Saturday, 15 May, 2010

India:Secular Nation. An Irony!!

I think the word "Secular" is to be redefined in English (India) language dictionary. From past few months the incidents happening in our nation are just exposure of what is spoiling our development since Independence. Caste based census, Religion / Caste based reservations, Honour killings against inter-caste marriages, Caste based politics all are filling the news paper and it seems no body is worried. Because these issues are hurdles to growth and welfare of Bharat and creates shameful image in front of world ,and no where these causes any damage to our self centred life, why to worry? More worrying is rather than protesting against it we are just accepting as if it is what we are in true nature.

Perhaps it happens only in India that people want themselves to be in backward/minority class. We don't want to be in forward and majority class of society and that is why we deserve to be underdevelopment since 63 years.  Horrible part is more the strength of the caste people to hold protest and spoil public properties more is chance of it being included in backward class. Yes, They are backward not because of they are being diminished in society but because they inhumanly dominates in society!!

If my son/daughter gets a seat in a good engineering/medical college because of the caste certificate then why should I bother about whether he/she is capable of being engineer/doctor? Why should I be bothered about life of people if my caste certificate allows me to be a doctor even though I can not hold stethoscope on patent's chest rightly? We blame unfitted person for not having capacity to complete the responsibility but when it comes to us everything that is beneficial is right one. This mentality is that which leads to corrupted bureaucracy of our nation.

It is us who are hurdle to development of nation and not the politicians alone. Politicians are just smart people who gets nerve of the people and plays with it accordingly for their benefits. We vote them and support them if they get us better life and we don't care to worry on which basis that better life is being given to us.

Unless we change, system can not be changed. We should adopt high morals and discipline in our life. Let us throw away our caste certificates. Let us stop voting to a politician who promises for reservation for our religion or caste. Let us protest against the reservation given to us because of our caste or religion. Because we are not backward and we are not diminished in society we are the people who are bond to change future of our nation towards Mahan Bharat. And we have all capacity to do it.

Vande Mataram.