Friday, 4 July, 2008

Securing the Army men: In Need of you

Indian Army the most trusted for security of nation. We feel proud and live fearlessly because of great assurance by them.
But from past 2 years army men killed by themselves is increasing considerably. Is it failing to secure the life of its own men? And is justice for army men and their family is more difficult to get than common man due to the shield of top secret and top armed force of nation? One such case is come to light when Lieutenant Colonel Ajay Verma was killed by Militants on June 13.
He was a Border Roads Officer in Jammu. Not are the regular targets of militants. He was looking after the construction of the prestigious Kishtwar-Kokernag road connecting Kashmir with Jammu.
The construction of Sinthan Top road, which would have connected Kishtwar with Anantnag and many link roads, was not being liked by the militants as it would have made movement of militants very difficult in the area. Construction of the road would have strengthened security forces and given them dominance over the militants.
In-spite of two request letters from Ajay to increase his security the deaf army has made him fall to nest of death formed by militants. Who has to take the accountability of his and his men’s death? What action does the army take against its own men who have not considered security request which lead to death? Is paper, media going to support to get justice to him and his family rather hyping the marketable crime news? Are we touched by this news any where in our heart?
All these questions are interlinked to each other. Killings due to militant attack have become so common news that no one is bothering about the valuable lives of army men. A single murder case will be hyped by media and every day and night in all news channels the point by point proceedings of case is shown. But asking for justice to such army men who were killed due to lack of care by Army and government officials are not done due to the reason that we won’t watch it. Since news channels are run by private ownerships like all other business marketable news only will be shown. Is life of men who are to save our life is not valuable?
There are frustrations in minds of army men regarding salary, recognition, common minimum security in job and life after army service. These were busted out time to time in suicides, killing colleagues, killed due to negligence, miserable life etc. This in turn is de-motivating youth to join the tough and pride job of serving and saving the nation.
But how much worried are we towards this situation? Our patriotic feelings and josh to join armed force flows while watching such kind of movies. But in real we don’t even bother about their life. Since we are all ignorant media is ignorant, government is ignorant, even army itself is ignorant.
Till now we have seen whenever our life is in danger like enemy military attacks, natural calamities, violent strikes, protests, agitations armed men were securing life and property of common people like us. But if they stop this because of negligence from us then who will come to secure our life?
The aim of this message is not merely to motivate everybody to join armed forces. It is impractical. But to make you understand that if we don’t take enough concern over these men the first few lines of this message will no longer be truth.
We can recognise and respect the life of army people more than the celebrities. These can make them feel great and proud in securing our nation. We can understand that life of armed men is more valuable than that of us as those are life which can save the nation’s pride and territory along with lives of people like us. Along with it we can also give support to the family of service ended armed men either retired or martyred who are suffering to get justice, facilities, valued life and recognition in any of the way as those are the peoples who also have sacrificed towards nation.
There are many portals, links on web sites which can help you to be a part of the duty which I have described in above lines. Along with you can get those opportunities in your surroundings also. It is the mindset which is required to be a part of armed force in any of the way. We all can not join army and get opportunity to serve the nation but surely we can fulfil that duty and feel proud and great by supporting, recognising and respecting them.
I hope I have made my concern clear to you. Being not in army does not pull us away from the duties towards nation. We may not serve to the nation as armed people do but we have to serve as their soul serves to Bharatha. Do you have it in you?
Vande Mataram.