Saturday, 5 January, 2008

2008: Where does human race heading?

One More Year 2008 is started!!
Many people celebrated, many reviewed the past year, and many set their New Year resolutions and welcomed 2008 with the hope to be prosperous.
In the name of freedom, celebration the human race is just heading towards becoming animals in jungle rather than becoming social animal. The 31st Dec 2007 night is exposed the same. Mad pub parties, drunken parties with drugs, disco nights, and mishaps created after these animalistic celebrations were just enough to understand the human race mind level.
1. In Mumbai city 2 killed and 12 injured due to a woman driving a car on those.
2. In Juhu beach 2 women were molested by more than 50 people without getting public help to their care takers.
3. In Delhi 300 youths were detained because of wild behaviour in New Year mid night.
Added to these there were minor mishaps in almost all the major cities on that day in terms of traffic chaos, uncontrolled public on roads etc.
Everywhere security policemen were posted in all the major cities of the country!! To control the wild mad animals affecting the public properties and people!!! Is this not a shame on mankind? Is this the way the human race to invite New Year?
Freedom, celebration or any word that the people involved in that animalistic behaviour may call does not meant to harm or affect in bad manner to others' life directly or indirectly. Moreover the enjoyment seems more self centric than towards public unity. Only rich people celebrated through parties etc and lakhs of rupees spent. And there is very less social values involved in that celebration as no where we can find any society friendly moralistic way of celebration. With more than 50% of people struggling for having bread to keep them alive, is it necessary to celebrate in this kind to invite New Year?
The globalisation, Industrialisation, IT, BPO, Call Centres etc have made some portion of population very much rich. But these have also decreasing the values in individuals. Stress, strain, busy life schedule, complex living style have made these people in need of enjoyment which makes them forget all these anxieties for a moment. This is the reason behind the raise of all the temporary pleasure making locations to grow like mashrooms. Though the people earn more money, it goes to make human weak either mentally or physically or both by the obesity, cardiac issues, cigarettes, alcohol, drug addiction, lust etc. Above all the social values will be lost with people living like machines!! These can be clearly seen in almost all metros’ life style.
It should be seriously taken by us. If not now we will be living like machines with flesh and bones to operate without utilising our brains. Customs, Tradition, Culture that had come long way to make the Bharathiya happiest and living self satisfied person in the world also taught how to live 100% with different way of living should not be overcame by western life style in the name of modernisation. We the youth should understand this and reason of living rather than just being exist in this world.
Respect other religions and their customs and also make them to respect yours as you are belonging to a tradition older than any of them.
Thamasoma jyothirgamaya
Let us move towards light.
Vande Mataram