Thursday, 11 October, 2007

Once Again!! Mid- Term Election- When Shall We Stop this Drama

It requires Crores of Rupees for an Assembly Election and Crores More for Parliament Election. We being in the stage of transformation to become one among the great nations, should our money contributed to nation’s welfare to be wasted for the selfish desire of some political parties to conduct mid-term elections? Who the hell are they to waste our money which meant for nations development?
In Karnataka the infamous JD(S) refused to transfer the CM post to its coalition BJP as per the agreement made 20 months before. And there is no valid reason behind the breaking of this agreement and now the government has fallen followed by president rule. Still the people of Karnataka are ready to spend crores of money for coming Mid-Term Election. The person who had become Prime Minister of India, Devegowda was the key person for this. Is he for the people or for his selfish family oriented desires? Should now also we should keep our mouth shut?
And in parliament the threat of mid-term election is raising day by day with left parties following its day old anti-US concept and becoming a major threat for development of the nation. Should these anti-nation left parties is to exist in our nation? These which hold only 2 states in this more than 100 crore populated country is now playing games with nation’s money and development and nation interest. Let these lefties sent to China itself for which they are most loyal.
We have seen how these M.L.A s M.P s work inside and outside the parliament / assembly. Most of the days in different sessions of parliament in the year are simply wasted without being any major laws / policies / projects / schemes passed by it. And major part of the time is wasted by shouting on each other, walk out/ boycott, making unnecessary arguments and interrupting the discussions on major bills. It comes to Crores of money wastage in a year due to these third class behaviors in the parliament. And if you watch the parliament sessions, it is not better than any primary school class rooms with all of them shouting and the speaker tries to control on it. Almost every speaker is worried about the precious hours of parliament being wasted by third class politicians. Are these are leaders who are ruling us by us for us or for looting us by us for their selfish desires? Even the worst in some Assemblies M.L.A s fight with each other with chairs and microphones!! And whichever the party rules it always tries to hide / close the cases / scandals / issues against its party members and tries to disclose the anti-national crimes of opposition party politicians. Every political party is throwing mud on each other. And when each ones’ faces are mudded then they stop this game, and anti-national crimes follows behind the people’s eye. In real the money spent for the projects / plans etc for the development either from the people or begged money from foreign nations / WTO etc, would have rebuilt India from the grass level itself within the span of 60 years. But that money simply increased the Swiss bank accounts of politicians and their selfish desires.
Is for this our great freedom fighters fought and martyred against British in the dream of self governance and freedom?
If the legislators do not work properly for which they have elected, we should also have the right to call back them from that most responsible post of ruling us. We have every right to ask these self centered politicians about our money being misused without any needed development/ work done. If election follows, unless the political parties answer for their irresponsibility and broken promises and anti-national crimes those are not to be made to rule us.
Time has come to speak out and to have our nation top among the world’s big nations. Time has come to have good governance, equality in society and more importantly high-valued life rather than high-class life. We are in democratic nation our voices will be heard if raised for welfare and happiness of mankind in full strength.
We have ears, mouth and hands to hear, talk and to act. Let us utilize the God given gift without becoming deaf, dumb and fractured.

Vande Mataram