Friday, 4 July, 2008

School Days to Corporate Life: Essay Writings to Opportunistic Life!!

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I was recalling my school days. How many things have we missed? And how many have we forgotten? Since life is moving in nature trying to get 100% out of every moment in life not even make to think of missing anything. But the moral values, good culture, ancient tradition that we have taught and got from school days are to come along with our life with getting greater at each moment of life. But the reverse is happening. We worry of missing old joyful playing days, friends, moments and forget values, tradition and culture. Finally not only we but society also suffers.
With that introduction I will jump to the topic itself. “Dowry”. Yes, the topic which we were used to write essay, talk on and debate on in our school to get marks, prize etc. And the reality is in-front of us now and with ourself also. In our essays, speech we never promoted dowry as it would negate the marks that we can get. But in practice we rarely oppose it. Yes, we are opportunistic with selfish values inside.
Marriages are to form a life from two lives for the prosperous society. It is referred as sacred bond of life and believed as made in heaven in all the religions. But the reality is it is making hell on earth.
Even today marriages are not happening without dowry. This is not with uneducated or low educated people, this is with everybody. How much you are high educated that much greater amount of dowry you get is current actual situation in marriage business! Market value (dowry!!?) of bridegroom is decided by how much he is educated and what position he has in corporate world along with sometimes same qualities of bride for negotiation of it!! Many men go for higher education with higher dowry in mind and many women go to higher study to lessen their dowry!!
It may seem like funny and superstitious but it is real. We down value women who sell themselves for money as prostitute then what must be value of men who sell themselves for dowry? Not only that post marriage dowry harassment cases are also now coming from so called high class societies. Harassments have got different dimensions also. Even the NRIs are also not to be excluded. Is this what IITs, IIMs, NITs, Universities, Medical Colleges and Law Colleges teach?
This is one face of Indian society. Indians are called as most intellectual, highly qualified, great cultured people but reality is many of them are worst then animals inside. From where do these people have adopted such a shameful and demons like life style? Men and women both are created by nature, but some blind believers are trying to imbalance the nature’s equality by dominating inhumanly. And because of which still the girl children are hated, murdered and nature harmony is disturbed. Every dowry taking person is a criminal to the humanity.
Of course there are very strict rules and laws. But those are only can do when somebody lodges the complaint. And many times due to social complexities and emotional blind believes the persons to be punished will escape. Now a days since some women are misusing the laws which were meant for immediate action and help for women in trouble, the needy women and her parents are not able to get 100% moral support from society and the law. And like corruption educated young citizens are also getting used to it rather than fighting against it for better future of our society. Until we understand such law and live within the limit of it our society can not be called as prosperous and free society.
No where in any of the religion the dowry is being approved. In Hindu marriage rituals’ writings also no where dowry is mentioned. During Ramayana & Mahabharata time bridegrooms were to pay to bride’s family to get marry the girl. But men dominated society has adopted the practice of dowry which the law, humanity, religion termed as the most sin. Still people commit sin knowingly which has no excuse in terms of religion and humanity. Not even God can save from the sin that the dowry taking person is to have.
I suppose these are all not new things that you are reading now. But my intention is to make you read it from new view with your personal life involvement. The purpose which was behind the essay writing, speech on such topics during school days only serves when we adopt those in our life which makes happy life and prosperous society.
With this I wish you will recollect the school days not with the feeling of missing something but with remembrances of social values, moral practices, good cultures which will make you feel high. I hope this message will motivate to make a change not only within yourself but also in your surroundings which may make a girl child to take birth and live without being murdered in womb itself.
Reforming society can only happen by each individual reform themselves. Let the social evil thrown away from our society starting from us. Let the change happen from us. Let us make our nation culturally strong. Let us take oath of not receiving or giving dowry, whatever the condition may be. Let us feel the greatness of changing society to make it happier place to live independently. Let us make the 8-10 years old words in our essays come true!!
Vande Mataram