Sunday, 30 December, 2007

Rs.1 Lakh Car!! Achievement or Social Crime

Tata Motors is launching Rs.1 lakh car!! a great achievement by any car manufacturing industry in the world. Ratan Tata and his team should be congratulated for one of the miracle in 4 wheeler industry for achieving this highly impossible task and also we should be proud as Indians as we are going to be the country producing lowest priced car in the world.
All these are good to hear and great to feel. But has anyone thought of its effect after launching? Is our nation's infrastructure is sufficient to accommodate the enormous numbers of cars that are going to be on the road? We are already facing air pollution, sound pollution due to hectic traffic as everyone thinks that if we have money to buy and maintain a vehicle then go for it without ever thinking about the environmental crime or the spoiling of nature beauty for next generation.And moreover as per the reports, now the global worming is growing to end the mankind from this earth in near future!! And it is sure that the lowest priced car will definitely make our country more worse in terms of socio-environmental aspects even though it may make high in techno-financial terms of India.
I would suggest the reader to understand the seriousness of this and spread the awareness among the people. Using of public transportation and also adopting simple but highly valued lifestyle can only survive earth from being becoming hell.If it is really necessary then only have a car or a vehicle, otherwise you are committing a social crime and making this earth more worse for next generation.
India don't need to or rather not have to have a car in each house like USA to become a developed country. Development is required for moral valued lifestyle, corruption free governance,value based education,integrity, environmental friendly infrastructure. We have to develop our country in our way.