Saturday, 5 December, 2009

Sport News: Not Breaking Cricket News!

Indian Woman Grand Master Koneru Hampy defeats Grand Master Vlastimil Hort in the sixth round of the CzechRepublic Invitational International Chess Tournament Link . The article in link explains briefly about the moves she made which made her to win. Sports Person of the Year Saina Nehwal entered to semis World Super Series Masters Final.Link.Along with her Jwala Gutta and Diju V had also reached semis in mixed double. Indian foot ball team is now on a very important tournament. Why? SAFF Cup 2009

Of course I am not giving any sports update! I am just trying to make your attention on SPORT news of India which for obvious reason you might have missed today! And I got these links after I read the news in Kannada daily news paper Vijaya Karnataka and Googled it for quite long stretch.

My point is not only to make you read this but to review our self on our attitude towards sports of our country. When we won 3 medals in last Olympics we were celebrating and overwhelmed as if it was the most we could expect. And we also ranted in our regular chatting that we have very less world class talents, have pathetic support of our Government to these sports compare to other nation, also applauded to the performances and records made by foreign sports persons in Olympics. Not surprisingly our team of our national Game (Hockey not Cricket!) was not able even to qualify for last World Cup and Olympic as well was not making us shame than our Cricket team hopeless exit in the Last One Day World Cup.

Now our media have brainwashed our mind so badly that Cricket now no longer left as a Sport. It is just an entertainment that has obsessed such that we do not understand the very definition of Playing Sport. If I do not know Captain of Indian Hockey Team it is ok, but if I do not know current match batting line up it is a big mistake that I am not following the Religion called Cricket!

I do not hate cricket. But at the same because of it if other Sports were suppressed to the extent where their survival is becoming a struggle then it can not be supported to that extent.

Being the second largest man powered nation we fail to excel in the world of sports. Where as China become the King of last Olympic. Even the small countries were well above us in the medal list whose population does not exceed the population of Kerala. Not only in Olympic even in other tournaments also we could not produce players/athletes who can capture the Sport world. And in team games like foot ball, hockey we could not even qualify to the world cup.

The reasons are well known and it is always debated in news channels, news papers, blogs, forums etc whenever our Sport Persons excel in-spite of lots of de-motivating factors. Most of us gets bored and frustrated and are forced to change channels as every time same thing repeats. The responsible people whose effort is required to continue the winning glory of that sports further are either obsessed by corruption, politics or by cricket! We the people always try to find escape path by blaming government, sports federations and media. But are we really have nothing to do with it?

It is us who religiously follow each and every statistics of cricketers and we go upto the extent of their personal life by gossips in media but never bother about other sports. When we want to play outside it is us who opt for a bat and ball with 3 sticks. It is us who frames our coming generation to have definition of game as cricket only by watching it, discussing it, following it, worshipping it more than required. It is us who always finds no career in athletes and Sports and also does not stop from advising same to de-motivate other people. It is us who does not have the passion towards the real sports and tries to fit it into world of entertainment.

The news lines which I have shared here on first paragraph are as important and worth to keep information as Sehwag’s missing world record. Till we have such equal feelings we can not hope our country to dominate in Sports World. Every Indian must have the same desire to own the world cup of hockey/foot ball as it is for cricket then only our players can reach to the top and conquer it. Unless we understand the need of change of our attitude towards sports and have balanced love for all sport our athletes will not able to put effort to excel. If we do not follow up the news of corruption and politics in sports federation and if we do not dare to ask for the support needed for our sports persons then neither sports federations nor will government give the support which our sports person deserved.

So next time while watching a cricket match make sure that you are not forced to watch because of obsession.

Let us be the part of creating the sports person who will conquer the Sports World tomorrow and make us feel proud. The common wealth game we are hosting will only make us feel proud and great when we will be on top of the list, is it not? For that every Indians has to do his/her part. Let us show the world the spirit of 100 crore people!

Vande Mataram

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