Sunday, 21 February, 2010

Winter Olympics: Indian team needs funds to wear good Uniforms!

Indian Cricket Team regained No.1 position in Test. I think everyone must have felt very proud and great for beating SA with an innings to achieve this. But I think very few know that India is taking part in Winter Olympic 2010. But still we wont feel guilty or embarrassed for not knowing this. How many people cares if other sports were obsessed by Cricket.

Regarding this obsession I have blogged here.India participated in 2006 Winter Olympic with 4 athletes in 5 events, which in current Olympic reduced 3 athletes and 3 events. Still no media taken enough effort to highlight this to the public. Worst part is our team were not having enough fund even to have uniforms!Link, Link Are you not yet getting ashamed? And where media reporting this shameful news? If our so called heroes (not more than celebrities) have to go to full body scan in international airports in any foreign nation its get highlighted such that our nation's sentiments were get hurt. The media will be race to add masalas like Muslim name, Asia's Country etc only to spice up and increase TRP. Why only blame the media, it is no longer 4th element of Constitution it is just an utility of exploitation of people's mindset and using/creating NEWS for business purpose not more than that. So it is us who are responsible for all the embarrassment and shame that our representative athletes faces in such Global Events.

Add to this one more thing hurting is that adds, where the celebrities are required for getting basic support for the national game of a nation!! What must be the hockey team may be thinking when the people who are supporting on ground or off ground are just following the Cricketers, Celebrities add on TV. It shows how worst are we treating our national game. Now Hero Honda is sponsoring those adds since increase in support and viewer-ship increases its publicity and revenue. That is really encouraging and before people start debating on replacing hockey with Cricket as national game atleast they are bringing it up.

But had the world Cup been outside India how much you support it? That shows how much are we loving the true sports. This year we are hosting commonwealth games. I hope we still not be requiring adds to make us watch the game and give basic support to our sportsmen.

Vande Mataram