Thursday, 9 April, 2009


It has been more than a month since I haven't written on my blog.  Many things are going around.

                      Out of which is the general election and its related drama is one of the most funfull event currently people like us are enjoying and worrying also. But one thing is sure this time it won't be easy way to any of the party/allies to come into power. Be it UPA, NDA or the name sake Third front, no one themselves has confident on sweeping the polls! Apart from this young India is now not letting the things go as it was going before in election. There are groups like Lead India, Jago re etc which are doing their best to motivate the citizens of India to  show the power of them are definitely creating nightmares to corrupt politicians . After 60 years things are becoming bit difficult for the corrupt criminal politicians to move smoothly in their unquestioned  political carrier. Each day I am reading cases booked against violation of code of conduct. Eventhough some are politically motivated like in the case of Varun Gandhi other too are not let away for crossing the line. Now the democracy is regaining its power and we are now in process of getting the real "Inquilab" which is dreamt by freedom fighters.
               But this is just the regaining of strength to the war against the hopeless system.  One thing every citizen of India who is really fighting for better system through this election should understand that the results of this election will not be a 100% success to democracy. It will be as usual a surprise and mixture of good and bad. But this surprise should give more strength to our democracy than before. That is what we can aim and get right now. This fight for getting the meaning of democracy in our nation must go on. Younger generation must not loose hope because of failures to their efforts to bring the change in political system. The current spirit must not diminished because of failure. Since more than 60 years this hopeless system has run and is at the present time more powerful than the effort to bring the right one. Some of this has root before 1947 also, so we can not remove them right now away. And the system that we are talking about to change is finally ourself!! So unless each citizen changes or made to change system won't change and this process will take time. We should feel proud of being part of this war. And for warriors fighting for right thing itself is success.

                       Our one vote may not create difference but it will give us the right to ask the elected to deliver the right to us. It will give us the feeling of being the part of the system change that we hope for. The satisfaction of doing the duty towards the nation is what the SINGLE VOTE can give us. It shows that we have not kept quite inside our closed doors when the nation's democracy was in trouble but tried our best to bring back the value to the democracy. The spirit of fighting for right thing is still present in each Indian's blood and that is what should come out in our SINGLE VOTE. Bharat is our country and we and we only can make it great.
                              Vande Mataram.