Thursday, 24 July, 2008

Nuke Deal Tamasha!! Need Action From us

Now we have to look into future based on what had happened and present movements.
UPA finally by all possible ways got the number 275 on floor of Parliament. We have watched high swapping-dramas, baseless speeches, hopeless behaviours, pointless allegation, unconstitutional movements, anti democratic acts in Parliament and outside also by all the political parties. Are these represents of us? I am not discussing here what and all happened and whether the result is good for us or not. I am also confused on whether the cost that Nuke deal has started to take is worth or not.
Now the ball is in US court. It seems USA is not in hurry. There are signals from USA they may wait till Obama comes to Power to finalise the deal with us. Then one has to understand the UPA’s intention of hyping this over other important and immediate concern required issues like inflation, low Monsoon, infiltration & cross border firing in J&K.
Now we have to look into future based on what had happened and present movements. I am having some action plan where we can discourage those who murder democracy.
1. To send a request to election commission to form a regulatory and preventive laws and rules on changing of support in coalition government by parties and swapping of parties by politicians.
2. To force the law makers to have laws that enforces the each MPs, MLAs to act according to the opinion of their area on deals, policies, projects of nation’s concern and interest like Nuke Deal, Sethu Samudram etc.
3. To get the information about the government policies, exemptions, laws, foreign deals, projects which are made for us, monitoring them and spreading it so that it serves its purpose.
4. To use RTI and other pro common man laws to help people in need around us. This can be done through internet also as a free service.
5. To prepare questionnaires for the politicians who will come to our door step in asking for vote.
Some may seem ineffective and superstitious but as citizens we must act otherwise we will perish. I am also planning to use online petitions. But for all these I need your help in any of the way. I also wish you to give suggestions and your views and action plans. Till now I was writing to do something. It is time for us to come up with action towards building Strong and Self Reliable Bharata.
Vande Mataram