Sunday, 31 August, 2008

India in Olympic-2008: Is this beginning of new age in Sports?

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Won’t you want to feel the greatness and proud of our nation flag rising on the top and our national anthem singing in Olympic always?

With lots of things happening around us to express my feelings on, I now first choose the Olympic-2008 which in our Olympic history created a new milestone. The second largest population in the world has got 3 medals, which is all time record!! Whether to feel great or to feel low?

1. Abhinav Bindra creating a history by winning first individual gold medal.

2. Sushil Kumar winning unexpected bronze in a classic way.

3. Vijendar Winning the ambitious bronze.

Back home here everybody started announcing lacs of prize money for these new heroes of marketing. Those governments, organisations which does very little to motivate, support and sponsor these real sportsmen are now trying to gain popularity. There is no surprise that other players who have also tried to include our nation’s name in books of Olympic Medals were no where being promoted. We have also seen the politics played in Weight Lifter Monika Devi doping test. So is it the start of new age in sports or just continuation of monopoly of cricket, politics in sports?

What we achieved is very little compared to the population and capacity of our nation. The reasons are well known. From years everyone is simply discussing on this issue without any action. Good thing is that now our generation is looking for some action towards this. Since the cricket is loosing its classic value it is time that other sports are now to be considered by us to entertain ourself with supporting and motivating them promptly and effectively.

It is not only the government or the organisations which are to be blamed. We are also included in the list. Just compare the Olympic-2008 and IPL-2008. I hope my allegation is clear to you. It is us who blocked the real sports growing in our nation by over hyping cricket in our mind.

Won’t you want to feel the greatness and proud of our nation flag rising on the top and our national anthem singing in Olympic always?

We can not sponsor such huge money as now Bindra is planning to do to promote the real sports. Also we can not fight openly and directly to make the law makers to give the right support to the sportsmen.

But we can change our mindset to give equal importance to all the sports. We can also build the mind-database of these players who makes us feel high. We can also get entertained and feel proud by watching the achievements of these players in their games. Instead of treating the money oriented cricket players as models we can treat these real sportsmen as heroes who by their own effort are trying to make our nation high in the world. We have to support the real sportsmen and real sports. And now the cricket and its players have lost the sporting spirit due to over hyping and money. In order to bring back the sporting spirit in cricket and also to bring up the complete real sporting spirit of our nation we have to feel every sport as important as other. And remember we have 110 crores of people and if we can create suitable environment and give all kinds of support the days where we will be on top of the list can not be longed more.

In 2010 we are hosting Common wealth Games. And we are dreaming to host 2020 Olympic!! We have to be in top of the list of medals in all these coming days. Aren’t we? For that every individual has to feel the great sporty Bharatha. Our nation has potential to be on the top, and if we can not means it is our inability to utilise the real potential in us.

This time China has showed its super power by being on the top of medal list. I am sure we can also compete to such extent to be on the top rows. We also have to be involved in the achievement of top goals by Sporty Bharatha. Our sporting Strength are also needs to be acknowledged by whole world. Come on let us show the world how better sportsmen we are!!

Vande Mataram.