Wednesday, 11 June, 2008

USA on Mumbai Monsoon

Do not visit Mumbai in Monsoon Season. Manholes and drainages are kept open without any warnings!! This is repeatedly shown in almost all the news channels from 2 days. Do not think these are precautionary advices by your government!! These are words from the dictator nation USA to their citizens. The statement clearly meant that life of USA citizen is more valuable than us.
But why is USA all of a sudden advertising bad impression on our nation’s Commercial Capital? Why our elected people are shut their mouth? What happened to the promises and assurance given by BMC authorities? No one is in a position to reply back strongly and confidently. Is this not political and administrative bankruptcy?
Being in Mumbai for more than a year I do not totally accept to the USA’s negative remarks. The reason is the spirit of Mumbai which is in heart of every Mumbaikar to stand unite against such disaster situations. However this is not the reply. And this is not the solution too. The people who themselves puts in dangerous deadly risks to help others are also have many restrictions like lack of knowledge, improper or poor infrastructure, lack of modern sophisticated equipments. And moreover I will also suggest anybody not to tour Mumbai on heavy monsoon seasons!!
But my worry is different. If USA is so keen to save its citizens’ life those comes to Mumbai then why our life is not important to our government? Why to our elected people our life means nothing? Is this because we are heavily populated? Is this because we do not involve with nation as much USA citizens do to make the government concerning about its people?
So finally the route comes to each one us. This is not the case of Mumbai only. There are many incidents where our lives are not concerned as much as it is required. Even when our life is in danger living outside India then also no sufficient support will be available. The recent many incidents explore the same.
If we prove our life is valuable to nation then can only our lives will secured and taken care. Same can force the government to war against terror in any of the way. Unless we recognise ourself with nation no one is going to bother about our life. So before blaming bureaucrats and government for their irresponsibility towards our life make sure you are taking enough responsibility towards the nation. Such responsible citizens can make Strong Self Reliable Bharatha.
We are neither animals nor the slaves. We are the most intellectual human beings. We need to prove to the world the same, so that such bad remarks should not risen by any nation. Can you prove it?
Vande Mataram