Saturday, 29 November, 2008

How are you Caring Your Nation?

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It is obvious that you already knew the topic which you are going to read. Another successful attack which will be added to the list of videos to be shown on coming New Year celebration day and to close the chapter there after! It may seem funny or ridiculous comment on the attack of this kind. But the truth is we will be accustomed to this also.

Since this is face to face attack we need not have to wait for Police to invent some names who are involved with this to make us feel safe. Then blame the system, blame the politicians, blame the police, blame the intelligence to satisfy our angry on the system. This will be continued to a month or so with all media speculation. Then back home we have family, personal responsibilities, obligations, one and only one life to enjoy so forget all these and let us start living by getting used to these terrors!! In the mean time New Year celebration to celebrate the enjoyment like mad that we are still alive!!

How many are right now thinking that “Enough is Enough, let us start some action”? How many are now willing to get into politics to give the path to the nation? How many will join IAS, IPS, Army, Police to serve and save the nation better? How many will spare time to involve with any social work to make our country strong? Finally how many will remember those people who become martyrs for us at-least once a day to be thankful for them?

My main point is our attitude towards the nation and the humanity determines what we will get from it. If we are careless towards it, it will also be careless towards us.

Blaming on somebody is just an act of relieving ourself from taking responsibilities. It is not that everything is alright; we still need to do many things in terms of securing our nation from modern type of terror attacks. And currently instead of pointing the mistakes and blaming we need to sit together and analyze on them and to start acting towards the action plans drawn from it. It is our nation and the whole is world is watching now on how we are reacting to it. And we have to send a strong message that we shall not tolerate and we as a single unite fight back against it.

In my view reform is needed for each citizen of Bharat. We need to get into the politics directly or indirectly. Because however big and good our thoughts will be finally the decision takers are those who we have elected. Either you reach the position and take right decision or make them to take the right decision. Now it is “Yatha Praja tatha Raja”. Unless we raise the voice of reform none of the decisions will come in favour of nation.

How can a police officer with a salary of barely 10000/- a month is motivated to risk his life to safe our life? What motivation should drive the intelligence officers to work transparently who are being driven by politicians? Why should a soldier have to face the enemies of the nation of which the people doesn’t even bother to recall him, instead questions against him for getting more facilities?

These are the times which are provided to rethink on our way of life i.e. attitude towards the nation. We have to broaden our circle of family, friends and relatives so that it covers nation also.

The war is still on. And it is not only for Mumbai or Maharashtra. It is for whole nation. And we shall not show our backs to the enemy. We shall break all the barriers of caste, religion and region to stand unite against the terror. Let all the politicians share a single table to come to single agenda against terrorism forgetting all the differences. Let us pay tribute to the brave hearts whoever involved in direct action against the haters of humanity. Let us make this day i.e. 29-Nov-08 a memorable day to remember all those who became martyr and victim because of most cruel people on earth. Let us not forget the brave work of Army, NSG Commandos, Police men who have taken challenge and defeated the terrorism. Same time let us also start some action towards our nation.
Vande Mataram