Tuesday, 16 September, 2008

Hate the Conversion of Hatred

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I was forced to write on this, can not tolerate violence in the name of religion any more.
Is India safe for Christians? This is the question which is been asked by the sources of Vatican for the incidents that are happening in Orissa, Karnataka over last 2-3 months. Then in our country so called seculars and scholars started shouting to such an extent to condemn the Hindu religion itself. And this is not the first time that because of some extremists whole religion is been targeted. This is not only with Hindus, for every religion the same truth holds. Muslims are suspected as terrorists, Christians are hated for their unethical way of conversion and many such incidents are happening which are disturbing the soul of Bharatha “Unity in Diversity”.

Extremists, fanatics and such narrow minded people exist in all the religion. They in the name of religion only spread hatred, violence between human beings which leads to vanishing of mankind from earth. We need to stop this and should understand the every religion is as respectable and important as others. These are different paths to attain GOD.

I am not here to explain the deeds of VHP in Orissa and Bajaranga Dal in Coastal Karnataka are right. Also I do not have mercy on the missionaries who are been targeted for their misdeeds. But I am worried about the innocent helpless people who are dragged in between these extremists to suffer.

Both in Orissa and Karnataka the main reason was conversion to light up the violence. In our nation as per constitution one can choose any religion to follow and also can choose any rituals which are not harming others independency to attain his spiritual goal. No one can be forcefully made to follow a religion. If the law is followed then there would have been no such incidents at all. But Vatican sponsored missionaries are here to convert more rather than helping the poor to bring up. Conversion can happen When a person.

1. Finds more great and easy religious path to attain spiritual goal.
2. Is made to hate the religion followed by him.
3. Is forced by unethical ways like muscle power, money etc.<

While the first one is acceptable and other two are what creating the problem now.

We would have been grateful to missionaries if the helping the poor to bring them up had no intension of changing his religious path. If the Vatican and other sources which donates lots of money to churches not have intension of increasing the Christian population in all possible ways then we would have welcomed. In the shadow of peace preacher Christ if muscle power is used to clear the obstacles for conversion it can not be accepted.

Even though the efforts of missionaries to spread Christianity is unethical who are these VHP, Bajaranga Dal to take such violent action against them and whole of Christian community? Who have empowered them as protectors of Hindu religion? Why can’t they reach the poor and depressed class of society in such remote areas and bring them up? Why can’t they put whole effort to spread equality among their own religion? Why they think in Hindu religion the solution of every problem is violence? For whom the constitution is made?

Religions are for bring harmony among the people to live together and to attain spiritual goal. No religion can survive on earth by creating hatred among the mankind. Religions are for humans and not vice versa.
Irrespective any religion to survive we breath air, drink water, eat food. In all human beings the same red colour blood flows to keep us alive. If the nature does not have any distinguish between us then why are we creating such differences to make our life more miserable? Every human being on earth is to be treated equally. We are sons and daughters of almighty, we are one.

Conversion needs to have more procedures. There should be a spiritual and ethical reason which makes one man to change the religion which needs to be recorded in court. A suitable law needs to be drawn for this which takes care of all loop holes. We the people should not entertain any violence, hatred among our neighbours only because of some extremists. We have to unite to discourage anti-social activities. If not our enemies in the world will utilise this hatred to break us and then rule on us.

It is high time where all our enemies are putting all their effort to break the unity. Recently many such efforts have become success also. They do not want our nation to be on top. They can not accept the greatness of our nation. They can not compete the growth of us. They can not stand on top longer as we are becoming global super power. So they are trying all the ways to disturb harmony. We have to understand this and stand unite against these forces. We are one, We are Bharatiyas. No religion for us is greater than our nation.Vande Mataram.