Thursday, 25 November, 2010

Social Media V/s Indian Media: Power of Twitter #barkhagate

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Every day from past few months front page of news paper you are reading is occupied with scams. At nation level it is CWG, 2G, in Maharashtra disgusting Adarsh Apartment, in Karnataka multi crore Land loot from “Party with Difference” and lot more awaited. But for the citizens of India who read these shameful news about their own rulers its nothing more than bollywood gossips. This irresponsible and inactive attitude is encouraging every politician of our country to loot our tax money for their coming 10 generations or more.

If you believe that by exposing the corrupt politicians 24 X 7 media is fighting for democracy and can feel relaxed, think again. I need not to prove that the 24 X 7 media houses are now nothing more than business centers of news. If you don’t accept, then read here.  It is clear that 24 X 7 media houses are run by businessmen and they in turn are linked to politicians. The breaking/shocking/cracking news is just attempts of imposing their business and politically influenced lobbying thoughts on us. Last week the open magazine exposed the real, ugly and hopeless face of media.   and

The corrupt motivation behind the barking and screaming of spokesman of New Delhi Television NDTV Group Editor Barkha Dutt and Hindustan Times' Advisory Editorial Director Vir Sanghvi got revealed on 18th November 2010. The news channel which always claims that they show the truth has not even dared to show it to the public. But truth has found its own way to reach the people. None other than the most used social media called twitter. Indian tweeples started exposing the media hall of shame among twitter world. Yet, in the Indian media which shows Amitab’s tweet about his health as breaking news, this biggest media scam did not even popped up. The media spends whole day in discussing about sex tapes, sting operations videos as if whole country is drowned. But the silence of media about the tape that has exposed the link between power brokers and the lobbying media with link to recent 2G scam has forced twitter India to lose its credibility. Then the momentum started. The twitteratis took pledge to expose the world the real face of Indian media.  

Tweeples of India gave the name #barkhagate and anguish tweets started pouring. Soon #barkhagate started trending in Twitter India, thanks to twitter for including India in trending region. Twitter India declared war against Indian Media. (Hush Barkhagate from Indian Media V/s Hash #barkhagate from Social Media) Some of the responses from Indian Media are here. Then it spread to Facebook through this link Some started mailing. Yet none of the media houses opened their mouth. On 22nd Nov a blog in TOI appeared. But it has only few lines about the main culprits. Nothing was clear. But twitter warriors continued to fight and kept #barkhagate trending. One of major pressure to India media caused when international media exposed the scam. Then CNN IBN was forced to introduce this issue in their face the nation program. Yet, they twisted the story and tried to hide names of lobbying journalists and only restricted their discussion to Nira Radia the power broker. But warriors of true journalism did not accepted defeat; second by second tweets started pouring in and media mafia kept spreading. Finally on 24th Nov major news paper Hindu dared to expose the names and the story Meanwhile Enforcement Directorate officials on Wednesday questioned Public relations firm owner and corporate lobbyist Nira Radia for about seven hours in connection with its probe in the 2G spectrum allocation case Later TOI blog section got Tarun Vijay’s blog exposed media mafia On the next day i.e. 25th Nov TOI finally reported the media lobbying scam. . The first step victory for warriors of twitter.

Now it is not about few media persons; it’s about whole set of media which is encroaching the politically influenced thoughts on us. It’s similar to mafia, Media Mafia. So twitter India now decided enroot all the media mafia dons. Now war is against #mediamafia. But twitter reaches very less percentage of Indians. Now the rest of the educated Indians have to take charge and continue the battle against media mafia. If we won’t stop this at the beginning itself, then we are to be blamed for corruption in the fourth pillar of democracy which in future will destroy nations democracy altogether. The social media like twitter and Face Book have already created voice for justice all over world, now it’s in India. It’s the social media which kept CWG, 2G, Adarsh Apartment, Land De-notification loot alive and fought for justice till the guilty gets punished. And guys, there is long way ahead. So this victory is just the beginning of Holy War against corruption and injustice. Join your hands; open your mouth. Let’s make our nation Mahan Bharat.

Vande Mataram