Tuesday, 22 June, 2010

Are we united and brave againt Terrorism?

       It feels proud and motivated to read this incident. Link We appreciated the bravery of the young girl.And we also wished that Kasab to see his hanging rope very soon. Later court verdict also favored our wish to the extent that at-least it managed to give Kasab death sentence after applying IPC! However our wish will not be fulfilled for at least 2-3 years from now. Link So till that time we are very much kind enough to spend 8.5 lakh rupees per day to a person who mercilessly murdered our fellow citizens. Link

But the point of interest now is different. This is about the brave girl who stood in court in front of killer Kasab and pointed at him to give witness. The very brave girl is now struggling to continue her education only because she stand against the terrorists! Link Ridiculous! What must be going on in that young girl's mind when she got rejected from the school? We will also may join in ranting against the school administration. But point is how much of us will ready to admit the girl to the school if we are the school admin? Is this the way we build our future generation? Link. If we don't have dare to stand against wrong, why can't we at least give moral support to the people who dare against the act of terrorism? Are we such coward?

And this is not the first of its kind. Such incidents are happening from past and it is now reflected in media because the incident is happened in Mumbai, the commercial capital. There are many cases in north east India and J & K where many terrorists and anti India separatists were released to settle issues concern with private life of VIPs, VVIPs! Not only such big people lack in courage to tackle terrorism, the cowardliness is in blood of highly educated citizens too. The recent Kandahar hijack and release of 3 terrorists is the naked example of our strong (weak) will power against terrorism! Truth behind Kandahar.

One thing we should understand and accept that, it is not only the will power of political leaders alone that can counter Naxals, Rebels, Terrorists who are trying to uproot our sovereignty, our mindset and reaction also counts! If we think our responsibility ends in just lighting a candle, peaceful marching, ranting in blogs etc then its mere foolishness. Its our moral duty to support the people who dared to eliminate anti humanity from society, else we are just unthankful useless living creatures on earth!

Let us create fearless society to the future generation. Let us not miss the opportunity to show our unity and courage against the terrorism. Let us show the people who dare to question our integrity and sovereignty, that we will not give them free passage.
                                                      Vande Mataram