Monday, 23 June, 2008

Kalki Bhagwan ayega Desh ko Bachane!!

I hope you are enjoying your life in this time of national crisis. No one is bothered about the problems of nation as it is responsibility of government. No assurance is given from the government regarding over coming any of the economic problems. Till the big boss USA’s economic problems are passed on to developing nations like us by which themselves can be at top always we the economic slaves has to bear this.
So after 13 years the inflation history has repeated. The reason is as usual price hike in petroleum products. Everyone is hoping a miracle to happen. Finance minister, Prime Minister, some astrologers all are indirectly or directly expressing the same. Bhagwan jaane kaise?!! According to me till our sources of energy (fuels) are depending on USA and until USA comes out of its recession, sub-prime problems by passing it to nations like us we are not going have good days. Hard to accept but it is the truth. Now our FM has also bent knees in front of gulf nations to do anything to reduce the fuel price as there is no other-way out. So called largest democratic nation is pleading for reduce of fuel price. Is it not economic slavery?
There was a time when we are pleading for food, technology from developed nations, now because of some great leaders and dedicated scientists we have got independency and indigenous in those. Now it is time for fuels to be thrown away from begging list. Bio- Diesel for transportation, Bio- Gas for domestic usage, CNG instead of petrol can make India not only out from clutches of USA and gulf nations but also make our country greener and healthier to live.
That was about fuel independency, but how many of us really worried about current nation crisis? Still weekend enjoyments, Pub Dance parties, luxurious life style, wasting of food, water, power are continuing. It seems like we are living like machines without heart to feel a Poor’s hunger and disaster life. We are not doing even simple common duties towards humanity. We just walk away from our responsibility towards society. When such irresponsibility starts burning our own house then we start shouting for help in all possible violent manners. What is the use of being called as educated citizens without having minimum human values and responsibilities?
Till we make ourself valuable to the nation, nation will not take care of us. We the citizens form the nation and we are also representing nation. We have to recognise ourself with nation with which only we can face any kind of problems. Now it is happening that people are facing the different kind problems differently, out of them some are fighting with it, some lost the battle and struggling to exist in this world, out of others some are blaming the system, government, and rest are not even bother about this and very few are taking the responsibility to change the system and fight against the problems. Our life should not be like we lived and died without being noticed just like animals in forests. Our life should be valuable to the people. I believe such feeling of being recognised by our people is most joyous and permanent.
Well I don’t bore you more with fundas!! You know your responsibilities. You are educated and knowledged enough to understand what our nation needs. This is just to awake your mind. Do not sleep more than 7 hrs a day, it may cause serious diseases!!
Vande Mataram