Thursday, 13 November, 2008

Terrorism: What is the Agenda for Coming Election?

After a break!! There are many things which are moving around the world effecting our nation and us.

Economic crisis of USA is affecting those who have not bothered also. Americans have chosen African - American as their next first citizen defeating the color discrimination while we are giving political, religious color to most inhuman activity of terror. Read Here For Comparison!!

Now saffron Organisations are coming under scan. Whether the ATS and police are creating more confusions or is exposing the real face of all extremists is also a question. Even the people who served for integrity and safety of our nation are been accused. Same time the Central Government puts probe on Delhi Jamia nagar encounter case even a Police Officer was shot dead by the terrorists. Add to this the ruling party members are supporting the accused and arrested! Where are we heading? Whether the guilty will be caught and punished?

There is no single agenda against terrorism in our country. Each political party is trying to utilize the brutal and inhuman murder and tragedy of common people to its own benefit. Not a single party has transparent and unbiased way of making Bharath free from terror. Some say their mission is secular way and some say strong stringent law against terrorists. But here the word “Secular” is meant for blindly supporting any deeds of Non Hindu Religions and hurting the sentiments of Hindu, and “Terrorists” are meant to be Muslims by default. How can a single common force or agenda be formed against terrorism by the rulers of our nation?

Elections are on!! Hence no political party wants to be in bad impression by any stand they take on terrorism. So for terrorists our country is still an open place. They are still active inspite of encounters, arrests, probes and all other dramas!! Now they are in process of creating one more Kashmir in that part of country where over the years no body bothered. Just compare the blast media coverage and post-analysis of Assam with Bengaluru blast!! And our politically motivated investigation agencies are just creating media news. No where we are able get confident from government or Investigation agencies that terrorists has taken their step back and their activities being arrested. Is there is no end to terrorism?

This is what I suppose the inner feelings of each one of us. We have to be more lucky enough to be safe to live in our motherland now for which was once people sacrificed their life to make it great nation. Only hope is that we have elections in near future to force the political parties to put right agenda against terrorism. I am still hoping because the active and awaken citizens of our nation are far less compare to the forces that are making our nation a worst place to live on earth.

We have to learn and take lot from recent president election in USA. Obama win because he is more for Americans than for Black people. His visions for USA made him success. And here in our nation our own elected members of parliament have discarded the great visionary of our age A.P.J. Kalam from continuing president-ship.

I am starting to build an agenda for the coming general election. It is the agenda for common people by which we can make the politicians and political parties to redefine their agenda in concern with nation in right way. I know you are also having something in your mind to make this place a better place to live. Share them, let us put a common agenda and spread it to as many as possible to create a voice to change. Let us fulfill the duty of being educated citizen of Bharat!

Vande Mataram