Friday, 4 July, 2008

Nuclear Deal: Dangerous Drama by UPA - Left

The subject may already have conveyed the summary of this message! The UPA lead government is trying all the ways to get credit of clearing nuclear deal before it exit.
When all the people of country is worrying about rising price of daily using goods, all of sudden government is most keen on clearing nuke deal than concerning about the growing oil price (145$ per barrel) increasing inflation (11.45%).
The word “Sudden” wouldn’t be appropriate if inflation booming not occurred. Since the nuclear deal proposal started the left- UPA for every 2-3 months playing drama of withdrawing support by left and getting public sympathy by creating it as matter of nation concern by UPA. But this matter of nation concern which was not concerned fully when it can be is now overtaken the most concern required economic crisis of the nation.
When the common man is struggling to get mouthful of good food government is putting all its effort to get the deal done which is a long term gain. Of course the deal is required to make our nation super power in power generation. But it would have welcomed by whole nation if the same effort by UPA happened 2-3 months before or after we come out of economic issues.
I was watching the interviews of spokesmen of congress and Left in Times Now regarding nuke deal. They were literally quarrelling with each other by their words!! And we have such coalition government in our central whose parties are fighting with each other every now and then. Are these people are for nation or for themselves? Who is responsible for the sensex fall down due to this political uncertainty drama? There is infiltration in J&K by terrorists and also there is a nationwide tension on Amarnath Land allotment issue. Moreover China’s invasion on border is also moving towards threatening edge. And the inflation as well. With such a critical situation the nation is in why the government does provoking one more issue which can lead to vacant in leadership in the central? If USA is so keen to get the deal signed why should we have to worry when the situation is not at all suitable for that?
Well more political dramas can be watched now. SP is becoming trump card for UPA as left is in near departure with it. BSP has already left UPA. Now day by day different scenes are being played by every party. But the nation and people like us are suffering. No political party is concerning about us. Even BJP is busy in creating more fear on behalf of new issue of Amarnath Land allocation.
At this crisis time we have to be with the government without concerning about the differences as otherwise it would worse the situation. We can not afford an election now. When nation is in trouble we should be united and not to provide any chances of creating unnecessary unwanted internal issues. We should not come under influence of political parties who are taking political advantages. For us Bharatha is more than any of the party and religion.
Being citizens of this nation we need to ask these political parties about their concern about us. With this I open this debate. i.e
1. Whether nuke deal is really now required to clear?
2. What should be the priority of the government and us?

I hope you will participate in this debate.
Vande Mataram