Tuesday, 10 March, 2009

Can’t a Secular nation protect Hindu refugee?

The topic which I am going to put my view on is very much complicated. Still since I can not keep quite on this issue I am expressing my views on it.

                Another victim of religious hatred. Now is being suffered by the Hindus in Pakistan. Here are the news elements. Even though man is in 21st century with so many modern technologies his mindset on religion is still limited to very narrow area.

                No body from our government has issued any statement of protest against this situation on the citizen of a neighboring nation becoming refugees in their own land. Because we are “Secular” nation and concerning about Hindus is only considered as communalism in our nation no body other than right wing people are shouting against this. So government has gone dumb and deaf to act on it. It is not surprise that media, human right organizations, “Intellectuals’” all are kept their mouth shut on this for the obvious reason which I have stated. One question here to all these people is, Are Hindus are not belongs to mankind in this world?

                However this is not the first time that Hindus are suffered from ethnic cleansing in and around our nation. Most tragic and cruel cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits who become refugees in their own “Secular” country shows the real face of “Secular Nation”. Even in Bangladesh and now in Pakistan also. There are also incidents that happened since Independence where the appeasement to minority religions has caused many threats to our nation itself. On the other view, in side our nation itself where majority of people are Hindus who’s every Morning Prayer ends with “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti”, how many times these words had lost its meaning by them? Those who claim that Hindu religion teaches tolerance, respects all human beings and their religion demolished Babri Mosque in the name of Rama just to take revenge. In view of all these the question raises is that whether the religion is more than mankind? Does it serving the purpose to the humanity which it is meant for?

                Considering now the case of Hindus in Taliban dominating Pakistan first thing is those who fled from there and came here for shelter are to be given the same here. And because of their religion they must not be neglected or not to be over treated. We must help them on the basis of mankind. Also since the majority of our national people belong to the religion of these people who are suffering due to the cause of their religion they must be safe guarded. It is not because our nation is “Hindu Rashtra” but because our nation is “Secular”, So emotions and sentiments of people of all religion are given fare and equal treatment. If west concerning over attack on Christians is correct and Muslim nations concerning over the Muslim attack is right same holds for India to take concern over problems of Hindus in other nation even though they are not citizens of India. But for the people who are not citizens of India we can not afford to take care permanently. One of the main reasons is till now the refugees lived in other nation and utilized the resources of them as their own because of their own wish or for not having other alternatives. So their land is not India. And it must be our nation final concern that those refugees get back to their own land with the secure and independent life there. It is our nation responsibility as a neighborhood nation that humanity is maintained in our neighborhood. We can not wash our hands saying it is their nation concern and not of us.

Our nation is many times referred as big brother of South Asia. And we never tried to boss on any but tried to bring the humanity and peaceful independent life to the people of other nations also. As otherwise we can not have peaceful nation where neighbor countries are burning with fire. But this brotherhood seems sometime biased in nature. It is transparent that because of DMK pressure Pranav Mukherjee visited Srilanka tried to stop the brutality on innocent Tamilians in Srilanka in the name of removing LTTE. Since Independence there are many refugees from Bangladesh many of who illegally intrude into our soil and are consuming our resources. It was bold leader like Indira Gandhi tried to solve this issue by creating one more nation called Bangladesh. Now congress is left with only diplomats who can only talk and talk and TALK only. But still the Bangla refugee intrude not completely stopped and they are illegally getting ration card and other facilities utilizing our tax money. Because there is no political pressure this continues even though our nation’s security is in danger. Now Pakistan left Hindu refugees. If anybody raises the voice to help them and to pressurize or to aid Pakistan to give the safe life for Hindus there, it will be termed as communal and non secular. If our actions are biased then why to term ourself as Secular Independent and peace loving nation?

I know this issue is not so easy to resolve. Putting pressure on Pakistan directly or by international means still worsens the situation in Pakistan and weakens the civilian government there. We have to take bold decision of direct action. It may not be by military operation but aiding Pakistan government in terms of handling this situation of pressure from both sides. But there is no bold leader left in our current government who really wants to solve this issue. They are just waiting for the people to forget 26/11 so that their incapabilities are hidden by the non working “Pressurizing Pakistan” funda.

Pakistan is our neighbor and if we do not solve its problem tomorrow our land of Panjab will be divided and we may have TOP i.e. “Taliban Occupied Panjab”!! I wish this should not become true!!

Vande Mataram