Thursday, 24 January, 2008

TriColour Flag:Not a Fancy Item

January 26 is about to come within 3 days.
Most of us buy Tricolor plastic flag and keep it on our vehicles, our work place etc in order to remember the day when we achieved republic state and also to respect the nation on behalf of Republic Day.
But what happens after this show-off ends within 1-2 Days? The national flag we see lying on road sides, even with garbage and we does not even bother about the lying national flag, so called "I am proud be an Indian, I love India, Chakde India, Jai Hind" etc which we feel on such days will not make us to pick the our National Flag and to give a respect to it.
To have our tricolor flag as an identity of us thousands of martyr patriots where sacrificed their life , and to keep our integrity thousands soldiers were shaheed for it and are baring all the difficulties to keep it safe and respectful, and lakhs of patriotic stories behind it. And if we do not give respect to our national flag which is an identity of us, then we are not to called Educated Indian Citizens at all!!!
Avoid buying plastic flags as it also adds to pollution. If bought then please take enough care to respect it all the time!!
Also please do not hesitate to pick the lying/flying national flags which you see in front of your eyes because many great people have flown their blood for it!!
Republic Day Celebration will only gets its meaning when we the people of this Republic Democratic Country involves ourselves with the nation.
Let us respect the nation symbols through out our life to show our real loving towards this most caring country.
Vande Mataram