Monday, 13 October, 2008

Chiru's Praja Rajyam: 745th Party:- Where is democracy?

Chiranjeevi launched “Prajarajyam” Party. Rajnikanth is to launch a Political party. Not are only these, every now and then political parties are come into existing. This counts now total number of parties in India to around 800 and is still counting. We have all varieties of parties based on regions, state, religion, language lastly and of very rare on ideology and visions. Now parties have also become a diversifying factor in our society which is breaking the unity.

In order to give equal opportunity all ideas, visions, ideologies, paths to take part in ruling the nation by the democratic way of election our Constitution has written for multiparty Political System. But is this making democracy a success? The answer which is being faced every now and then is making the democracy a big joke of failure.

The cruel and dangerous effects of multiparty system are all known to us. Hanging Coalition governments in which every decision, policies, laws are held or manipulated to meet the involved parties’ wishes rather than in public interest. It is open truth that small parties which hold only 1 to 5 seats are only for filling the numbers by a hidden self centered undemocratic agenda in the number game of trust vote and support. Same holds true for politicians changing the parties also. If their hidden agenda fails whole country has to face the effect. These are followed by falling of government, re-elections. On the other side corruption will increase and also in all dimensions other than money and property.

We are being played in between this dangerous political game. Our tax money, valuable time, useful energy are being utilised for this unethical political drama. It is unfortunate that most of us do not bother about this but also does not keep away from blaming the system. More worry is many times we also dividing ourself for the selfish desires of the politicians and became hurdles to nation growth.

We can not suddenly change from multiparty system to limited number of party system. But need of the hour is to have a regulatory and monitory system according to changing political scenarios of the country.

1. To allow only quality political parties to get registered. The present terms and conditions to register a political party need to be changed in terms of vision, path, and reason of new party. Even the qualification and political and social experience of the major party members are also to be included.

2. Any new political party has to come from grass route level. i.e. From Panchayat - > Taluk - > District - > State to Central. Their performance both in numbers and deeds will be criteria for growing up to contest in hierarchy of elections.

3. More clauses to be added according to present scenario for banning the political parties when they cause for falling of a government, provoking social crimes of any unconstitutional, undemocratic, unethical, self centered deeds inside the house or out side.

4. Political parties irrespective of whether they are in power or not are also given with social responsibilities. The political parties are to be compared on the basis of fulfilling this. Election commission needs to monitor and regulate this.

5. For giving and withdrawing the support to government from a political party needs more regulations. It should be like bond between the parties for period of 5 years. Stringent Law to be placed for any of the political party or its members involved whoever breaks this bond.

6. Strong regulatory terms and conditions are to be placed for elected member of house for jumping to other party.

There might be many more. But unless we start think on this and debate within public our voices can not be heard to deaf law makers. We feel proud of greatest democracy but our Parliament is worse than a
kinder garden.
We need quality politicians and for this an intellectual revolution is required. We are the revolutionaries of this.

Presently even election commission has also come up with many such solutions to give life to dying democracy of our nation by political parties and its members. But there is more political pressure opposing to it. Unfortunately election commission has only given with limited rights and certain laws are required parliament to pass. And here all political parties are putting hurdles. This is what the real face of political parties is.

But we the public will have to show our power. We can send mails, letters of support, request, pressuring for bringing really good laws into action. Other than that we have news papers, blogs, articles etc to express ideas and bring knowledge revolution for creating new era in Indian politics. Our voices will be heard and has to be. On the other part we also have to ask politicians coming to our door for election. We the people who make this nation called as greatest democracy in the world. To make that democracy success we also have to be the part of politics.

Politics is not dirty, may be politicians are dirty. But to clean it our hands needs to be dirty. May be we can not directly involve in politics because of our limitations and responsibilities in the society but that does not take away our responsibility as the citizen. There are other ways also to do this duty of involving with politics and taking part in nation growth. Let us utilise the mouths given to us for raising voice for right thing. Let us put the vote in all the elections. Let us take part in bringing intellectual revolution. The revolution which Tatyatope, Fadke, Tilak, Savarkar, Azad, Bhagath Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose have started is to be continued but not against outsiders with bloods and arms but against corrupt anti nation insiders with intellect and morals. This revolution will make our Bharatha Strong and Self Reliable. Let us proud of being revolutionaries of changes!!

Vande Mataram