Tuesday, 23 July, 2013

Started as a Comment: Why Narendra Modi is My choice?

Read an article who is finding similarity in Vasco Da Gama coming to our nation and Narendra Modi's 2011 Vibrant Gurajat model. He seems to have done well research on Narendra Modi (only after 2005 or so) and keeps on writing about "inner" and "hidden" stories about real Narendra Modi.  Here is the link. Now I found this through a friend's FB page and started commenting on it based on my knowledge about Narendra Modi, but when I finished it became a kind of complete blog and I feel I should share this. So here it goes...

Almost every political leader of national scale has same kind of story (true or cooked) written by many journalists and intellectuals.

We are being ruled by the dynasty which created Kashmir problem (uncountable number of deaths from 1947 and exile of KPs from their own land) Arunachal Pradesh and NE border dispute with China (refer Himalayan Blunder)Murder of Lal Bahuddur Shastry, Emergency, Fall of Big Tree -> Sikh genocide and lots of communal roits since independence and finally now claiming that they are ok with terrorists (Ishrat Jahan) but not with BJP/ Narendra Modi. This has been running from more than 60 years and we were not even allowed to know the truth about these unless through banned/suppressed books and articles. Again none of these allegations of me can be proved in court not even through any SIT, CBI, NIA, JPC etc.. And many of these are not even termed as crime as we were made to feel easy by media about these.

Now how exactly things about Narendra Modi are made to feel by us through media? The difference is clearly visible. Recently in his interview with Reatures, how casual "Dog" remark got unreal meaning? Who is doing it? Even the interviewer herself tweeted that his interview is not properly reported. What is this agenda? Why can't we see that we are being blindfolded? Coming back to 2002, What about lifes of 60 odd Karasevakas burnt in train? Even this article does not wish to know the truth behind it. Why no one cares to expose the pseudo activist Teesta Salvad and her frauds to earn crores of money by falsely claiming funds for roit effected people, later exposed in investigation? Why inspite of two different investigations no one could prove anything against Modi? Why CBI is trying hard to frame Narendra Modi for fake encounter of a fidayen terrorist Ishrat Jahan by battling against IB? All these are happening right in-front of us but we think little and believe more and media knows this and hence we are being doomed. It is now clear that all big media houses are owned by Congress or UPA parties and Communists parties, and they run their own party agenda. Anyone can google it and know the reality. You be pro Modi or Anti Modi but you have to understand the crooked media and their agenda before beleiving something.

There is also a book named "Modinama" written by similar kind of journalist Madhu Kishwar who once was reporting against Modi for 2002. The book tells another version of the 2002 story and author also claims like in this article that she had talked with or she is told by ground people involved. She tells that Modi's involvement and all allegation against him are cooked things. Now whom to believe? Frankly I do not know whether Modi is directly involved or not. I can not make judgement as stories exists from both side. So I look forward for our judicial system. SIT was formed by Supreme Court of India and not by Gujarat Govt. and also not by UPA. I feel I should believe them, and they have no case against Narendra Modi.

Post 2002, claims that he is pro capitalists and against farmers, poor: I won't deny regarding some reporters like the article above claiming that farmers were mislead and land was taken in wrong way by govt. But again I see no big protest in any of thirsty media that could be highlighted to please their masters. I had stayed in Vadodara, Gujarat for over one year and was working in SEZ of Suzlon. I heard from the people there that all the farmers were compensated with enough money even unofficially. Many of the farmers have turned themselves to businessmen supplying varies items, labour, services to the SEZ. If this is not inclusive growth then what else is? If he is only pro Industrialist how there is growth in Agriculture in Gujarat? Ultimately Why Gujarat model of development is debated if it is not actually development?

Modi's background and his family and related story: It is clearly looks like bollywood movie story. Modi comes from RSS background. Now I know that term "RSS" is only meant for fascist ideologies, hatredness, communalism, fundamentalism etc etc. Inspite of all these cooked baked allegation, has anyone thought how and why swayam sevaks comes together wearing Khakhi "Chaddi" to support in any natural disaster across country? There are thousands of Schools, Anathashramas for Women, Children, Oldage Homes and many more social activities are running under RSS. Again you don't know this part of story as you are blindfolded by media. If not electronic media like FB, Twitter nobody would know the hand to hand support of RSS and similar "righ wing" organizations with Army in recent Uttarakhad tragedy. Now why would media termed "saffron terrorists" would risk their life to support the effected? I can keep on writing about patriotism, self discipline, dedication to motherland, good culture that each RSS shakhas across globe provides inside swayam sevakas who will be ready to do anything for a nationalist cause. Again I am saying only about RSS, not VHP, not bajarang dal, not HJS, and not other organizations which formed out from RSS because of differences in ideologies. I am a Hindu and I proudly represent my religion and I also do wish to live upon great things in my religion and will ensure that such great things in our heritage must live on and pass on to next generation and we should all be proud of our nation Bharat. This is the teaching which I got from RSS and is same across all swayam sevaks. This makes any swayam sevak, including Modi to say I am "Hindu Nationalist". If anybody sees communalism, fundamentalist, hatredness etc please refer dictionary for their true meanings. RSS was banned twice but now it is one of the top voluntary organization in world, this does not happen if it has ideologies like Taliban, SIMI, IM, LeT. So be yourself clear on it.

Finally growth in Gujarat is not a myth. Even it is praised in international level. If it is not because of Modi, then why wouldn't it happened before? Modi talks of inclusive growth, he talks about pride, he talks about India becoming global leader, he talks about "sabka vikas" why can't anybody see the great things in these? He doesn't talk about caste, doesn't wear skull cap to please Muslims, does not make laws to protect certain community, doesn't talk for Hindus but for total of India, why can't we see the difference? http://vote4modi.org/3-reasons-to-not-vote-for-narendra-modi/ explains more about it.

That is why I support Narendra Modi, and I am not obsessed with him. I discourage people forming Namo Brigade, or Namo Army who are threatening people discussing anything -ve about Modi. I want my nation to be strong and I should feel proud about my leader. Currently it is Narendra Modi who can deliver these. I am not sure about political equations, but I have right to have a my own choice... :)