Sunday, 20 July, 2008

Mythology Serials: Recalling Childhood!!

Visit to discover Indian blogsIn this technology world with 250 odd channels on TV are we getting entertainment or are we entertained for them and loosing moral values?
Think of this: You are holding your elder brother's footwear on your head as a sacred thing and worshipping it as your mentor!!?? It may be crazy and superstitious but behind the ages it was real!! Yes, you might have already guessed it was Bharatha brother of Rama. Try to feel the pure heart love and level of devotion, respect that the Bharatha a son of a wealthy King had towards Rama while keeping his brother's footwear as the King and living like saint without luxuries for 14 years. In this "Matlab ki duniya" it is not only hard to feel it but even more difficult to imagine.
I was watching NDTV imagine channel's advertisement in that, school students now without any ideal role model of life to follow are lacking in moral values and good culture leading to become educated social demons is shown to motivate them to watch Ramayana Serial. There is one more advertisement for Tata Sky in which they are having something like online darshan where shirdi saibaba, Mumbai Sidhivinayak and Kashi Vishwanath is being telecasted live. There in the end of advertisement one women employee bows to her senior saying "Pranam Gurudev". How now the Hi, Hello, Hey and other formal wishes has taken our tradition of respecting each individual by the word "Namasthe"? I felt uneasy.
In the busy schedule of your racing life whenever you get time to watch TV, in between passing channel when you get Mahabharata, Ramayana, Aliflaila, Akbar Birbal, Chandrakantha, Chanakya and such Mythology Serials or songs like Mile sur mera tumara, Sare Jahanse Acha, Vijay Vishwaki Tiranga Pyara, or Advertisement of Hamara Bajaj, Desh Ki Dadkan Hero Honda, A little girl whirling on Washing Powder Nirma and Sunday morning Chitrahar and cartoon shows & serials of supernatural heroes which recalls your childhood just watch for few minutes. I am sure you will not only have glimpse of tears in your eyes' edge but also will get something to adopt in this life which you may not have understood in your child hood.
Now there are more than 200 channels. I don't think there is any channel exists now that can hold us like DoorDarshan was doing during its monopoly periods. In this technology world with 250 odd channels on TV are we getting entertainment or are we entertained for them and loosing moral values?
Just for a while feel the pressure of waiting to watch Sunday morning 9 o clock mythology and super heroes' serials!! Feel the Frustration of being unable to watch a cricket match. Feel the fear back grounded curiosity in watching detective, suspense, horror serials and movies. Seems funny and missing many!! I am just trying to make your mind to recall childhood days and hope you can get the lost values and enjoyment back making your life high.
Vande Mataram