Tuesday, 7 October, 2008

What is the Value of Our Life?

In Janthar Manthar Delhi on Oct. 1st there were a family sitting on DHARNA to find the ray of hope and support. They are family members of Captain P K Goyal of ‘MT Stolt’, which was hijacked by Somali pirates on September 15 in the Gulf of Aden. More News Their Japanese company because of which they are in such situation has already closed the door of help. And our Government is yet again silent for any kind of action. In Activeness

Had these happened to any of the politicians or their relatives would the government be silent? If facing ere of European Union by PM for communal violence on Christians (who are Citizens of India and not EU) can become a big issue in media and government why life and death situations of these people are ignored?
The point is not to only blame media and government but to understand the cause and try to nullify those.

What makes news channels and news papers to keep aside such issues over gossips of reality shows, page3 parties and movie stars’ affairs? It is us the viewers and readers who force them indirectly to show unwanted hyped news. We only switch channel when news about Army Jawans, Crimes and Injustice are showing. We want more entertainment than news from news channels also. So there is no surprise and wrong in showing a whole reality shows in Private news channels!!

We Indians care less about life of human beings. May be because we are over populated!! Over crowded trains, buses, rickshaws, traveling vehicles are part of our life. Stampede in temples, bomb blasts, accidents due to wrong causes and killing hundreds of people have became common here. These are the results of our attitude of ignorance towards life of human beings. If we are ignorant towards people struggling for life due to wrong cause then how can we expect the government to act? After all those people sitting on top are one among us!!

Have we become so much selfish that we do not have feelings towards humanity in trouble? How can we ignore that tomorrow the situation can come to us or our closed ones also if we do not raise voice against wrong causes?

It is us who have to make our life valuable to humanity so that we are not ignored. We have to love and respect the life given by the Supreme power to live on this earth. Each life on earth is as important and valuable as our own. Our attitude towards humanity makes the path of our life either of flowers or of stones. Let us start loving and respecting each life around us for the sake of humanity.

As the situation of people in hijacked ship is not yet solved and is Worsening I request you to write a mail to President, Prime Minister, and External Affairs minister making them to act towards it. I seen in the news that food and other lively accessories in ship have exhausted and we through our elected members have to act towards relieving them. Till Death Fast The best and most possible way is to force the government by mails, letters, blogs, articles through internet, media which are the faces available with us for raising our voice. So let us not become dumb and deaf!! Let us make our voice heard for the good cause of humanity.

Vande Mataram.