Monday, 23 June, 2008

Who are enemies of developing India?

I wonder, who are our enemies? The incidents that are happening all over nation made me to ask this.
Blocking roads, burning buses, removing railway tracks, damaging other public properties to create fear, is this way of protesting of people belonging to largest democratic nation on earth? Are we not ashamed yet? I was watching news it seems like we are cruel than animals. They fight with each other for existence and we fight each other for our egos and selfishness. We have society, constitution, we have intellect, and we have culture, tradition which makes us top in order of living beings. But what are we doing?
From last year the Gujjars have raised like open threats. And in Maharshtra MNS, Shivsena and now Congress are always keeping their arms ready to create fear in minds of common people. Shivsena Supreme Bala Thakery goes to extend of having Hindu Suicide bomb squad!! 2 days before Sikhs who were fighting in Panjab has now found new akhada in Mumbai! The shortage of fertilizer has made north-Karnataka farmers to do all the things to make common people fear rather than effectively making government to hear them. Gorkhas in Darjeeling are now showing their power to threat public.
Almost every month one or other unknown community gets publicity through news for making life of people hell. So one should be always cautious from any of the communities, castes together under political or religious influence start damaging the public properties for any of the reason on earth. Are we living in democratic independent India?
Is this the great tradition, Cluster of cultures, peak intellect about which we feel proud to be? Why can’t we learn from the history of us where the inter fight between us had made outsiders to rule on us? At that time kings were fighting for power, land and property and outsiders ruled us, now we are fighting for castism, regionalism, narrow minded values and egos, reservation, unwanted political provoked sentiments referred as religious sentiments and lost our patience, culture, tradition, and unity in diversity with becoming indirect slaves.
Apart from Naxalism, Terrorism these are also making life of common man like hell. And the political forces, who are before these are getting the benefits silently. In the name of religious sentiments, justice each cast, community are grown like potential terrorists. Many blame Muslims for supporting terrorism; I say every religion is a potential threat for life of common man. From who are these are trained to hate our own nations’ people and property? Even the educated people are also involved in threatening the people for their demand to hear.
Who is responsible for loss of life, property, production and economy? Finally all these are going to hit on us only. We finally have to pay for these through taxes, surcharges etc. Politicians will get political benefit, religious leaders gets their popularity and we the common man who fight on behalf of them also pays everything for it to them.
Our nationality, patriotism all flows while watching cricket match, such kind of movies and speeches, celebrating national festivals, rituals which are merely temporary emotions just like any others. Now all these great values, traditions have became marketing tools also. Aren’t we are moving away from humanity in our race of life?
So how can our nation become developed nation? We blame that politicians are corrupted the nation; religious leaders had made this country hell, but then who are playing according to them? We, is it not? We have learnt in our school days that all religions are towards same truth for attaining God on different path. Every religion says to keep peace, patience with human beings. In race of money and selfish values we have forgotten those values like many others from our school days.
This is time where we are getting international recognition. We are competing with developed nation and we are in first place in the race of developing in many areas. But still we are having many problems internally like corruption, utilization of huge population, terrorism, naxalism, regionalism, castism, poverty, pollution and inflation. Unfortunately no one dares to fight against these because it is tough to fight for right thing. We the young people must not entertain such narrow minded selfish values. We are Bharatiyas, belonging to the ancient culture existing on earth. Let us show the world how to live happily with having all the religions on earth as our brothers and sisters. Let us make the world follow such great values, tradition which we got from our ancestors for the sake of humanity.
Hope you have understood the message that I am trying to convey to you. Let us pass the message of forgiving the differences and coming together to make our nation a super power one.
Vande Mataram