Wednesday, 12 December, 2007

Political dramas: This should End by us

Finally the election is to commence in Karnataka. All the drama scenes of BJP-JD(s) were finished now. What went on within the span of 2-3 months in Karnataka is an open truth about the politicians who are meant to rule us. Now these parties will fight individually and will try to make us believe that their party is the best while others pulled them away from doing well to the people. And after election when the results comes with no majority party elected then again the drama starts. Why should not we end this at this stage itself? We have to ask the every candidate who comes to us for voting about the drama that he/ his party involved in and whether he or his party will give stable govt. for 5 years and fulfill the promises without playing such shameful games? Also ask the most shameless selfish ex-PM Deve Gowda and his party members about their broken promises and also the drama which they have played with BJP. Are they reliable of keeping promises made to us? Those who break the promises when it comes to power transfer.
Along with this we the people should suggest the election commission to have law which restricts the parties and also the politicians to play such drama which had created a huge loss to the nation in terms of development. I have my suggestion.
1. If a govt. falls due to lack of majority in between the span of 5 years followed by an election then the ruling party / ies (including those persons and the party who had left the ruling party by which majority ended) have to pay 50% of the followed election cost.
2. The persons / parties by whom the govt. ended in short-term are not to be allowed to combine to form govt. or to support from outside in next five years in any of the circumstances.
3. It also the responsibility of the opposition party, so they also have to pay 20% of election cost.
This is what my view is. If you have any views and suggestions please also speak up and let our voices be heard by those who can do the change for us. We are the system that needs to be changes. So start from this.

The infamous Nandigram: The death of humanity!!
Is SEZ at the cost of agriculture worth it? One's hungry will only be satisfied by a former not by any currencies. There are many agricultural lands in Bharatha which are now in stage of converting to SEZ in which Nandigram was boiled the most. The so called anti-Capitalisms CPM was surrounded their ideals in front of MNCs of foreign countries in the name SEZ-Developing Bharatha. And the poor (?!) Central govt. which is virtually under CPM's hand has become deaf and dumb towards crisis of the poor formers. Police and Military forces were called to stop the formers for having their rights and land!!! So it is clear indication that the British rule hasn't stopped yet. And poor people are continued loosing every right to live in this country. And it is not the case of Nandigram alone, it is all over Bharatha and the poor people and the formers suffering inhuman treatment by the state govt. and central govt. has gone deaf. Is the development is for people or the people are for development?
Export oriented growth have made our country a slave in global market where every best thing from our country goes out and worse part will be utilized here. And moreover our own best thing will be sold to us from foreign as IMPORTED where the large profit flows out of our country. This is very much similar to the East India Company which had ruled us once in British time, and in the same way now thousands of foreign companies are doing in the so called Independent Bharatha. We also witnessed few months back how the share market itself fallen record points within an hour following the SEBI decision to control the flow of FDI. And everywhere we see in the name of development and growth poor people are suffering a lot. What is use of having Billion Dollars of Foreign Exchange with more than 50% of population still fighting to live? We are having so much fertile forming land that our food requirements will be fulfilled by us, but these SEZ and industrialization will surely going to make us to become beggar for food also. And this has already started where now this year wheat has been imported with more price than which was given to formers of this country.
So where are we heading? I am not against development. But it is at the cost of a live hood of poor people without giving them proper rehabilitation and reliable live hood is to be stopped. There are many infertile lands on our vast Bharatha where lots of SEZ can be developed, and it is the clever way of utilizing the land of a nation.
So the moral of the story is that before buying any foreign made things think a while whether you are indirectly committing a crime towards poor people of your own nation who owe more than 50% of population.
Finally for those who wish to do something. Every Saturday 8:00 PM on Star One Channel Lead India Program is being telecasted. Those who wish to make a change will surely get ideas from it. Spend your coming 7 weekends by thinking towards your country and adopting changes in you and our system.
"Koi Desh Perfect nahi hota hai use Perfect Banana padtha hai"
And I believe making our country perfect is now in our hands. Let us put our hands together to build Self Reliable Strong Great Bharatha
With all these I'm concluding. It is now your choice to be a different and to stand up and to fight for your own people of this country or to sit like coward blaming on the system. YOU ARE THE SYSTEM THAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.
As always your replies are welcomed with your views.

Be these words heard everyone around you. Let the mail-chain start.
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Vande Mataram.