Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Election is Over not the Battle for Democracy

Verdict of the 16th General Election of largest democratic nation has once again shown how unexpected it can be. But good thing is that this time we could hope for stable governance.

Here I am trying to list out some of the points I got concerned about.

1.        This time also the voting % struggled to cross 50 marks.  Voting in urban areas getting lesser.

2.       There are still criminals who are now going to sit in our parliament to rule.

3.       1984 sikh riots, Babri Masjid, 2002 Godhra such issues still become hot topics for just to get votes without even bothering about punishing the guilty or preventing them in future.

4.       26/11/2008 Mumbai is already becomes one in the list of our incapability of taking preventive action. Neither the public nor the political parties were serious about this issue.

5.       Inclusion of getting back black money from Swiss Bank in manifestos of big political party. But the late in announcement made it obvious that it is just an election stunt.

6.       Hopeless, meaningless, narrow minded, communal hatred, anti national, immoral speeches (war of words!!) from the people who are meant to represent ourself in Parliament and media unnecessarily speculating them without concentrating on needy issues.

7.       Posters, banners, road shows, bribing the poor by liquor, money etc all getting reduced. Thanks to EC

8.       Online information about each candidate and information of performance of each MP in various websites.

9.       Several Organizations which are inclusive of young generations are making people aware and awake about the election though different media.

Overall it looks like Spirit of Democratic Bharat is never going vanish. However insane it might look like Youngistan will continue the spirit to achieve Democracy in governance, Equality in society, Harmony in people like always.  

But our responsibilities don’t end with formation of the government rather it is just an initial milestone that we have achieved and there are many things to do. To make use of the initial success in fight for democracy we have to involve in governance. This time there is no reason for the major party in government to move away from its promises made before election. Also since it continuation of the previous party rule itself there should not be any slow down / renewing in development programs. We the people must ensure this to happen. Now we have all those online in internet. If not as social worker but as an individual we have to know what are the projects that government is starting to meet the promises given to us and how it is being implemented. We have the very strong tool called RTI. It is known fact that the main hurdle for development is not lack of money or lack of good projects but is the pathetic way of implementation. It is our duty as the part of government in the democratic nation to remove the hurdles of development.

Apart from this the reforms in entire election process is not to stop with the end of election. Inspite of lots of motivating ads, programs the voting turn out is not at all encouraging to feel proud of Successful Election in Largest Democratic Nation. Some not wanted to vote. Some not got chance to vote due to various reasons like out of station, no name in the voting list, not able to find voting booth, threat by Naxals and Terrorists etc. All these reasons must also to be reviewed and corrective and preventive action are to be drawn and implemented. More importantly the reason for not got chance to vote must be vanished. And it is not only the job of EC to take necessary actions to reduce these reasons but is also responsibility of every responsible educated citizen to be the part of it. Many times the proposals of EC are not approved from the parliament due to having moral-less uncommitted politicians. In such time we the people must support the EC through different media and enforce the Parliament to move away from the path of reform. Also building confidence about the democracy of our nation must be taken up by every individual. It is our right also the duty to ensure democracy wins always.

The electoral behavior of all political parties must also not to forget. Meaningless, hopeless, hatred, anti national speeches to please particular communities; Abusing each other like uncultured school children, trying to get every political benefit of each incident with actually spoiling the harmony of society all must be stopped from getting encouragement. It is because we the people who feel or act and become victim of being used by these narrow minded selfish politicians. If we stop from being provoked by knowing the real face behind these, such development blocking issues will automatically removed from the behavior of political parties. We have to create the awareness that individual benefit at the cost of nation’s development is not to encourage. If nation develops we grow.

So it is not time to feel free and forget everything and continuing the same. The thinking of “yeh hi chalta aaya hai, yeh hi chalega” must not run. We have to move on the path of change for better today and tomorrow to start new era of our nation. It is our right to have good governance, and we will not let it loose. It is our duty to fulfill the dreams of lakhs of freedom fighters, courageous solders, and great leaders to have Strong Self Reliable Bharat. Let us be awake and aware!!

                    Vande Mataram.