Thursday, 10 June, 2010

Ishanya Bharat: Manipur Calling

Ishanya Bharat or the North - East India. In the country of many worlds the most ignored part of our nation are these 7 states! Link Most of us always struggle to recollect the names of these states. More often we mistake the people of north-east India as Chinese nationalist. All these attitude may look like natural tendencies of us to ignore national issues, but the pain of being treated like foreigner inside their own nation by a north-east Indian is what the fact is! We all are to be blamed for this attitude.

Today is the 60th day to the people of Manipur to live in isolation from rest of country. Read This. But for fancy media Maanyata becoming pregnant is a breaking news! More shocking but obvious is people read it and share it more as it is of zero responsibility but full of entertainment! While our fellow citizens are struggling to get food and basic medicines we are getting football fever! Now whose concern is this?

The people in Delhi have just waken up after 26 years to reconstitute GoM to examine all issues relating to the worst industrial disaster in the world’s history. So they are busy in hiding how their party top people allowed Anderson the Head of Union Carbide a free passage to USA, giving media statements about delayed (denied) justice to more than 20,000 victims. In the meanwhile UPA government under USA pressure is all set to allow more Warren Andersons who will not be liable for any disaster because of mishandling of Nuke. 

Following is from Kannada news paper Vijaya Karnataka translated in English.

 In 1980 Assam rebels have blocked the oil pipeline. The situation would have become worse when the blocked oil in cold atmosphere form the wax inside and the whole pipeline would be reconstructed. The PM at that time Indira Gandhi took this issue seriously and instructed Army to take necessary steps. 

Army Engineers headed to Gujarat oil wells. Army trained its jawans to complex operation. With code word of "Amar Prem" army attacked upon rebels. Army removed the blockages.Meanwhile necessary oil supply were done through different media. And the Assam Rebels were struggled to withstand against sophisticated army attack and never tried same type of technique to show their rebellion.
Now HM, Mr.Chidambaram still wants time to think on army operation against Naxalism, so we should not expect him to respond to people in Manipur! And humanity activist are busy in de-moralizing army in Valley for the so called fake encounter! Are the life of people in Imphal are not important?
And who is blocking? The National Socialist Council of Nagalim formed by Naga rebels. But sources say this is not having support from locals as the leader Thuingaleng Muivah is from Manipur. Unfortunate is that, these small group of rebels are holding life of a state of one of the largest armed nation in the world.

Why should we do peace talk with these kind of people? If NSCM has Greater Nagaland demand than it should understand that this is possible only if it can hold the peace in the area. If it can use force to hear this demand Govt. should suppress them by force else it is just another act of coward.  

Terrorists, Naxals, Rebels, Budos, Separatists and new names are adding frequently who are just exploiting so called peace loving nation India. How much we the people of India should suffer? and why? Just because the politicians does not have will power to act against this!!? Or are we also the same, hiding our cowardliness from the mask of "Ahimsa"?

It is known fact that the people in north east India were divided in feeling as Indians. One of the main reasons is the attitude of rest of country towards the people there. If we ignore them we are going to miss rich culture, beautiful land of green mountains and terrains of our nation. We are already loosing many parts in Arunachal Pradesh to China because of blind eye of Delhi. And our treatment to the people living their surely strengthen the rebels who are against sovereignty of India. 

Yes, I know we are not the people with power. But we are the people whose voices are to be heard by the people in power. So let's do it. You blog it, tweet it, share it, discuss it, shout it, mail it. Remember that each voice of you can fasten the process of getting basic requirements of life for the people in Manipur, a citizen of India like you!
                                                           Vande Mataram