Tuesday, 27 January, 2009

Do we need to Invent of New Social Law? : Take A Call

January 26 1950, India Recognised as Republic Country in the world with the greatest Constitution in the world to govern the nation. January 26 2009, Self styled moral police called Sri Ram Sena attacked a pub and assaulted girls for not following new Constitution of Hinduism.
After 59 years of governance now some fanatical people of this country are in process of making people to follow their own created law under "Indian Culture". Who has given the rights to Sri Ram Sena as keepers of the Indian Culture? Is this is the way to keep the Indian Culture? Where in Indian Culture does it mentioned to assault women like animals for being more equal to men? I am not saying the act of girls to go into pubs and having "such" kind of fun is correct. But if it is not correct then it should be applied for both not only for women. More important thing is Indian Culture can never be made followed by creating fear among the people.
There also raises a question that how media reached before the police could? By watching footage it seems that media was ready for shooting each process. How could this happen without pre-information? There may be 2 answers for this. One is the police may became clever deaf to the alert. Other one is for the media people to give sensational news was more important than the safety of humanity. There may be third option of all being set up!! In all these cases we see the legal keepers of law have lost their faith either in the eyes of people or in the eyes of media.

As usual there is no strong action from state government for obvious reasons which we have understood previously itself when innocent Christians were attacked. The statement coming out from CM of Karnataka after 48hrs is just an eye washing one!! On the other hand this incident has become a tasteful feast for so called secularists, intellectuals to gain more publicity!! And funny and harsh thing is within no time the Sri Ram Sena was in national news!! And Central and other political parties are just doing enough to gain the public sympathy for coming general election. But finally who is really fighting for giving justice to the girls by not only putting the people causing this behind bars also to completely eradicate the mindset of such fanatic fundamentalist from the society?

I was going through the comments on the TOI it seems there are some educated people who are supporting this act. Some are putting the argument that "otherwise we will lost our old tradition". It is acceptable argument if the act of opposition would not have been violent. It is open truth that due to globalisation younger generation is being dragged into the western culture of living for self centric desires without looking for the effect of that on society. Because of which the moral values which were lasted for centuries in our society is being thrashed now by so called modern viewers. We can not be and will not be called developed nation if we blindly copy everything from developed nation.

My point here is not to blindly follow the old tradition and restrict any person's freedom. But at the same time it is also not right to ignore the 5000 year tradition just for the sake to be in line with modern world. We have to re-invent the social laws / tradition by considering both the ancient tradition and the need of modern world with keeping the final aim to have prosperous society.

On the outer layer it may not look harm in boys and girls drinking in pubs, going for dating, smooching openly in parks doing all those rubbish in the name of being forward or more independant, but in deep it effects the generation of nation as a whole. It is not merely the tradition that will be lost but also the identity as an Indian will be lost in front of the world. Because we have taught Our goal of life is not restricted to fulfill the desires of our own and not just to enjoy the short life but to create values and leave a name behind and live for ever. That makes the Indian different from others. That is what we have got from our ancestors. And it is our responsibility to take to next generation. Present Indian Society in all aspect can not digest such incidents.

However there are many organisations fighting for justice. I hope it won't end without punishing the guilty. But what may be left behind in this figting process is the mindset of the fundamentalists. Now it is not only the mind set of Sri Ram Sena, by looking at some of the response in TV, News Papers etc who are supporting the act of Sri Ram Sena it is required to change in the way the ancient tradition, century old culture are understood and followed. The final aim is prosperous and healthy society and not the Tradition and Culture. Of Course there are many loop holes in the so called tradition that are followed from years. Those are to be left behind. There are some things which we also have to adopt from west. How to treat people equally and how to be social responsible citizen are to learnt from west. And such combined culture can only make the human race to move further in this world more happily.
Yesterday I was watching News Hour Debate on Times Now between Spokes Persons of BJP, Congress and National Secretory of Sri Ram Sena. BJP was trying to wash its hand by saying such people are not part of BJP, and the Secretory was trying to say that the people who molested girls were not belong to their organisation and finally Congress was trying to gain as much political advantage as it can from the incident. But sad thing is not a single effort is made to handle such inhuman activities in the name of religion. It is not only the case of BJP in Karnataka every where the same is repeated. The anti social elements who adopt "Goondaism" are secretly supported by political parties. Now congress is blaming BJP while it is forgetting that it has not able to hold MNS in Maharashtra. So who is behind all these? All political parties are same as long as supporting such inhuman people are concerned.
We can not take these as granted. It is our fear and silent approval that makes these anti social forces to play on our life. Such uncivilised act by any of organisation is not to be welcomed whatever may be the cause. We are running democratic nation where each individual can express his views without harming freedom of others. Our nation can not become great by only following old tradition without modifying it for the needs of modern society. Also we can not walk on the path of west as it will once again make us cultural slave of west. We have to redefine our culture, social values which are to accepted by all of us to follow and to make our nation prosperous one. We the youth should take such oath to form a new era of social culture to make our nation Strong Self Reliable.
Vande Mataram