Thursday, 5 June, 2008

This Mansoon it is Burning Fuel to keep your Pockets Dry!!

Fuels till now were only burning in engines now burns our pockets also. Well it is not shocking surprise!! Till 80% of our fuel is to come from USA or other Gulf Countries we have to be ready for any such shocks. Along with it we also had to keep quite when such countries blame us for using more fuel even we pay them higher price from our pocket.
With the Congress loosing recent assembly elections badly, left strengthening their hold on them on different policy decisions, oppositions creating incumbency in every possible way, it is really a tough decision to take to hike the price of most living hood item next to water of common man. But this is not the end. If same dependency continues then the next coming government can not trusted for crazy shocking fuel price hike.
Our PM at last has also plead the nation to cut down the excess consumption, not to waste resources like fuel, water, electricity. He has also tried to make us understand the government stand. But why can’t our PM reply the USA or such highly luxurious nation to cut down their consumption when they say that we who now contribute only 3% of global fuel consumption has increased our consumption for international fuel price hike while they consuming 25% of global fuel? Why can’t he stress on self reliability in fuel? Why can’t he deliver common minimum points to us to come out of this inflation and to become strong nation?
Why am I asking is because I am not finding a leader in our PM which the congress had before like Lal Bahaddur Shastri. Lal Bahaddur Shastri, a very less spoken PM of our nation by his motivating words made the people of nation to fast on Monday to cut down the food consumption in order to stop control of food by USA. Forget past now the energy to inspire and motivate, visions, and plans to execute that A.P.J Abdul Kalam has in his speech and deed to make our nation self reliable strong nation by Vision-2020 can not be seen in our PM or in any of law makers.
Why is that we have to be in receiver end always? Why to live like indirect slaves of rich countries, being the top intellectual nation? Isn’t your blood boiling?
I am not listing out the life style to adopt or things to do in order to come out of this strongly. As it is commonly known to all. But adopting and doing the right things needs to be started and communicated to the people around us immediately. If we can not now, we never will be! Now our nation is in top of developing nations and is also competing with Developed nations. To continue this momentum and to stand on top rows we who benefited from nation’s growth must utilise our intellect and will power to diminish all these dependencies with other nations and to strengthen indigenous for self reliance.
Trend of inflation is still increasing. We have to take initiative may be small and limited, but needs to be acted now with full involvement. “Love the Made in India and Make Made in India the Best”. I hope this sentence has conveyed the message. In my view this is the best thing we can do from our side to our nation.
Many things are to share with you about facing the challenges in the way of becoming top of nations. Nation is defined by the people in it. We now have to show the world we will not bend to anybody nor we will stop living high and achieving the top position, we have our intellect, resources to stand on top of nations! Can you show it to the world?
Vande Mataram