Sunday, 12 August, 2012

65th Year Independance Day and Fight goes on...

So once again time to see lots of Tricolor flags and hear stories of freedom fighters around us will be coming in 3 days from now. Yes, it is पन्दरा आगस्त, now has become (15th August) a vacation time to enjoy the FREEDOM with closed ones. But because we all have obsessed with our daily machine life, should the holiday on our Independence Day be meant just for relaxing ourselves? Is it the real freedom we are valuing and enjoying or just temporary entertainment and amusements?

With press, media, history Textbooks enforcing Gandhi - Nehru on our mind related to freedom fight, we almost have ignored the real fights of great patriots for our freedom. One among them who continued fight of total freedom till her death is Captain Lakshmi Sehgal, Wiki the Commanding Officer of Women wing (Jhansi Rani Wing) of Azad Hind Fauj (INA). She had left the fight for Freedom not a month before, on Jul 19, 2012. And yet not many of us knows it. She still was saying in her last years of life "Fight goes on!". Read brief of her great unbeatable life here.

The fight she was fighting till her death was the Complete Freedom. We the largest producers of doctors (also sadly exporters!) couldn't able to cure the diseases of our own country people and She was running her own clinic and serving poor and underprivileged patients around Kanpur till the age of 98! If you have read the link about her you might have by now know how great was her life, still not many of us knew about her till her death.

It is only political freedom we had got from Britishers. Economical and Social Freedom is yet to be achieved by us. We have second largest manpower in the world still we are controlled by money super powers. We produce lot more than we can eat, still many crores of people struggle to get daily two times roti. There are lot more such ironies present in our nation that are questioning the freedom of us, still we ignore them and enjoy pseudo freedom within our nuclear machine life.

Is this the way of our living in freedom? Is this the Bharat that lakhs of freedom fighters dreamed while sacrificing their life towards it? Don't we have at least the courtesy of valuing their struggle for freedom? Is this the country which we had thought? Don't we have anything inside us to fight against immorality, injustice? Can't we do more than being a machine, towards our surroundings?

Nation is built and run by people who feel they can do and not by people who live just because they exist. System changes may not happen during a life time but struggle continues and people with cynicism can only become spectator in their life and can't enjoy the play! So think and realize, do you want to be on the ground playing or just simply watching? "Fight goes on!"

Vande Mataram