Saturday, 19 March, 2011

Wikileaks Playing Ugly Holi on India

Today is holi, the Festival of colour. But colour our nation has got now in-front of the world is so ugly that joy of holi cannot make the shame of ugliness forget. Wikileaks yet again exposed one more ugly face of our nation.Here But we are busy with world cup, and as always the “why bother” mindset of people have made the central UPA Govt. to feel relax. If there is any gunnies record for scam and corruption amount then our nation will be shamelessly in first place. Approximately the total amount of scams exposed is nearly equal to Indian Budget. Still we are sitting in an A/c Room with luxury and have limited our social responsibility only for paying taxes and filling income tax returns.

It is not the central UPA Govt. alone of which scams are being exposed, in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and other states also for every month different kind of scams are exposed. In the time of British rule for every law that were tried to impose on Indians to snatch the independence there were public protest in many ways by different kind of freedom warriors. Sadly in Independent India, we the INDIANS are so much self centred and cowards that we are not even saying NO to the things which we knew that they are not right. We have got better education, technology than of those times. We are not having cruel and unjustly laws to curb our rights to fight for right cause. We are not ruled by ruthless British but are ruled by our own ELECTED people. Still we cannot come out of comfort zone of us to demand for good and clean governance from the people whom we have voted. Even though we can say we are very much advanced in terms of technology and ease of life compared to those living 65 years back in terms of human values and dignity and courage we are lambs in front of those people.

Corruption is everywhere. Even in private sector corruption has got the name of Processing Fees and is spreading to all parts. We see cases filed against Ministers, MLAs, MPs are all because of political reasons without having any intension to punish the corrupted. Whoever is in Power can influence any Govt. office to file a case, raid on anybody’s house, issue an arrest warrant, issue court notice. The two major political parties Congress and BJP are just engaged in condemning each other without even worrying about national disaster that has caused due to various scams that are coming out. The fourth element of constitution the Media which are there for making public voices to reach the people in power and force them to do the right things have become slaves of political parties. They are forcing the people to accept their own created slavery opinions, news. Otherwise some of the media houses are busy in going behind the asses of Celebrities and Cricket Stars.

It may seem like now nothing can done to make system clean from corruption. Does it so? Shall we give up and live like lambs? If our previous generation were able remove mighty British rule from our nation, we who are in superior conditions compare to them, can’t we clean our own system? Otherwise, don’t we feel ashamed for not keeping the dream of Freedom Warriors’ “The Strong Self Reliable Sunhera Bharat”?
But again “why bother” mindset prevails. As long as we get salary at month end, Team India keeps playing Cricket we are not worried of whatever happens to dignity of our nation. Sadly Indian team losing a cricket match in world cup league is considered as disgrace than Wikileaks exposing our nation as the corrupted nation in world.

We should understand that it is not the time for relaxation. We have got freedom from British but the problems which are in society deep routed have to be removed. Poverty, Corruption, Unemployment, Communalism etc are biggest hurdle for our growth in world. We don’t have clean and transparent system in any of Govt. organisations. Unless we have strong system in place we can’t assume that our life will not be affected by the corrupt things that are going around us in our nation.

“Truth Always Triumphs” We have to make this real and we don’t have other choice to remain governed by third class corrupt politicians and babus. Because we are not animals, we are human beings and we should have rightful living!