hiding the whole set of facts?

How dare are you to scrap the though of revolution and armed struggle against Britishers which had also great effort in making Britishers to move out of India?

Do you have the real spirit of a unbiased historian?

All these stories of works of these great men shows us the one thing i.e. war for freedom was not a short story starting and ending with Gandhi, Ahimsa and Congress alone. It is very long story ever in the world of struggle for freedom of many organisations, parties and great revolutionary ideas and people behind it.

In total our freedom does not come for free. Let us not take things for granted, at least when it matters the nation.

Vande Mataram