Wednesday, 9 July, 2008

Amarnath Row to Azad Kashmir

I was watching a movie (can not remember name) in which it was shown how Some of Kashmiri innocent Muslims are brutally treated and inhumanly tortured due to mistaken identity as terrorists. The film also shows how a common good natured Muslim family turned to suicide bombers because of injustice on them. I was touched by it. But any how for every injustice like this terrorism is not the solution which the movie also opposes. The main intension of the movie is to express the sentiments of good Indian Muslims who are treated in suspecting eye.
On the next day i.e. 7th July Kashmir Government fell due to lack of majority. The coalition government of Congress-PDP fell because PDP withdrawn support. The major reason is the violent protest by Kashmiri Muslims against the transfer of 100 acre land to Amarnath Shrine for 2 months a year for the pilgrimage. This is not the first time that a regional party is withdrawing the support and re-election or election before completion of 5 years is happening in our country. This time this is merely to please the protesting Kashmiri Muslims and get the most political advantage out of it.
But why such high violent protest from so called Religion of Peace on the land of Kashmir where the local people gets the more rights than any Indian has? It is Kashmiriyat that feels that it is independent from India.
1 .The 100 acre was not allotted to Amarnath Shrine as according 370 act no one other than Kashmiri can own a land there.
2. It was just transferred to it for span of 2 months a year in order to accommodate large pilgrims hygienically.
3. There is no forest in the land that is meant to transfer. It is a plain land which is for temporary camps.
The land issue which was initially started as ecological issue and then converted to a major political issue this clearly indicates the mindset of Kashmiri Muslims. Because they have inhumanly evacuated Kashmiri Pandits 15 years ago who became refugees in their own nation and became beggars on roads of Delhi, Muslims are the only population in Kashmir. And PDP felt demands of majority people needed to be addressed even though doing so supports religious inequality. The CM Gulam Nabi Azad departs saying the forces which forced falling the government are working as per Pakistan!
1. This raise to the question that for the regional parties is their welfare is more than welfare of nation?
2. For Kashmiri Muslims in particular, to whom they are loyal to?
The film which I was discussing in first paragraph also conveys one hidden thing that Kashmiri Muslims are potential terrorists who can be brain washed easily. I was also little unconvinced like you by this. But watching the protest by Kashmiri Muslims I changed my mind to express my feelings.
For the first time I am writing on religious issue. But I feel this is not merely a religious issue alone rather it is matter of nation integrity. Our tax money, our resources, our security forces, our technology is the right of Kashmir also to have but when we come to religious tolerances, uniform laws and national duties why they feel they are independent from India?
I can go on writing about the brutal incidents that from freedom fighting days to now happened to different religions in all over India. But it only continues hatred and nothing more. All must we understand from the history is tolerance, peace, equality among the people can only survive the man kind. And those who are against to this are not to be entertained.
I am not against any of the Muslims or other religions who feel India as their own nation. But violently trying to get advantage of majority in one region and taking advantage of minority in other region will create more hatred than harmony or equality. In Koran it is written that being not loyal to the living nation can not be called as Islam.
I can also understand the change is not simple. But it needs to happen rather to be started. Otherwise ISI, Al-queda, Taliban and other Jihadi groups will get benefit from the facilities and exemptions given and make our own Muslim people traitors to our nation and demons to man kind. On the back end USA which is backing Pak is getting indirect help of putting hurdles on the path of our nation becoming super power. And because of whom the innocent Muslims also have to be suffered. It is really heart breaking to hear such cruel incidents of man kind irrespective of the victims’ religion!!
I see the minority appeasement has reached its top. The only reason behind is the vote bank which every minority needs to understand. Over 60 years they have been given reservations, given more freedom than Pakistan or in any other Muslim dominated nations, have more security than Afghanistan or any Muslim nations. As any other reservation does, only rich people became rich and continued to spoil and exploit nation while the poor remained untouched by the aids. And because of vote bank politics the nation’s development is suffering. The reason behind giving only reservation without promoting reforms in society and constructive education to Muslims or backward classes is to maintain them in dark to have the vote bank growing. This must be understood.
I am sure you will have many things to comment on this. I have written this mail not merely based on emotions and religious sentiments. After reading from different sources and different opinions time to time my feelings were flown like this. I think this is linked to nation’s integrity. Today there are Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh which are burning for separate identity and status. And many other states are also under the influence of regionalism fighting against outsiders which may lead to separation. Already to visit Manas Sarovar we need to take permission from China and also have lost many places of Himalaya, North East to China. If such moves are not stopped constructively and strongly then we may have to have Pass Port and VISA for visiting Kashmir.
Kashmir is Crown of our nation. We can not loose it at any cost!!
Vande Mataram