Friday, 18 January, 2013

"Aman Ki Asha" or Cowardice in the name of Non Violence?

This blog may be quite late, but I felt the relevance of the issue is present always. On Jan 6, 2013 Pakistan cricket team took the trophy of winning the series, and media and related celebrities went on air saying, even though we lost the game series we won in terms of "Aman Ki Asha". There were many such sports events to occur between the Asia's biggest rivals in the name of Aman Ki Asha. But Pakistan, true to its color showed once again that they are not into any Aman but they will keep on playing with our Asha (Patience) and will continue to exhibit all sorts of hatred, vengeance and brutality from which the very country has formed at first place on us. Just two days after returning, on Jan 8, 2013 two of our soldiers patrolling across LOC (Lance Naik Hemraj, Lance Naik Sudhakar)  very well within our border, were made separated from their subordinates and killed by Pakistani troops (SSG). They were not only killed but barbarically beheaded and head of Lance Naik Hemraj was taken with them as a Victory TROPHY. Now, Why can't we feel boiling inside our heart at least to the same extent as when the Pakistani cricketers took the trophy of the series?

I need not have to say anything about the cowardice of central leaders or even our PM as well. It is certain that they don't have nerve to at-least respond in same terms. However Army officers responded righteously to Pakistan showing the country's real nerve. Now the question raises on us, why there is no protest marchs? Why no candles are burning for these soldiers? What makes us to treat this news as just a routine news from our borders and gets ignored? Why can't we protest for the people who protect us?

I admit that my way of protesting for everything is not through simply burning candles or peaceful marchs and then forget. There will always be political forces which will divide such mass and weaken the strength of protests. Be it Anna Hazare movements, Baba Ramadev fasting or recent Delhi gang rape protest rallies. The political parties are able to break the people because people are not united as much strong as the forces to divide them. We have differences and these differences are such high that we even will forget the cause and run for our self centered egoistic life. Political forces are present and are always united in their purposes of winning over the public and their life is spent for pleasing the public and get elected and to rule us. They have strategies to conquer us because it is their way of life. Politicians need us for their exploitation and it is upto us to decide how we will surrender to them to get exploited or demand for right things. And a quick erupted protests, dharnas, fasts etc could only be showing our anger and helplessness towards getting exploited but not the actual fight against being slaved by them.

I feel the fight to live for people of our country should be learned from soldiers. No matter which party is ruling, however may be their pay scales, whatever ways may be their names be remembered, when they stand on wall they will always say "We guard you, have a nice and calm sleep inside your homes". Their aim of life and code of conduct every thing is for the country Bharath. Their loyalty towards country is unchanged even at the stake of their life. They were trained to battle against enemies out side our nation. Sad is that we never get trained to fight against enemies inside our nation. We never taught to fight for righteous things, we were always told to keep quite and have blind eye on every wrong thing happening around. Hence we could not able to conquer the bad elements who rule us and exploit and play with our life.

Finally coming back to subject of this post, we could not be just mere spectator of drama of Pakistani administration and accordingly playing our coward central leaders. It is not the first incident of brutality from opposite side of the border. Please spare sometime to read this blog. Link and Link1 Do you still feel there is any chance of Aman ki Asha? Non violence is not just that, we don't practice anything to harm other people, it is also to stop anybody from harming us in any way. For good human beings words of mouth will be sufficient but for some crooked people sharpness of blade is necessary to stop them. If we can not stop the wrong things we are slaves to them.
Vande Mataram