Thursday, 27 October, 2011

My Journey So Far...

Its been more than 7 months for you getting my posts here.  Till now I was writing many things about social reforms, political reforms, duty of citizens and all such stuffs. Simultaneously I was reading many blogs with similar types of concerns and feelings were shared. Along with that we the bloggers were criticized by people that we are just mere playing words sitting in an A/c Room over the internet as it is safer to do but not getting into the real life action part. These made me to review on myself and my expression of thoughts through these media. I feel expressing our thoughts and hoping to bring some changes in the people who read them is also an action, because not everyone can do that but almost everyone gets effected. News Papers, Books, Periodicals were effecting mankind and were bringing turning point in many people's life and now its format is improvised to Articles, Blogs, Tweets, Forums etc. 

However I am not writing this to prove myself that I am doing great job and that's all I can do for the society. Over past one year the real action part of my life has begun. The life of being close and  relevant to society and serving the people from the best strength of my mind and body. In short "having life in each breath"! And its the journey not the destination.

From my childhood I have been seeing that we always cursed the system for every wrong thing happened, but we fail to realize we are the part of system. We curse the hectic traffics, traffic jams but fail to understand that we are also the part of traffic. Hence I felt the system is formed by the people and not otherwise. But how the people are forming? It took me into surprise where from the innocent and ignorant child we become men and women running the all culprit system. This transformation of these ages happens through the education system, society, family. And this makes us to get "adjust" to the corrupt system but not reform the same. I felt among these effecting factors Education plays the major role and is external.So why cant we bring changes in education system in forming "living citizens" of our nation?

Now on the real action part of the above said and trying to start to be relevant to the society, Edishta Resource Center, Parinathi Education have formed in providing the value based education relevant to needs of mankind. But my strength and wisdom should also have to be playing role to the better society ahead, so Parinathi Consutling came into existence in serving the managerial business needs of small scale industries around my place. Even though I was not scribing my blogs here I am writing blogs on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) at here to share my knowledge and experience for the people who need them. We are also expressing and sharing our knowledge and experience in Knowledge Center together forming Parinathi Group. However for ranting using short notes I do have twitter account pangalanrao!

That's short note of my journey so far. And once again its just beginning of journey still long way to go with achieving milestones but journey never ends.  I know it looks like I am kind of show casing myself but I felt these can bring a spark of motivation or at-least hope of having better Bharath in you.

Till now this blog was just means of sharing my thoughts but from now onwards it will also be blended with experiences of me and people with me who are bond to bring the positive changes in the society. Together lets continue the journey of building strong self sustaining Bharath...
 Vande Mataram