Saturday, 4 May, 2013

Karnataka Election 2013: Show your power: My logics to choose the best

Disclaimer: I am not member of any political party, nor does I am paid for writing this blog in my busy work schedule. I was trying to write this blog since a month but couldn't get time. But with election tomorrow it could not be written later. So here I go..

1.  I feel only Congress or BJP can form the govt. No other party can or has capacity to win more than 110 seats. So if you want to vote for stabilizes Govt. I feel it is not wise to vote regional parties who could just be king makers and drive all development away.

2.  By now everyone must have known about corruption in politics by every party. Right now we don't have much choice but to choose lesser corrupted party than rest. You may be wondering why even knowing about corrupt politicians people elect them, its because all the population is not matured enough to give priority to good people over their localised thoughts. Still caste, religion, money, favor etc are driving the people. If because of a MLA you have got BE/MBBS/MBA seat in your chosen college whom will you vote?

3.  I have read Loksatta party manifestos and also admire their passionate candidates. But they don't form Govt. neither their party policy allows them to support any other govt. So they can only do good for your locality and their great things won't be part of govt. policies. So you decide. However since they could do things better than anyone can without corruption they must be encouraged for sure. So its your choice..

4.  I am sure you all must be aware of ongoing crisis in Congress lead UPA govt. in central over major issues both internal and external. Even if their leaders in Karnataka would rule us but their governance will not be any different from that in central. If you are curious enough then you can do research of previous congress govt. in Karnataka and I feel you agree with me. They don’t dare to accept their wrongs, they even manipulate everything and claim that they are correct which is evident since last 60 years. For those who don’t know beyond media’s propaganda news Mining scam in Karnataka was started from Congress period itself. Dharam Singh Govt. , S M Krishna Govt. have looted more than BJP Govt. De-notification of Govt. lands was much higher than the BJP Govt. I am not justifying BJP Govt. but if you feel BJP Govt. is worse than Congress Govt. were the worst ever. So you decide..

5.  If you dream for miracles to happen in five years by BJP govt. because they claim as party with difference it means that you don't really know actual ground things. To break the lazy and corrupt and easy going irresponsible administration to implement policies and adhere to growth can not be done in 5 years. If you have experienced with any filthy bureaucrats then you could agree with me. However comparing to all govt. at-least since last 15 years i would say I am not blind to the development works in BJP Govt. and would not say it would be same with any other party. Even though there are hindrances I am experiencing good road drive around my place and almost avg. 18 hrs of power supply in my place which is much more than any Govt. till now. For overall achievements of this Govt. you can see by the awards won by this Govt. from Central Govt. and various other institutes, I am sure they are not hyped. So you decide who could provide developments..

6.  Stability and corruption and charges against CM and major ministers and subsequent replacements of them: I would say it was wrong initial step of BJP to go with mining money lords and done all sort if dirty tricks in politics to buy MLAs. But now they have already learned the lesson and everyone charged are out of BJP. On the other hand Congress candidates from Bellary are all mining money lords even more powerful and dangerous than Reddy Brothers. However there are candidates with criminal records in all the parties (Even in Loksatta Party). But even the person who attacked Pakistani prisoner in Jammu was charged with criminal case, but we felt happy inside for this revenge, aren’t we? Again I am not justifying the criminals, I meant to say is there are wrong things to be done which could be right to others and in this process the person doing will be a criminal. However he won’t dare to contest in election if he haven’t win people’s heart. Again it is the decision of people who vote them and not everybody's. So you decide who can be better....

7.  For those who feel because of BJP Ram sene, Bhajaranga dal could do moral policing and all religions except Hindus would have to suffer of communal hatred: Again you are driven by propaganda media, which would only exaggerate and show such things about Hindus and sangh parivars while hiding all the wrong deeds of others. How many know about moral policing done by Islamic organizations in Udupi, Mangalore? How many know about Christian missionaries converting Hindus in remote villages near my place by all the wrong ways possible? Media won’t report them. Again I am not justifying any of these, however they will exist irrespective of parties in power. Even in Ram sene, Bhajaranga dal people who did crime were also arrested and like any other people who could twist the arms of law got bail and came out. And most importantly Bhajaranga dal, Ram sene are not Taliban or not even like separatists in Kashmir, you only have seen bad side of their face by media. However even seeing more worse face from separatists, human rights activists for terrorists and supporters of naxalites, such people were not even touched and they are propagating their agenda through out country freely. They are not protected by BJP but by those who do anything to please minorities. Now you decide who are encouraging communalism and dividing us and trying to rule us…

Yeah, Now you must have felt that I am a BJP supporter and hence claiming all the good things of BJP. But I am for better India and better Karnataka. I don’t see any other party capable of achieving this. Again I have to choose the less bad political party which could get better. And I can’t stay away from choosing someone, because staying away takes away all my rights to question the elected members for anything and I feel its cowardice for not able to stand for good things. I will be forced to be ruled by hypocrites and have to live like a slave. I have my right and I feel this is the biggest strength of me and every citizen of our country against all wrong political forces. We could force them to work towards providing better governance with this strength. If Gujarat can get 24 hrs power supply, can get attracted by foreign investors, can have world class roads, and can achieve various milestones and become model of development because of power of people to drive the Govt. for development so can we the people of Karnataka do. So decide the best choice for your state and cast your vote tomorrow. It’s our day..

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